The Quest to Explore all 90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on April 3, 2023.

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Since founding Discover the Burgh, we've made it our mission to do everything Pittsburgh has to throw at us. From eating at all the great Pittsburgh restaurants, visiting all the museums, to exploring the many public spaces and hiking trails (to name a few), we've tried to live by the mindset of if it is there, we want to check it out.

Naturally, one of our goals along these lines was to visit all 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods and find the highlights in each of them.

While we have visited all 90 neighborhoods multiple times throughout the years, we are still working our way to finding something unique in each of them as many are primarily residential. That being said, to date we have found unique highlights in 67 neighborhoods which is nothing to scoff at.

In this guide we wanted to share one recommendation for each neighborhood we've found something awesome in so far.

Are you ready to go exploring?

A Few Notes About This Guide

Pittsburgh Skyline from along Grandview

Before we begin we want to make a few notes about this guide, what it is and what it isn't, and how you should interpret our listings as there is some potential for confusion that we'd like to avoid.

First, this guide follows what we believe to be the official neighborhood designations as recognized by the city and may not sync up with your own terminology. We know that residents of Perry North like to call it Observatory Hill (we still call it Perry North). We know that people hate it when Washington's Landing is lumped in with Troy Hill (okay, this one we get). 

Some of the chosen terms can be very personal, but we're going to ask you to get past the semantics we are using for this guide as we simply had to start somewhere- the official names seemed like the best choice.

That being said, we do have a few features in this guide which are right on the line between two neighborhoods. In these cases we are using our editorial discretion for what neighborhood we call it (as we do everywhere on this site).

More often than not this was done because several neighborhoods are primarily residential and have limited offerings, but a business/attraction/sight that is technically on the wrong side of the road worked out well for the feature.

Likewise, neighborhoods that are not featured does not mean there isn't anything to see or do in them, or that we haven't visited (we have), but rather that we have not personally tried something we want to feature yet.

In the future if we find something more fitting for specific neighborhoods, grab photos for a few we're missing, or discover things in the remaining neighborhoods not featured, we will update this guide accordingly.

Finally, this list is only meant to be taken as our suggestion of one cool spot in each neighborhood based on our explorations of the city. It is not a “best of” list. We are not picking out the best neighborhood in Pittsburgh by any means. Some recommendations are popular attractions, some are off-the-beaten-path restaurants, and others may be as simple as a viewpoint, cool bridge, or even a small parklet. To read more about each spot, click the link in the description to be taken to our full article when available!

Have a recommendation for us to check out? Please comment below or contact us!

Pittsburgh Neighborhood List

90 Neighborhood in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh's 90 Neighborhoods. Creative Commons via Andrew Somerville (Source:

To navigate this guide, we've broken up each neighborhood in Pittsburgh based on general region in the city.

If you are looking for our pick in a specific neighborhood over reading each page of this guide individually, we recommend using the below links to jump around first.  However, if you wish to read the whole guide from start to finish, use the links at the end of this post to go through neighborhoods by region (we recommend this).

  • North: Brighton Heights, Summer Hill, Perry North, Perry South, Marshall-Shadeland, Northview Heights, Spring Hill-City View, Fineview, Spring Garden, Troy Hill, Chateau, Manchester, California Kirkbride, Central North Side, Allegheny West, Allegheny Center, East Allegheny, North Shore
  • Downtown: Central Business District, Strip District, Polish Hill, Upper Hill, Middle Hill, Bedford Dwellings, Terrace Village, Bluff, Crawford-Roberts
  • Central: Lower Lawrenceville, Central Lawrenceville, Upper Lawrenceville, Stanton Heights, Garfield, Bloomfield, Friendship, North Oakland, West Oakland, Central Oakland, South Oakland, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill North, Squirrel Hill South, Greenfield, Hazelwood, Glen Hazel
  • East: Morningside, Highland Park, East Liberty, Larimer, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, Homewood North, Homewood South, Homewood West, East Hills, Point Breeze North, Point Breeze, Regent Square, Swisshelm Park
  • West: Esplen, Sheraden, Windgap, Chartiers City, Fairywood, Crafton Heights, Elliott, West End, Westwood, Ridgemont, East Carnegie, Oakwood
  • South: South Shore, Southside Flats, Duquesne Heights, Mount Washington, Brookline, Beechview, Banksville, Beltzhoover, Bon Air, Carrick, Overbrook, Knoxville, Allentown, South Side Slopes, Arlington, St Clair, Hays, New Homestead, Lincoln Place, Arlington Heights, Mount Oliver

Ready? Onward to the North of Pittsburgh!

North Pittsburgh

The neighborhoods north of the city are, to us, broken up into two distinct geographies: neighborhoods that are on the hills and neighborhoods that are along the bank of the Allegheny River.

When people generally use the term “North Side”, they may be referring to the lower neighborhoods by the river (in fact, our North Side neighborhood guide only includes these).

