All Clad Seconds Sale in Washington, PA – A Must for Home Cooks

Published by Angie. Last Updated on September 8, 2023.

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Note: The AllClad Sale is returning to the Washington County Fairgrounds on December 1st and 2nd in 2023!

If you love cooking or know anyone who does, the All Clad Seconds Sale at the Washington County Fairgrounds should be on your radar.

This semi-annual event offers up deep discounts on “seconds” quality pots and pans from this high end cookware brand from Canonsburg, PA, and is one event we try to make at least once every year to pick up something new.

In this one we want to share everything you need to know about this event to ensure your shopping trip is successful!

When Is the All Clad Sale?

All Clad Seconds Sale

You won't find much information online about the All Clad Seconds Sale, but if you listen to local radio stations you will likely hear ads for the sale in the weeks leading up to it. It's typically the first weekend in December from 9 AM to 7 PM on Friday, and from 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays. (A June event took place in previous years; however, we are not aware of the event returning for a June session as of now.)

What are the Crowds Like?

AllClad Seconds Sale

One of our biggest unknowns going in to the sale was how crazy the crowds would be and how long we would have to wait to get in to the sale.

We had heard about people camping out overnight or showing up at 4AM to get one of the first spots in line. At least in our opinion and based on our experience at the sale, this kind of mania isn't really necessary – there's plenty of cookware for everyone.

We showed up at the fairgrounds around 9:30 AM and were directed to a building that acted as a sort of holding area. Upon entry we were given a ticket with a group number on it and a flyer with some of the top deals of the day. Our group number was 32, and when we got there they were admitting group 10 to the sale.

All Clad Outlet? No, even better- a Seconds Sale!

Some people in group 10 told us that they had gotten there around 8:15 AM and they ended up getting into the sale around 10 AM, meaning a nearly two-hour wait for them.

You can see where this is headed.

Waiting in the Holding Area for the All Clad Sale

All Clad Seconds Sale

Although it wasn't that cold outside, we were glad to be waiting indoors in a heated room with lots of chairs. There were a few tables set up around the outside of the room selling snacks and drinks, and there were a few other tables with people demo-ing some of their sister brands' products. We enjoyed a free espresso from a Krups machine they had for sale, and looked at a few sample All Clad pots.

In the December sale they also had a table set up for getting feedback on some prototype composite handles they are testing. They gave a limited number of free slotted stainless steel spoons away in exchange for feedback on the handles.

The rate of entry into the sale was about one group every five minutes, so we ended up waiting about two hours to get into the actual sale. We have heard that if you come later in the day the crowds are less and sometimes you can walk right in, but we haven't been able to verify this.

Shopping for AllClad at the Seconds Sale

Finally our group was let in to the sale and we were blown away with how massive the space was! We grabbed a shopping cart and got to work.

The sales floor was very organized, with separate labeled sections for the different product lines (copper core, stainless, anodized, etc.). Sample pots were hung from above the boxes so you could see what was in the boxes below. Each box was labeled with the original price, the sale price, and the percentage off (average discounts range from 50-70% off).

There were also two middle aisles with “red hot clearance” items, where the pots and pans were just in bags and not boxes. This was the only section where I felt you had to go hunting a little bit to find what you were looking for. But all of the workers were extremely helpful in answering questions and helping us find things.

So, What Are All Clad Seconds?

All Clad Sale

You may be wondering what the “seconds” quality means and what the condition of the pots and pans is like. These are products that may have a tiny scratch somewhere, or the placement of the handle may be off by a teensy little bit, or the logo is stamped on the bottom slightly off center, etc.

Our entire collection of pots and pans at home has been purchased at various All Clad seconds sales over the years, and for most of them we can't even tell what the small imperfection is. In other words, these pans are perfectly fine and still completely functional.

In fact, we only know of one in our entire set and it is a small quarter inch scratch on the underside of the handle. I'll take that for 70% off!

The checkout process went smoothly with a roped off line, ten or so registers, and several people helping direct you to an open one. They do accept credit card, so no need to bring cash.

We absolutely love All Clad, and getting All Clad for bargain prices is even better. If you're in the market for a few new pots and pans, or are looking for gifts for others, the All Clad seconds sale is a sure bet.

All Clad is our favorite

All Clad is manufactured in Canonsburg, Pa and as of 2022 the seconds' sale appears to be offered once a year in December. The former June dates do not appear to be returning but this is liable to change.

If you make the trip down to Washington, PA be sure to check out Liberty Pole Spirits or Washington Brewing Company before coming home!

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  1. Looking for date of sale in Washington Pa. June 2019. May 31 & June 1 2019 which is the 1st week end or June 7 & 8’ 2019. Please advise

  2. I cannot wait for the sales 2x a year. I am retired and have to limit my spending so this gives me time to set money aside for the next sale.

    • The sale at the Washington County Fairgrounds has been canceled, but I’m not sure if some of the other businesses will be conducting the sale or not. My guess is they are not going to as a means to minimize the crowds.

  3. Great article! My wife and I are looking to get a new set of cookware and came across this gem. Do you know if they are planning to do this again in June 2022? Thank you!
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