Liberty Pole Spirits Review – A Pennsylvania Whiskey Revival

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on December 7, 2023.

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Western Pennsylvania has always been a hot spot for whiskey. Since the country's early days, the region has been producing (and aging) whiskey using local grains to end up with a spirit unlike those found elsewhere.

Liberty Pole Spirits embraces this history by doing the same for their business with the added benefit of modern technology.

The ingredients are all local, many recipes are unique to historical Western Pennsylvania distilling, and the tasting room is a throwback to the history of the Whiskey Rebellion- one of the region's most infamous events surrounding alcohol which took place shortly after independence from the British.

This all comes together to make one unique family-run business that should be on everyone's radar.

Note: In 2023, Liberty Pole Spirits expanded to a new location in Washington, PA, with a larger tasting room, a proper rickhouse, and a stunning production space.

The Tour at Liberty Pole Spirits

Liberty Pole Spirits Rickhouse

We visited Liberty Pole Spirits when the new campus opened for a guided tour and were blown away by the scale of the distillery's upgrades. This one took everything we loved about the original location and simply made it much, much larger. 

On the distilling side of the spectrum, the expansion includes a monster production space with an additional pot still, many mash tanks, and large grain silos. On the aging side, Liberty Pole constructed one of the largest wood rickhouses outside of Kentucky (custom-made and shipped from Kentucky and assembled on-site!). If there is a single reason to do a tour here, it would be to see this impressive space firsthand as it will become a true gem in the region- there isn't anything quite like it here!

Liberty Pole Spirits Rickhouse

A tasting at Liberty Pole is a fun way to end a tour, as you can get a full appreciation for the history of whiskey in the region, its evolution, and try a few of the more less-conventional specialities produced here (the peated bourbon whiskey is a favorite of ours- not too smokey, not too sweet, just the right balance of everything!).

Liberty Pole Spirits Tasting Room

The tour ends back in the tasting room, which, for those who had visited Liberty Pole's first location, will look familiar. The hallmark early American themes are abundant here, complete with an upside-down Alexander Hamilton over the fireplace. But the new facility has expanded with a modest food menu with dishes that are a throwback to the early days of our country- paired with some of the finest cocktails in the region, of course. 

To us, this tour was in line with what we've experienced at some of the world's best distilleries in our travels, and for a smaller distillery to offer a tour with this level of detail shows a lot of dedication and love for all things Pennsylvania whiskey.

Putting Pennsylvania Whiskey on the Map

Spirits Lineup

It has been a real treat to follow Liberty Pole Spirits since their opening as we have had the chance to see this one grow firsthand. First from aging spirits in small, five-gallon barrels. Then building up to aging for years in larger barrels, before ultimately becoming a household name locally, receiving national acclaim for their spirits, and, of course, expanding to a brand new facility in 2023.

Even better is that Liberty Pole Spirits is a family affair. The Hough family can be found with their hands on just about every element of the distillery and space from making the spirits, giving tours, to crafting cocktails, and selling bottles. Of course, now that this one has undergone a monster expansion, the team has expanded significantly, but you'll never be too far away from a family member who will make you feel welcomed each and every time you visit.

Cocktails at Liberty Pole Spirits

All of this comes together for an experience that is simply special and one that is worthy of taking Pennsylvania whiskey into the future it deserves.

So go for a tour, stay for a cocktail (may we recommend an Old Fashioned with rye plus a seasonal speciality if one catches your eye), and leave with a bottle or three to take a bit of this special distillery home with you.

Liberty Pole Spirits is located at 800 Adios Drive in Washington, PA.

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