But this term can also be broader to include the neighborhoods on the hills which are primarily residential in nature (making the term quite literally all the neighborhoods north of the Allegheny River).

No matter how you look at it, the North Side of the city as a whole has an abundance of things to do, and its 18 distinct neighborhoods have no shortage of awesome spots to visit- hilltop or not.

Brighton Heights – California Coffee Bar

California Coffee Bar

California Coffee Bar is the resident coffee bar of Brighton Heights, and is located right in the heart of this neighborhood's small business district on California Avenue.

They offer a large selection of coffees as well as mixed juices that truly makes this one a gem worth venturing over for.

Summer Hill – Ivory Avenue Overpass

Summer Hill is primarily a residential neighborhood, so exploration in this one is quite limited. However, those who drive on Ivory Avenue should look south when riding on the McKnight Road overpass.

Here you'll catch a very quick glimpse of the city's tallest skyscrapers behind a collection of on-ramps, off-ramps, and overpasses that connect 279 to McKnight Road. It is one of those chaotic mess of roads that will have you thinking “that's Pittsburgh for you,” and for this reason we love it.

Perry North – Riverview Park

Jazz at Riverview Park

Riverview Park in Perry North is one of our favorite Pittsburgh parks. It has numerous hiking trails, is often relatively secluded, has a gorgeous observatory at the top which offers periodic tours, and even features live jazz on Saturday nights in the summer months as well. To put it simply, there is a lot to do at this one!

Perry South – Breadworks Bakery

Breadworks Bakery

Perry South is primarily a residential neighborhood (generally considered to be on the hilltop) with a small business district at the base of the hill.

Most of the businesses here are industrial in nature but one, Breadworks Bakery, is a must visit. This local bakery is one of the city's most popular and offers a wide range of breads at very good prices.

Northview Heights – Swindell Bridge

View from the Swindell Bridge

The Swindell Bridge is not for those who are afraid of heights as it is one of the tallest bridges in the city. But this one is not on our list because of its size alone, and much like the Ivory Overpass in Summer Hill this one offers quick glimpse of the city on the Northview Heights side right at the fire station.

So be sure to look South when driving by for a great, but quick, view of the city! (Photo Credit: UncoveringPA. My aversion to heights got the better of me when we went out to shoot this together.)

Spring Hill-City View – St. John's Lutheran Cemetery

Pittsburgh Skyline

With a name like Spring Hill-City View, odds are good you should expect a city view. But in this one the city views are plentiful only for those who live there as vegetation has grown between most houses to obscure the scene from most roads.

Visitors should head to St. John's Lutheran Cemetery for the best view (entrance off Buente Street), and offers one of our favorite angles of the city we've seen to date!

Fineview – Fineview Lookout

Fineview Lookout

If you are sensing a theme that the North Side has a lot of places to view the skyline, you're right. The many hills give opportunities to catch city views unlike any you've ever seen.

In Fineview you do not have to search very hard for a good view, as this neighborhood has a dedicated lookout spot on Catoma Street for visitors wanting to take in the view!

Troy Hill – Troy Hill ARt Houses

What are the Troy Hill Art Houses you may ask? Well, we're really not supposed to tell you about it as these three unassuming house on the main road in Troy Hill is meant to be a surprise for all who visit (in fact, we didn't take a single photo while visiting).

Call them an interactive art experience that is truly a must see.

They are weird and wonderful, and those who visit have to have an appreciation for the unusual- but that is the most we're going to say about it. Do yourself a favor and don't Google these ones. Just make an appointment, one appointment per house, and show up. (16+ only with advanced registration.)

Chateau – Bicycle Heaven

Sprocket Room at Bicycle Heaven

The North Side is home to many unusual Pittsburgh museums, and one of our favorites is Bicycle Heaven– a spot that is often considered to have the word's largest collection of bicycles!

This museum / store has 4,000+ bikes in their arsenal and is located in a massive two floor showroom in Chateau. Don't miss the upstairs section as it is one of those spots that will make you say wow many times over.

Manchester – Columbus Avenue Overpass View

Columbus Avenue Overpass

Manchester is primarily a residential neighborhood in the North Side. One of our favorite spots in this neighborhood is the overpass on Columbus Avenue as it has a stunning city view framed perfectly with a large set of railroad tracks in the foreground. Be sure to drive by this one next time you are in the area for a quick glimpse of our beautiful downtown skyscrapers!

California Kirkbride – Quik-It Chicken

Quik-It Chicken

Quik-It Chicken is a local fried chicken joint that shares a space with a Valero gas station. Yes, you read that right. And yes, it is delicious.

But this one goes beyond just chicken and serves ribs, a plethora of sides, and in massive quantities to boot. Check it out next time you're in the mood for a quick meal to go and you'll be hooked!

Central North Side – Randyland

Randyland teaser

When most people think of Central North Side, their first thought is the historic district known as the Mexican War Streets. And when you think of the Mexican War Streets, your first thought from there should be of Randyland– Pittsburgh's most colorful spot.

