Boyce Park Ski Slopes and Snow Tubing Offer Winter Fun

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 9, 2023.

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Boyce Park is one of the most popular parks in Allegheny County. It offers an array of trails and outdoor activities to be enjoyed all year round, but unlike other county parks this one is perhaps best enjoyed in Pittsburgh's winters!

The reason for this is that Boyce Park is home to a modest winter resort that includes several trails, a tubing course, and many other outdoor activities scheduled throughout the season.

After having enjoyed tubing at Seven Springs, we made the trip to Boyce Park to check out their tubing slopes and had a great day out!

Boyce Park Tubing is a Must

Tubing at Boyce Park

Tubing at Boyce Park follows a fairly standard program. The park offers tickets for set two-hour sessions scheduled throughout the day with 30 minute breaks.

A ticket will get you all access to the tubing slopes during one session and generally amounts to about 15-20 rides down the slopes depending on crowd size and how fast you are.

Boyce Park has six runs that may not be the longest in the region, but are among the steeper that we've seen. The runs here are one consistent drop which lets you pick up some fairly incredible speed with the only breakaway being at the end.

Tubing at Boyce Park

If you go down the run in superman pose, my favorite way, odds are good you'll get some air time at the end- a great rush!

Going further, the tubing course at Boyce Park was quite well managed when we visited on a Sunday afternoon.

There was an employee at the bottom of the magic carpet regulating how fast people enter, an employee at the top assisting with people getting off, an employee at the top telling everyone when they can go (rather than being a free-for-all in each lane), and an employee at the bottom to assist as well.

Tubing at Boyce Park

This amounts to a bit of a slower tubing experience than at other places we've been to, but it is also nice for the safety precaution aspect. So if you're on the fence about this one you should rest easy and head out for a great day on the slopes.

Boyce Park Ski Slopes Are an Option Too

Boyce Park Ski Slopes

Getting beyond the tubing courses, Boyce Park is home to a modest ski park that is home to four unique slopes (one green with a blue side loop, two blue, and one black diamond) as well as a modest terrain park.

We did not try out these trails during our visit and hope to return in the future as it looks like a great spot for beginning skiing without paying the higher rates of other nearby resorts.

In addition, Boyce Park periodically has winter themed classes outside of the skiing and tubing areas and a recent class that caught our eye was snow-shoeing. Hopefully they will offer this one more than once in any given season as we look forward to trying that one out as well!

Tubing at Boyce Park

Overall, the winter activity area at Boyce Park is very small but it makes up for its size with attractive prices, a wonderfully fun tubing course, and close proximity to Pittsburgh- something we can all appreciate!

Boyce Park is located in Plum, PA, about 30 minutes east of Pittsburgh. In 2018 a two-hour tubing session was $17 for Allegheny County residents and $21 for non-residents. 100 tickets can be purchased in advance and a total of 200 tickets are sold for any given time slot to assist with crowd control. Children must be at least 42″ (3 1/2 feet tall) to participate.

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