Escape USS Requin – Escape Room on a Submarine

When we heard that our resident submarine, the USS Requin at the Science Center, was getting an escape room, we knew we had to check this out immediately. Although we're not that big on escape rooms overall, we're all about the unique concept of one on a submarine and tried to get a booking right away.

The emphasis should be on tried because this one's limited operating hours meant that the initial tours sold out quickly- within minutes of posting for the first few dates.

It wasn't until the second season of Escape USS Requin that an appreciable number of timeslots were added, and we booked one right away to go with friends. As far as escape rooms are concerned, this one was a real treat!

Note: Photography is prohibited on board the USS Requin during the Escape Room experience. All on-board photos here are from a visit during the conventional tour outside of escape room season. Do not expect hints to escape room games in photos here, because there are none.

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Braddock’s Battlefield History Center Connects Early History

You are likely familiar with how the British and French fought for control of the confluence in what is now downtown Pittsburgh during the French and Indian War in the 1750s.

Many local battles took place during the war, including the Battle of Jumonville Glen at Fort Necessity (where George Washington is thought to have inadvertently been responsible for starting hostilities), the Braddock Campaign's devastating loss at the Battle of Monongahela, the subsequent victory of the Forbes Campaign taking the confluence for the British (giving us the Pittsburgh we know today from Fort Ligonier to Fort Pitt), and more.

The Battle of Monongahela is memorialized in the appropriately named Braddock and North Braddock, PA, and today you can visit the battlefield site at Braddock's Battlefield History Center at the site of where the battle took place.

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10 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh in May – Enjoy that Weather

Pittsburgh in May is when we truly feel like it is spring. The frosts end, temperatures warm, and all we want to do is be outside as much as we can before the (sometimes oppressive) summer heat rolls in.

So for this one, we wanted to share several great activities that are coming up for the month that you can enjoy outdoors, as well as many festivals (often libation focused) that take place in May!

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10 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh in April – Spring is Here

Although spring starts in March, Pittsburgh in April is when the season really starts to shine as the snow showers taper off and temperatures rise.

As such, this is the month where we start thinking of heading outdoors to enjoy the warming weather as best as possible.

In this one, we share several great things to do if you decide to visit Pittsburgh in April!

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5 Pittsburgh Museum Discounts You May Not Be Aware Of

We love our great Pittsburgh museums and try to visit them as often as possible.

But we'll be the first to admit that sometimes the admission costs can be fairly expensive. While this often drives us to purchase a membership for year-round access, often at the cost of just two or three visits to any museum in a year, we know this luxury is not available to everyone.

So, in this one, we thought we'd look at popular museums that typically charge admission and share more details on when you can potentially visit for free or for a significantly discounted ticket!

Note: Free or discounted opportunities at area museums can change rather quickly. As always, we recommend reconfirming the offer directly with each museum before visiting to ensure the opportunity is still available. Likewise, this article only focuses on traditionally ticketed attractions that offer free or discounted opportunities to visit. For some of our favorite free things to do in Pittsburgh, including some museums that are perpetually free, click the previous link.

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The Pennsylvania Trolley Musem Offers Good Family Fun

We often lament the fact that Pittsburgh no longer has trolleys. The closest we have these days is The T, and due to its limited operating area, is only really useful for a few neighborhoods in the city (and beyond).

For those nostalgic for days when trolley transportation was the norm, you are in luck- The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington shares the history of this transportation method with informative and interactive exhibits and a massive collection of trolley cars in their showroom.

But for those looking for even more, this one comes with a fun twist- you can even ride one of the historic trolley during your visit!

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Phipps Conservatory for the Orchid and Tropical Bonsai Show

The Orchid and Tropical Bonsai Show, aptly themed “Into the Mist” for 2024, brings these two beautiful plants (both favorites of ours) to the forefront of the Conservatory while highlighting how some of the flowers with special water features and lighting.

As always with our show features, we wanted to share a few of our favorite rooms from this show and hope you'll make it out to visit for yourselves!

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10 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh in February – Outdoor/Indoors

On the surface it seems like February is the month where things quiet down in Pittsburgh. Winter is at its coldest, the month is short, and overall life moves at a slower pace than months in the more vibrant seasons of the year.

That being said, there are a number of things to enjoy in Pittsburgh throughout the month, and whether you want to get outdoors or stay warm inside we've got you covered in this one!

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Laurel Ridge Cross Country Ski Center is a Perfect Winter Day Out

If there is any state park in the Laurel Highlands that we have had trouble exploring properly over the years, it would be Laurel Ridge State Park.

The reason for this is simple- the state park is sprawling. Instead of covering one (often round) area with nested hiking trails, Laurel Ridge State Park follows along Laurel Mountain through four counties.

Short of through-hiking on the 70-mile Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, getting to enjoy Laurel Ridge State Park often comes in small segments.

In the winter, one of our new favorite sections of the park is the groomed cross country ski and snowshoeing trails maintained by the Laurel Ridge Cross Country Ski Center. Seeing the beautiful of the state park in winter? Sign us up for this one!

Although this one offers rentals in addition to the paid entry to the groomed trails, we picked up our own snowshoes and went out for a day of winter fun in the Laurel Highlands!

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The Museum of Illusions Takes a Deep Look at Optical Tricks

The Museum of Illusions is an international museum chain that shares some of the world's best optical illusions for guests to experience in person.

Although we are not terribly fond of chain museums, we have to admit we were intrigued by this one because who doesn't love a good optical illusion?

While this one most certainly has its target market, particularly those new to optical illusions outright, there is a lot to see in this museum on the North Shore for all visitors!

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