This attraction is the brain child of Randy Gilson, a local artisan who wanted to help transform the neighborhood in the 1990s and make everyone smile. We have to say, he achieved this goal in this must visit spot (and yes, our photo choice is a tease on purpose).

Allegheny West – Gus & Yia Yia's (Seasonal)

Shaved ice at Gus & Yia Yia's

Allegheny West is a small neighborhood that includes a bustling restaurant and business district on Western Avenue (full of great options like Peppi's and Nicky's Thai to name a few).

But head down the road to where it becomes West Ohio Street in Allegheny Commons Park, and in the summer months you'll find Gus & Yia Yia's– a local shaved ice institution that has been serving up hand shaved ice balls topped with syrup for over 80 years!

Allegheny Center – National Aviary

Pittsburgh's National Aviary

The National Aviary in Allegheny Center is a non-profit and indoor Aviary that is also the country's largest.

It has many themed habitats for visitors to explore that includes the Tropical Rainforest, the Wetlands, and Grasslands to name a few. Be sure to plan your visit for the penguin and sloth feedings (yes, the Aviary has non-winged animals as well) as they are two of the highlights of any visit in addition to the birds!

East Allegheny – Max's Allegheny Tavern

Beer flight at Max's Allegheny Tavern

Max's Allegheny Tavern is an East Allegheny (Deutschtown) institution and focuses on home cooked German fare as well as an impressive draft list of German beer.

If you are in the mood for bratwurst, schnitzel, or a killer potato pancake Reuben (a personal favorite), washed down with some of the world's best beer, a trip to Max's should be on your radar very soon.

North Shore – North Shore River Trail

Pittsburgh from the North Side River Trail

Pittsburgh's true North Shore is actually a small strip of land just a few blocks wide that spans from Acrisure Stadium to the David McCoullough Bridge. Within this one is two stadiums, the Warhol Museum, several restaurants and breweries, and so much more.

But our absolute favorite thing about the North Shore is the North Shore River Trial which is a walking and biking trail that passes through the neighborhood on the banks of the Allegheny. Take a walk on this one for stunning city views while passing the stadiums and many gorgeous monuments along the way.

North Side Neighborhoods We Still Need to Explore

The two remaining neighborhoods we are seeking information on are Spring Garden and Marshall-Shadeland . While we have a few ideas, we have not visited to confirm if they should appear in this guide yet. If you have any recommendations for these neighborhoods, please comment below or contact us!

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Downtown Pittsburgh

The term downtown very much depends on your perspective. If you live outside of the city, all of the 90 neighborhoods are technically downtown. If you live inside the city, you're probably really only thinking of the Central Business District where all the skyscrapers are.

To us, downtown is a bit larger than this, if only because there is a relatively defined boundary between the neighborhoods that we consider to be “downtown” and those in Central Pittsburgh like Lawrenceville or West Oakland.

With 9 neighborhoods included, some residential and some commercial, our take on downtown Pittsburgh includes the following.

Central Business District – Point State Park

Point State Park at Sunset

How many major cities can say they have a 36 acre state park in the middle of downtown? Not many, that's for sure, and Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh is the crown jewel of the city.

It comes together at the confluence of our three rivers (the point) and features beautiful walking trails, a stunning fountain, the outlines of two original forts, and a stellar museum dedicated to the early history of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Not bad for its size!

Strip District – The Neighborhood Itself

Mural in the Strip District

There is only one of Pittsburgh's 90 neighborhoods that makes the list for being an attraction in and of itself.

Pittsburgh's iconic Strip District has a lot going for it as this once industrial neighborhood has reinvented itself to include numerous international grocery stores, some of the best Pittsburgh restaurants, a river trail, and so much more.

As you are more than likely to head down to the Strip in general over any one spot in particular, it should be no surprise that we feature this one as the neighborhood as a whole as there is truly a lot to do from end to end!

Polish Hill – Kaibur Coffee

Kaibur Coffee

Kaibur Coffee is a modern coffee shop in Polish Hill that makes a killer coffee as well as vegetarian and vegan fare. Whether you want to visit this one for a bite to eat or simply to get a pick-me-up, you'll be able to find some good options here!

Upper Hill – Robert E Williams Memorial Park

Pittsburgh from the Robert E Williams Memorial Park

Robert E Williams Memorial Park is quite possibly the highest spot in central Pittsburgh (north and south hills excluded), and the water reservoir at the very top offers commanding views of downtown Pittsburgh, East Liberty, Oakland, and Lawrenceville all within a brief loop around the perimeter.

While this one is good to visit any time of year, the views are likely the best in the winter when the leaves are off the trees as some views can be obstructed in the summer months.

Middle Hill – Grandma B's

Grandma Bs

Grandma B's is the kind of place you would drive by and probably not even notice unless you were specifically looking for it.

This diner in Middle Hill serves up a delicious spread of traditional breakfast fare, be it pancakes, french toast, grits, or home fries, and is served by some of the friendliest staff you'll ever meet. Get to this one early or you'll be expecting a bit of a wait to get in!

