Latrobe Area Historical Society Shines a Light on the City’s Past

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on June 22, 2020.

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We really love going to historical societies when we visit nearby cities and boroughs. These small, often one or two-room museums offer fascinating displays and artifacts that highlight a large cross-section of the region's history.

This is no different in Latrobe, where the Latrobe Area Historical Society operates a modest exhibit where you can learn more about the city's past!

Latrobe Historical Society Preserves the City's History

Did you know the banana split was invented in Latrobe?

As with most exhibits at historical societies, the exhibits in Latrobe run the spectrum from vintage city photos to displays on sports, profiles on notable citizens, inventions, and more. 

Rolling Rock Beer Bottles on Display at Latrobe Area Historical Society

Some of the more notable features include highlighting that Latrobe was the birthplace of the banana split (invented in 1904), memorabilia from the Latrobe Athletic Association (whose quarterback, John Brallier, was once considered the first professional football player- this title is under debate) and how the NFL recognizes the city as the birthplace of professional football, and historic bottles from Rolling Rock (originally produced in Latrobe) as well.

Latrobe Area Historical Society Museum

Going beyond the conventional exhibits, artifacts, and historic photos, the Latrobe Area Historical Society also has a few displays dedicated to the city's most famous citizens- Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers.

Sections Honoring Famous Latrobe Citizens

Arnold Palmer Exhibit

The exhibits dedicated to Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers are, admittedly, quite small. They mostly amount to a few photos and personal items donated to the society (including puppets owned by Mr. Rogers), but they are really nice homages to two people who came out of Latrobe and arguably changed their respective worlds.

If you followed the careers of either of these two (and let's be honest, most everyone in Pittsburgh followed one or both), you'll want to keep a lookout for these two exhibits available at the society.

Mr Rogers' puppets

Overall, the Latrobe Area Historical Society is an interesting spot that showcases the unique history of the city. If you've been to any other historical society in the past you know what to expect when visiting here, but you'll be sure to uncover some gems from Latrobe's history all the same.

The Latrobe Area Historical Society is located at 416 Weldon Street in Latrobe, PA. It is open year-round with limited hours on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Looking for more things to do in Latrobe? Head over to the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve on Saint Vincent's campus for a stroll through nature!

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  1. Is there any information about a man named Nils or Frederic Sparrevohn building a country club in Latrobe in the 1800s? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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