Viet Nom Nom Review – A Vietnamese Feast in Squirrel Hill

When Viet Nom Nom announced they were opening in the old Nu Jewish Bistro space in Squirrel Hill, we almost fell out of our chairs from excitement.

First, we'll never say no to more great Vietnamese food in the city. The second was because I regularly refer to Vietnam as Vietnom-nom-nom whenever discussing all the great food I had when visiting the country. So to say this particular restaurant spoke to us is quite an understatement, and as a result, I was one of the first people in the door on opening day to grab lunch takeout for the both of us.

We were not disappointed.

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Jian’s Kitchen Review – A Large Chinese Menu in Squirrel Hill

Jian's Kitchen is a bit unsual by Squirrel Hill standards in that it does not have a prominent storefront on Forbes or Murray.

To find this Chinese gem, you're going to have to go into the basement of an office complex via a narrow doorway in the heart of the Forbes business district. This truly is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of place, so having an idea that this one is indeed in the basement with minimal front signage is key.

So, what kind of Chinese food does this one offer? To be honest this one features unique dishes from all over the country, including popular American Chinese dishes as well, but during our first visit we decided to stick close to the Northeastern China side of the menu!

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African Cuisine Review – Nigerian Meals in Squirrel Hill

African Cuisine is an aptly named restaurant in Squirrel Hill that serves up a huge menu of dishes from West Africa and, more specifically, the country of Nigeria. 

While we could go on a long tangent about how the city needs a much better representation of international cuisine in our restaurant scene (it is a prominent theme in our things we want in Pittsburgh article), we're just going to say that this particular spot checks a lot of boxes for us in this regard.

Delicious African food from countries and regions we haven't explored much of in the past? Sign us up.

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Diners 2+1 Review – Japanese Staples in Squirrel Hill

Diners 2+1 in Squirrel Hill is the kind of Japanese restaurant that has something for everyone. Not only do they have a large sushi menu (which brought us to visit), they also have a wide array of starters, rice bowls, and full entrees as well.

But as we were in the mood for sushi, during our first visit we stuck heavily to this side of the menu with some appetizers for good measure.

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Took Took 98 Review – Thai Street Food in Squirrel Hill

Took Took 98 opened in the heart of Squirrel Hill on Murray Avenue in 2019. While this one brands itself as Thai street food, we have to admit that in having an impressively large menu this one has just a bit of everything.

So whether you like curry, noodles, rice dishes, or more, Took Took 98 will likely have something to satisfy your cravings.

As with most Thai restaurants, for our first visit we went for our staple order of pad see ew with tofu and red curry with shrimp, and rounded it out with stuffed wontons and a few flavored beverages as well!

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Kiin Lao & Thai Eatery Review – Visiting for Laotian Cuisine

Kiin Lao and Thai Eatery in Squirrel Hill is Pittsburgh's first Laotian restaurant, having recently been transformed by the owners from a purely Thai restaurant into one serving both Lao and Thai dishes. Whether you're looking for some classic Thai dishes or are wanting to expand your palate and try Laotian food, odds are you'll find something that strikes your fancy on the diverse menu at Kiin which includes starters, salads, and entrees.

Kiin Lao and Thai Eatery used to be Bangkok Balcony, a beloved Squirrel Hill restaurant that we enjoyed over the years and used to be our go-to Thai place when we lived in the neighborhood. So when we heard the Bangkok Balcony owners were transforming the restaurant into a Lao and Thai eatery we knew we had to check it out.

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The Vintage Grand Prix is One of Pittsburgh’s Premier Summer Events

The Vintage Grand Prix has a been a Pittsburgh summer staple since 1983, and is one of the largest classic car shows and races around. 

While the simplest way to enjoy this one is to head to Schenley Park on race weekend, there are actually multiple aspects of the Vintage Grand Prix worth talking about. To get the full experience you may have to plan for multiple days of exploring this one as the entire event lasts just about two weeks!

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Mineo’s Pizza Review – Adequate Pies in Squirrel Hill

Anyone who has spent some time in Pittsburgh knows of the raging debate between Mineo's and Aiello's pizza in Squirrel Hill. Both have die hard followings behind them, and are the kind of places you hear coming up in favorite pizza shop lists time and time again.

We ordered Mineo's with great excitement (after a very long gap since our last visit when we lived in Squirrel Hill), and we've got to say, we were really let down.

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Aiello’s Pizza Review – A Staple in Squirrel Hill

Aiello's is a popular pizza shop in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood that has a rather die-hard following behind it. Throw in a customer rivalry with neighboring pizza shop, Mineo's, and you have the makings of a great spot to visit.

We used to frequent Aiello's often when we lived in Squirrel Hill, and despite a fairly large gap in our visit history, I finally made it back in for a few slices!

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Independent Brewing Company Review – Go for Beer, Stay for the Food

Independent Brewing Company is making a name for itself in Pittsburgh's drinking scene for its unique beer selection.

But did you know this one also serves a full menu that could go toe-to-toe with most restaurants? After hearing about a menu overhaul in early 2018, we made our way out to this one to have them give us their best shot!

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