Bedford Dwellings – Arcena Street

Strip District from Above

Arcena Street in Bedford Dwellings looks just like any other road on the surface. But you'll quickly notice that this one is right on the edge of a cliff face overlooking Pittsburgh's gorgeous Strip District.

Many empty lots give this one a prime view of the Strip, perfect for those who want to snap a quick photo. But when visiting be mindful of the residents in the nearby houses!

Terrace Village – City View on Reed Street

Pittsburgh from Reed Street

Terrace Village has a lot of new developments, and one public parklet on Reed Street features a modestly sized playground for kids and a Pittsburgh skyline view at an angle you likely have never seen before. Perfect for a visit when you are nearby!

Bluff – Duquesne University

Duquesne University

Pittsburgh's Bluff neighborhood (also known as Uptown) is the home of Duquesne University.

This private Catholic university first opened its doors in 1878 and has grown to be a fixture in downtown Pittsburgh. Take a stroll around this campus to enjoy the city views, beautiful buildings, and many spiritual murals and statues found throughout.

Crawford-Roberts – “The Bell Speaks”

The Bell Speaks statue

“The Bell Speaks” is an art installation at the Boy Scouts of America Building in Crawford-Roberts, located just a stone's throw away from PPG Paints Arena.

This installation includes Pittsburgh's very own replica of the iconic Liberty Bell, a gorgeous skyline backdrop, and an audio guide that is played when a button is pressed (hence, the bell speaks). Worth a quick stop when nearby!

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Central Pittsburgh

Our boundary for central Pittsburgh is perhaps the most arbitrary on this list, and is generally all the neighborhoods bracketed by the East End and Downtown.

Neighborhoods here include the three Lawrencevilles, East Liberty and Shadyside, as well as the three Oaklands, two Squirrel Hills, and more.

Yes, many of the 17 neighborhoods featured in this section have rather generic names, but that is okay because this part of Pittsburgh truly has an impressive list of spots to visit- so we'll give it a pass.

Lower Lawrenceville – Arsenal Cider House

Arsenal Cider House in Lawrenceville

Pittsburgh's first cider spot, Arsenal Cider House, opened in Lower Lawrenceville in 2011 with just a few ciders available.

They have since expanded tremendously to feature well over a dozen ciders on tap at any given time, a popular outdoor drinking space in the summer months, and a gorgeous colonial ambiance (playing off the history of nearby Arsenal Park). For sweet cider fans, do yourself a favor and try the Archibald's Ado- it is one of the best semi-sweets we've ever had!

Central Lawrenceville – Spirit and Slice Island Pizza

Slice Island Pizza

Central Lawrenceville is home to a ton of restaurants and bars; however, for our selection in this guide we shift our attention to one of the more unusual: Spirit and Slice Island Pizza.

Spirit is a modern-day dive bar occupying the space of a former Moose Lodge. With multiple floors of performing spaces (for everything from DJs to live wrestling), a killer local draft list, and Slice Island supplying square cut pizza with some unusual toppings thrown into the mix, you can really get a lot out of this spot depending on when you visit.

Upper Lawrenceville – Allegheny Wine Mixer

Allegheny Wine Mixer

It is our opinion that every neighborhood needs a good wine bar, and in Upper Lawrenceville you'll get one of the city's best with Allegheny Wine Mixer.

This one focuses on a curated list of wines with country specials as well as craft cocktails and draft beer- meaning you can visit to try a few glasses of a new wine or simply enjoy an old favorite all the same.

Garfield – Center for PostNatural History

Center for PostNatural History in Garfield

There are a lot of unusual museums in Pittsburgh, we have to say, but the Center for PostNatural History in Garfield could be at the very top.

This science includes all things genetically altered by man- be it flower hybridization all the way to more unusual transgenics like getting a goat to produce spider's silk in its milk.

Weird? Definitely. Informative? You know it. Just be sure to plan your visit to this free museum in advance as they are only open for a few hours each Sunday!

Friendship – The Octopus Garden

Octopus Garden in Friendship

Friendship is a primarily residential neighborhood that contains a number of large and beautiful homes. In fact, the homes here vary in their design so much that we almost considered making the houses our selection of what to see in this neighborhood.

As with most neighborhoods of this type, you'll be able to find a small community garden when walking around. But unlike other gardens, the one here has a giant octopus sculpture!

This one is small compared to other spots on this list, but if you are passing through Friendship be sure to stop at S. Aiken to check it out!

Bloomfield – Tessaro's

Bar at Tessaro's

On the surface, Tessaro's looks like any other bar and grill that has been around for quite some time. It is dark, a little musty, and has a fairly standard offering without seeking the trend of the day.

This is a good thing because Tessaro's is famous for their large, hardwood grilled burgers that do not need anything special to make perfect. The emphasis is on the grilled meat, and the toppings are only there to accent what is perhaps the perfect American burger.

