Phipps Conservatory’s Spring Flower Show – 5 Senses of Splendor

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on March 22, 2023.

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As the cold of winter begins to leave Pittsburgh, there is one thing we always look forward to in order to ring in the start of spring – Phipps Conservatory's Spring Flower Show!

2023's Spring Flower Show has the theme “Five Senses of Splendor” and has experiences for all of the senses!

We visited this one shortly after the show opened and wanted to share some of our favorite rooms and exhibits with you today. As with all of our museum posts, we're only sharing a selection of our favorites because you truly must visit for yourself to experience it all!

The East Room

East Room at Phipps Conservatory

The East Room is always a favorite of ours for most flower shows as it is one of the few rooms you can appreciate from a distance.

In the Spring Flower Show in 2023, the East Room builds a scene of a home garden- a garden whose flowers and watering cans are as big as we are, at least. As we are avid home gardeners in our free time, the sight of the East Room was a great reminder that it is indeed spring, and we have some work to do to get our garden ready for the season!

The South Conservatory

South Conservatory Japanese Garden

The South Conservatory is one of the largest rooms at Phipps Conservatory and is often home to the centerpiece of the entire show. For the spring show, the central garden in this room was transformed into a peaceful Asian garden complete with over a thousands beautiful flowers, water features, and more.

If there was a room to sit back, meditate, and reflect, it would be this one. When you're done with that, be sure to look at this one from all angles as the experience changes considerably depending on where you look!

The Serpentine Room

Serpentine Room Birds Nests

For those who want to delight your sense of hearing, the Serpentine Room is for you. This one is for the birds with dozens of nests, bird houses, and more being found just about everywhere.

Although real birds are typically not found in the conservatory (okay, fine, you may see a rare one from time to time), this one embraces all things birding with a robust audio track playing of birds chirping to round out the experience.

The Broderie Room

Broderie Room

Finally, we come to the Broderie Room. Like the East Room, this is another room only observed from a distance and is used for weddings and other events. This one was a favorite of ours for the Spring Flower Show simply because the the vibrant purple and yellow flowers were some of the most beautiful from the entire show.

Overall, the Spring Flower Show is one of the finest shows at Phipps Conservatory and is one of the highlights of the year in Pittsburgh. Do yourself a favor and get down for the colors of this one before the show ends. After you explore the conservatory, be sure to stop by the Phipps Cafe to tantalize your final sense- taste!

The Spring Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory runs through April 16th, 2023.

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