A Shopping and Eating Guide to Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill is one of those Pittsburgh neighborhoods you can't help but love. It is primarily residential with tons of gorgeous houses and has two business streets that are among the most vibrant in the entire city.

We lived in Squirrel Hill for many years and enjoyed visiting the shops and eating at the plethora of restaurants that call this neighborhood home. To share some of our favorite places to hit during a visit, this guide was born!

It is worth noting that the following is not a collection of every business in Squirrel Hill. This article only features businesses that we personally visit when we explore the neighborhood.  As such, it should only be taken as a starting point and is certainly not a list of every establishment. 

If you see an interesting business while exploring Squirrel Hill, do yourself a favor and go inside!

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Nu Bistro Review – A Unique Jewish Bistro in Squirrel Hill

Nu Bistro in Squirrel Hill is the kind of place you could easily walk right on by. A Jewish restaurant in a Jewish neighborhood? Sounds okay, but not very interesting for those who do not know better.

Sure, Nu Bistro is the kind of place where you can get classics like a Reuben and other Jewish delicacies (which are readily available throughout Squirrel Hill).

But it's also the kind of place that takes totally not Jewish foods, turns them into Jewish versions, and does such an awesome job of the transformation that it makes you think those foods were Jewish all along.

So before you visit Nu Bistro, be sure to take all expectations and throw them out the window.

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Hidden Harbor Review – A Tropical Paradise in Squirrel Hill

When it comes to neighborhoods to drink at in Pittsburgh, odds are good your first thought is not Squirrel Hill. This popular neighborhood for college students, Jewish delis, and Asian restaurants has a few bars, but is not as bustling in nightlife as other neighborhoods nearby.

This is now changing, and the tiki lounge Hidden Harbor is one of several new additions to the neighborhood worth checking out when you are in the mood for a drink!

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Chengdu Gourmet Review – Authentic Sichuan Cuisine

When it comes to Chinese food, and I'm talking real Chinese food (not the Americanized versions most of us enjoy), I am a pretty big critic.  My travels around China left me disappointed in the country's cuisine as a whole, and only one region, Sichuan province, had any redeeming factors thanks to its strong flavors and intense heat.

So when we heard about Chengdu Gourmet in Squirrel Hill gaining in popularity thanks to its authentic Sichuan food, we knew we had to visit.

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Everyday Noodles Review – Taiwanese Noodles in Squirrel Hill

Spicy Wonton Noodles at Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill

Sometime in the last few years, Squirrel Hill has turned into the Little Asia of Pittsburgh. Korean, Thai, Chinese, ramen, teppanyaki, sushi, and even Asian style baked goods- all of these foods can be found in this bustling neighborhood.

At first glance this seems a little it odd- how many different Asian restaurants do you need in just a few blocks? But we've been visiting these restaurants one by one, and the cool thing is that each one has a pretty specialized menu with a distinct type of cuisine that they focus on.

Everyday Noodle is one such restaurant, where the emphasis is on, you guessed it: noodles.

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Pamela’s Diner Review – Pittsburgh’s Most Famous Hotcakes

Pamela's Pancakes in Pittsburgh

Inside Pamela's in Squirrel Hill When it comes to great breakfasts in Pittsburgh, there is one restaurant that everyone talks about: Pamela's Diner. This restaurant chain is a Pittsburgh institution and has been feeding locals and visitors alike for well over thirty years.

Before getting into our review, we have to make a bit of a confession.  We'd be lying if we didn't admit that Pamela's is our go-to breakfast spot anytime we have friends and family visiting.  We'd also be lying if we didn't admit that we order the same thing every single time we go.

We suspect that you will, too.

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