North Oakland – Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning

The University of Pittsburgh occupies most of North Oakland, and the most recognized building on campus is none other than the Cathedral of Learning– a 42 floor tower that has a commanding presence as the lone skyscraper in the neighborhood.

Inside are many classrooms and offices, a gorgeous main level that looks like it is right out of a European cathedral (or perhaps Hogwarts), as well as many themed nationality rooms that are open for tours!

Be sure to plan your visit outside of class hours as the Nationality Rooms are active classrooms when school is in session, and don't forget to check out the views from the 34th floor when you're done- it is the highest publicly accessible floor in the building!

West Oakland – Oishii Bento

Bento Boxes from Oishii Bento in Oakland

As you move away from the University towards West Oakland, a thriving business district begins to take shape. This neighborhood is home to a number of restaurants that are perfect for visitors and hungry college students alike.

One of our favorites is Oishii Bento, a short-order Japanese spot that focuses on bento boxes, sushi, and a wide array of sides that will have you enjoying a large meal of delicious food for cheap!

Central Oakland – Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Phipps Conservatory

Although Central Oakland is primarily residential in nature, it does encompass a small section of Schenley Park which includes the iconic Phipps Consevatory & Botanical Gardens.

This gorgeous botanical gardens has been wowing visitors since the late 1800s and includes roughly a dozen themed rooms as well as many spectacular seasonal flower shows (be sure to check out their Spring flower show and Winter flower show– two of the most popular). No visit to Pittsburgh is complete without a stop here!

South Oakland – The Boulevard of the Allies

Pittsburgh from the Blvd of the Allies

Like Central Oakland, South Oakland is also residential in nature with a small industrial stretch along Second Avenue on the shore of the Monongahela River.

As such, one of our favorite spots in this neighborhood is simply the stretch of the Blvd of the Allies that passes over Forbes Avenue near the Hampton Inn Pittsburgh University.

Our reason? When looking West you have a great view of the Pittsburgh skyline that we absolutely love to shoot night photos at!

Shadyside – Roslyn Place

Pittsburgh's wood street - Roslyn Place

While Shadyside has a thriving business district full of boutique shops and delicious restaurants, our recommendation for this neighborhood is actually a quiet dead end street called Roslyn Place.

Why does this one make our list? Well, it is because Roslyn Place is one of the last remaining streets made out of wood in the continental USA!

You've likely passed by this one many times without noticing it, so why not make a stop to check out a still functional piece of history while in Shadyside!

Squirrel Hill North – Everyday Noodles

Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill North includes the business district of Forbes and Murray, which is home to many stellar restaurants- many with a focus on Jewish and Asian cuisines.

One of our favorites (out of many) is Everyday Noodles, a Taiwanese noodle spot on Forbes near Shady Avenue that makes their own noodles in-house and produces some of the best soup dumplings you'll ever have.

Squirrel Hill South – Schenley Park

Schenley Park in Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill South becomes more residential in nature, but includes one massive attraction that brings in visitors from all over the city: Schenley Park.

This spot includes many hiking trails, viewpoints, as well as a curvy road that is home to the annual Vintage Grand Prix in July to name a few. If you are looking for a hike close to home, Schenley Park should be towards the top of your list!

Greenfield – J Gough's Tavern

J Gough's Tavern

J Gough's Tavern is a bit of an unassuming bar in Greenfield that to the untrained eye would look like any other neighborhood pub. But go inside and a wall of 150+ whiskeys will greet you. While daunting at first, the knowledgeable bartenders do a great job at helping you dive down deep into the flavor profiles of the right whiskey for you. A prefect neighborhood hang out spot!

Hazelwood – La Gourmandine

La Gourmandine

Is there anything better than a French bakery in Pittsburgh? Between picking up a baguette, croissant, or pain au chocolat we almost always stop at this amazing bakery when in Hazelwood (although if you aren't in the area you can also check out their other locations downtown, Lawrenceville, and in Mt. Lebanon).

But for the best of all worlds, you really should grab La Gourmandise when you're there. This is a flaky, croissant-like dough with pastry cream and chocolate chips. Our favorite!

Glen Hazel – Duck Hollow Trail

Underneath the Homestead Grays Bridge

The Duck Hollow trail isn't the longest of the city's river trails, but we do like taking a brief stroll on this one all the same. The reason for this one is because the trail goes underneath the Homestead Grays Bridge- one of the city's tallest and longest bridges. 

If you think the view from the top is a bit disorienting, try checking this one out from the trail on the bottom!

Central Pittsburgh Neighborhoods We Still Need to Explore

The remaining neighborhood we are seeking information on is Stanton Heights. While we have a few ideas, we have not visited to confirm if they should appear in this guide yet. If you have any recommendations, please comment below or contact us!

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East Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's East End starts becoming a bit more residential than the central neighborhoods, especially as you get closer to the city's eastern border. But this one still has many reasons to visit the region's 13 neighborhoods!

