Trader Jack’s – Pittsburgh’s Largest Outdoor Flea Market

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Trader Jack's is an interesting place, there is no other way to say it.

This massive flea market in Bridgeville is one of the largest in the region and is the kind of place you go to if you have one thing in mind: to find a deal!

Trader Jack's Has Just About Everything

Trader Jacks Pittsburgh

Trader Jack's is a simple place. It is essentially one big parking lot where people can come sell their wares at any and all prices. There is also one rather large building serving up concessions and housing a few more dedicated vendors with larger objects (such as furniture and antiques that need to be out of the elements).

On any given weekend you'll likely find well over 100 people setting up shop selling things from tchotchkes to Steelers gear, bathroom supplies to produce, and potted plants to antiques.

It is a hodgepodge of everything, all organized at random, which means to tackle it all you really need to just walk the rows, take a gander at what is available, and dive on a deal when you find it.

Trader Jacks Pittsburgh

In fact, in 2017 we even saw reports of someone selling Nazi paraphernalia as “antiques” which caused quite a bit of uproar (as well as frequent reports of counterfeit goods being confiscated). 

We didn't see anything questionable during our visit, but it is worth noting to keep in mind that when we say you can find just about anything, it really is true.

Worst case, it is also the kind of place you go to in order to see what everyone is trying to unload, as many shops follow the mindset of what is one person's trash is another's treasure.

Trader Jacks Pittsburgh

The freecycler and not-so-freecyclers in us approve of having a place like this just a few minutes from the city limits.

We Didn't Need Anything and Still Shopped

Trader Jacks Pittsburgh

During our visit we had no intention of shopping and just wanted to browse (in fact, I only had $5 on me to begin with). So with that limitation in mind I had a feeling I wasn't going to walk away with a set of old Steelers jerseys or DVDs during our visit.

But on our last pass we saw a handmade wine rack that was a bit dusty and needed a little bit of polishing. The asking price? $5 of course.

Someone must've known that is exactly what I wanted.

Trader Jacks Pittsburgh

Overall, Trader Jack's isn't the kind of place you're going to go to if you want an antique in perfect condition. In fact, if you want antiques I wouldn't even bother going at all. But if you are looking for a deal on anything that is an everyday use item (as our wine rack surely is), this is the kind of place you'll find it for cheap.

You really never know what you'll find here!

Trader Jack's is located at 999 Steen Road in Bridgeville, PA. 

After hitting up Trader Jack's grab lunch at Two Brothers Bar-B-Q in Presto (just down the road), Golden Pig in Cecil, or Mike & Tony's Gyro in Bridgeville. Or hit up Quantum Spirits in Carnegie for a drink!

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