Highland Park – Highland Park and the Reservoir

Highland Park Pittsburgh

The park that gives this neighborhood its name truly has a lot to see. First there is the drinking water reservoir that is one of the largest in the region, and surrounding it is a beautiful park with many hiking trails, European inspired fountains, and more.

While you may not spend a whole day exploring Highland Park like you could other spots in the city, this one holds its own for its unique beauty!

East Liberty – Lorelei


Lorelei in East Liberty checks a lot of boxes. This Alpine-inspired bar is one part beer hall, one part restaurant, one part cocktail bar, and one part wine cellar. If this sounds like a lot is going on here, you'd be right- and they rock every single one.

Apart from the fact that this bar has something for everyone (quite literally), one of our favorite elements here is that it is separated into two distinct areas. One half of Lorelei is the cocktail bar and the other half is a perfectly themed German beer hall. So if you want some great ambiance to go with your libation, this one is the place to be.

Larimer – East End Brewing Company

Beer at East End Brewing Company

Larimer's own East End Brewing Company is one of the oldest craft breweries in Pittsburgh.

This one has come a long way since their first batch of brews and now features more than two dozen beers on tap at any given time with the vast majority being experimental or seasonal selections that change quite frequently. No matter your tastes, you'll be sure to find a beer or two here that is right for you any time of year.

So head on over and enjoy a pint or three in their gorgeous tasting room or outdoor patio!

Morningside – Bulldog Pub

Bulldog Pub in Morningside

Morningside is a primarily residential neighborhood located on the western side of Highland Park. While most of the main attractions you would think of for this region are in bordering neighborhoods, Morningside does have one spot we enjoy quite a bit- The Bulldog Pub.

This is a neighborhood pub all around but has a focus on good food, friendly atmosphere, and a lot to drink (of course). If you're in the mood for a quick pub meal when nearby check this one out!

Point Breeze North – Construction Junction

Construction Junction Reuse Center

Have a home project coming up and are looking for a deal? Check out Construction Junction in Point Breeze North.

This massive complex is a re-use center where you can purchase used home goods such as cabinets, toilets, tiles, and everything in between for your upcoming project.

Most everything here is used in every sense of the word, making this one best for those who don't mind a bit of refurbishing with their own two hands to give old furniture and appliances new life!

Homewood South – Everyday Cafe

Everyday Cafe

Everyday Cafe in Homewood South is a modern coffee shop with a welcoming vibe, delicious brews and a modest food menu. As an added bonus, the walls of this one are adorned with photography by Teenie Harris, an acclaimed artist who lived in Homewood.

Homewood West – Showcase BBQ

Showcase BBQ Pittsburgh

Showcase BBQ is the neighborhood barbecue joint of Homewood West and is known for large portions, cheap prices, and a die-hard following that lines up before the doors even open. They offer an array of chicken, ribs, as well as brisket and pulled pork sandwiches and a meal for four will barely break $20. Their homemade sauce is mustard based and is perhaps the most delicious iteration you'll find in the city.

Point Breeze – Mellon Park's Memorial

Mellon Park at Night

Mellon Park in Point Breeze is a beautiful green space in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End.

While we could just as easily call the entire park our favorite thing in the neighborhood, the true highlight is the memorial to Ann Katharine Seamans in the park's walled garden as this one only comes out at night!

This memorial depicts the stars in the night's sky at the moment of Ann's birth, and visitors who wish to experience this one should arrive after dusk to be able to see it!

Regent Square – Frick Park

Frick Park

At 644 acres, Frick Park is among the largest city parks in Pittsburgh. While this one technically spans both Squirrel Hill and Regent Square, we love accessing it from the Regent Square side to hit its numerous hiking trails and accessible parking area!

Swisshelm Park – Nine Mile Run Trail

Nine Mile Run Trail

The Nine Mile Run Trail follows a small stream of the same name from Frick Park to the Monongahela River for roughly 1-mile. The Swisshelm Park entrance to this trail begins at Old Browns Hill Road (near the Monongahela River) and continues on for quite a bit of time before connecting up with the park.

East End Neighborhoods We Still Need to Explore

The remaining neighborhoods we are seeking information on are Lincoln-Lemington-BelmarHomewood North, and East Hills. While we have a few ideas, we have not visited to confirm if they should appear in this guide yet. If you have any recommendations for these neighborhoods, please comment below or contact us!

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West Pittsburgh

While we have a true “West End” neighborhood in Pittsburgh, we are actually fortunate to have 12 unique neighborhoods west and south west of the city. Our definition for this section includes all neighborhoods west of Duquesne Heights/Mount Washington and 376.

Sheraden – 2803 Bergman

2803 Bergman, Pittsburgh

Sheraden is primarily a residential neighborhood that includes land once owned by the Sheraden family in the 1800s. While the land was divided up, sold, and built upon into a typical neighborhood we all know today, you can easily pick out the Sheraden's homestead in the neighborhood which still stands at 2803 Bergman.

Out front of this house is two sycamore trees that have grown together as one, and is often attributed to be the work of a grandson of the Sheraden family in the mid-1900s. A neat thing to see when driving by, but remember that this is indeed a private residence!

Crafton Heights – Better Maid Donut

Donuts from Better Maid Donuts

Most of the businesses we recommend in this guide have traditional hours that will allow you to visit whenever you like. But at Better Maid Donut in Crafton Heights, you're going to have to get up early. The reason for this is that this donut shop is highly sought after and often sells out of donuts within an hour of their 6am and 7am openings! The creations are nothing short of addicting, and after trying a few you'll understand why. Set your alarm now.

Elliott – West End Overlook

Fireworks from the West End Overlook

Pittsburgh's West End Overlook is perhaps the city's second most popular overlook (next to Grandview on Mount Washington). But that is truly saying something as this overlook provides a great view over the city, many of its neighborhoods, as well as the three rivers. So head up to this one to check out the view, take in a Pittsburgh fireworks show, or even for pop-up classes and performances that occur from time to time!

West End – Artifacts

Artifacts in the West End

Artifacts in the West End is an interesting store, as it focuses on high end home goods like Turkish rugs, European artwork, and more.

But this ten-thousand-plus item warehouse goes well beyond standard items, and also has more extreme offerings like stuffed game from Africa, life-sized statues, and so much more. Call it a museum with price tags if you'd like, as in a way this unique store in the West End is just that.

Westwood – Antney's Ice Cream (Seasonal)

Antney's Ice Cream

Nothing beats a scoop of ice cream in the winter months, and Antney's Ice Cream in Westwood offers some of the city's best.

This spot's flavor library is quite extensive so you'll never know what they'll have on any visit, and gives you a perfect excuse to visit often and try something new! Antney's is closed during the winter months.

West End Neighborhoods We Still Need to Explore

The remaining neighborhoods we are seeking information on are Chartiers City, Esplen, Windgap, Ridgemont, Fairywood, East Carnegie, and Oakwood. While we have a few ideas, we have not visited to confirm if they should appear in this guide yet. If you have any recommendations for these neighborhoods, please comment below or contact us!

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South Pittsburgh

Our final region consists of the remaining 21 neighborhoods south of the Monongahela River and to the east of 376. Just about every neighborhood type can be found here, from business to residential, as well as some of Pittsburgh's steepest hills!

South Shore – The Inclines

Duquesne Incline

Pittsburgh's South Shore neighborhood occupies a very thin strip at the base of Mount Washington between the West End Bridge and the Liberty Bridge.  Although this neighborhood is also home to the bustling Station Square, our highlight here is the two historical inclines (the Duquesne and Monongahela) that transport passengers up and down Mount Washington.

You can't go wrong with taking either, but if you want the iconic Pittsburgh view you'll definitely want to take the Duquesne Incline!

Southside Flats – Ascend


Ascend is a bouldering gym in South Side that has many climbing walls of various skill levels as well as several larger climbs with a belay system. This one opened in South Side recently and is a modern offering with a full weight room, gym classes included with entry, and a stellar view of the Pittsburgh skyline to go along with it!

Duquesne Heights – “Point of View” Statue

Point of View Statue Pittsburgh

We often like to call Duquesne Heights as Mount Washington, as the entire hill is more affectionately known, but in actuality this residential neighborhood occupies the western most part of the mount. Within it are a few restaurants and attractions, including the Duquesne Incline, Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, and Altius.

For our favorite spot in this neighborhood, head to the right out of the incline station to the base of Monterey Bay and you'll come across the “Point of View” statue which features a meeting between George Washington and Guyasuta which is said to have occurred in the region.

Not only is this a beautiful statue depicting an important moment in our region's history, it also comes with the best view of the city you'll ever see!

Mount Washington – Grandview Avenue

Pittsburgh from Grandview Avenue

After visiting the “Point of View” statue in Duquesne Heights, turn around and take a stroll down Grandview Avenue- one of the most iconic roads in Pittsburgh. It is only about a mile walking between the two inclines, and during your walk you can capture many views of Pittsburgh's skyline both straight on and at the iconic angle published the world over. A personal favorite walk we did hundreds of times while living on Mount Washington!

Banksville – Pittsburgh Barbecue Company

Pittsburgh Barbecue Company

The residential neighborhood of Banksville contains a small business district on the western side of Banksville Road (the eastern boundary of the neighborhood). While most of the businesses here are either industrial in nature or chains, one business, Pittsburgh Barbecue Company, stands out.

This barbecue joint is a local favorite known for massive portions, delicious ribs, and an award winning sauce that is something you'll want to take home with you by the gallon. A must try!

Brookline – Las Palmas Grocery Store and Food Cart

Tacos from Las Palmas

Las Palmas is a local Mexican grocery store with four locations in and around the city. Each of these locations offers up a street-side taco cart that will transport you straight to Mexico.

Pick a few with different meats (we love the beef tongue) and load it up with whatever topping you like from their nearby toppings bar! Just be careful, some of the hot sauces will light you up.

Beechview – Canton Avenue

Peering Off the Steepest Street in the World

Did you know that Pittsburgh is home to the steepest public road in the United States, and is often considered to be the steepest in the world? It is true!

Canton Avenue in Beechview is not for the faint of heart and is a fun spot to drive up as well as watch frequent commercials and races take of advantage of its extreme grade (such as the annual Dirty Dozen bike race- a 50-mile race which tackles the thirteen steepest roads, a baker's dozen, in Pittsburgh in one day).

Are you up for the 37% grade?

Allentown – Leon's Caribbean

Leon's Caribbean

There are many unassuming gems in Pittsburgh's Allentown neighborhood. So much so that perhaps the best advice we can give is to go walk around the neighborhood, pop into shops and restaurants, and discover them for yourself without any commentary.

One restaurant stands out to us as being a hidden gem worthy of feature in this article, and that is Leon's Caribbean. Think flavorful Caribbean fare, great prices, and generous portion sizes to name a few. For those who like the heat, don't sleep on the escovitch wings which will truly light you up!

South Side Slopes – Church Route 

Pittsburgh from the South Side Slopes

South Side Slopes really earns its name in that a good percentage of this neighborhood is built, quite literally, on a hillside.

As such, many official streets are in fact staircases, and presents great opportunities to climb some stairs for some beautiful city views (especially in the winter when the leaves are off the trees).

We like the Church Route which starts and ends on the 18th Street to Pius Street staircase as it is an easy loop around the neighborhood that also includes many churches along the way too!

Arlington – Page Dairy Mart

Yinzer Sundae from Page's Dairy Mart

If you're looking for a traditional walk-up ice cream spot that focuses on soft serve, banana splits, and killer sundaes, be sure to visit Paige Dairy Mart in Arlington (right on the border with the end of the Southside Flats).

A personal favorite is the Yinzer sundae which includes a blonde brownie with chocolate and heath bar bits, caramel, and whipped cream- a perfect Pittsburgh treat. Just be sure to expect a long line as this one is one of the most popular shops in the city!

Hays – Hays Woods

Out of all of the neighborhoods featured in this guide, Hays is likely the most nature focused as the vast majority of this neighborhood is green space. While it is fairly undeveloped, over 600 acres of land was sold to the city in 2016 and is in the works to become the city's largest park (topping Frick Park by just a few acres).

The city has not published any plans for this park yet, and has gone on record they want to keep it as natural as possible. 

Visitors will want to plan for a bit more adventure than at most parks here, as trails can get over grown fairly quickly and is best for those who don't mind finding their own way from time to time. We look forward to seeing if this one adds more accessibility in the future!

South Side Neighborhoods We Still Need to Explore

The remaining neighborhoods we are seeking information on are Beltzhoover, Bon Air, Carrick, Overbrook, Knoxville, St. Clair, New Homestead, Lincoln Place, Arlington Heights, and Mount Oliver. While we have a few ideas, we have not visited to confirm if they should appear in this guide yet. If you have any recommendations for these neighborhoods, please comment below or contact us!

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Overall, Pittsburgh is Amazing

One thing that never ceases to amaze us is that there is truly a crazy number of things to do in Pittsburgh. You could fill up every weekend of the year exploring the city, visiting attractions, and eating at our great restaurants and barely begin to scratch the surface.

While we haven't found a highlight in each neighborhood just yet, we have just a few more to go and are looking forward to filling in the blanks in our quest to explore Pittsburgh's 90 neighborhoods!

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For frequently asked questions about Pittsburgh's neighborhoods, check out the following.

How many neighborhoods are there in Pittsburgh?

There are 90 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, although some would argue there are 92. Likewise, some neighborhoods have local naming variants over the official recognized names (e.g. Observatory Hill and Perry North).

How many neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have attractions?

Roughly 60-70 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have a unique business or attraction in them. At this time we've found that the remaining neighborhoods are primarily residential.

What are the most popular neighborhoods in Pittsburgh to explore?

Many visitors to Pittsburgh find themselves checking out the Central Business District (downtown), the North Shore, the Strip District, Lawrenceville (comprised of three neighborhoods), Mount Washington, Squirrel Hill (two neighborhoods), and East Liberty to name a few.

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  1. I like your project! I’m not sure if it is in Homewood North or Homewood South, but I recommend the Everyday Cafe at 532 North Homewood Avenue. It’s in an area of Homewood where residents are working hard to make a more inviting neighborhood..

  2. Are there any neighborhoods which have great parks, aren’t up steep hills, and are within walking distance of grocery stores and markets with a great selection of organic foods ?

    • I think Squirrel Hill and Regent Square are both good options right next to Frick Park and aren’t as hilly as other neighborhoods. The organic food option may be harder though although Squirrel Hill has numerous grocers including a Giant Eagle, Asian groceries, etc.


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