Wigle Whiskey Review – A Pittsburgh Staple You Must Try

Wigle Spirits

I remember when Wigle Whiskey opened their doors in Pittsburgh.  I was so excited that the craft spirits scene was taking off, and eager to get my hands on any of the (limited) concoctions that the distillery was producing.

It is unfortunate to have to admit this, but at the time their namesake whiskeys were not to my liking. I have never been fond of white rye and wheat whiskeys and usually prefer my grain spirits to be aged for several years to get the flavors from the large oak barrels.  In being a new distillery, their aging program simply did not exist at the time, so I knew I would have to wait longer for the styles I enjoy.

Although I wasn't fond of the whiskey when Wigle launched, I found myself oddly attached to the Ginever Gin they also produced- another spirit I never really got into the habit of drinking. Soon after I was consuming every cocktail in the city with this delicious spirit and couldn't get enough.

That was in 2012 when Wigle was founded. Fast-forward to the present day, and all that has changed.

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Andy’s Sushi Bar Review – A Must Stop Inside Wholey’s

Wholey's in the Strip District is a feast for the senses in every corner of the store. Whether you're in the seafood section, meat department, or simply checking out the produce this one certainly has a lot to look over. Naturally, we walk through this one just about every time we are in the neighborhood.

But one of our favorite parts of Wholey's is the very first thing you see when walking in- Andy's Sushi Bar.

This staple sushi bar not only serves up some of the finest sushi in Pittsburgh, but is manned by one of the nicest guys you'll meet. So while you'll be visiting this one because of its sushi, you'll be returning, in part, because of Andy himself.

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Colombino Review – Coffee, Cacao, and Arepas in the Strip

When walking around the Strip District in early 2021, we noticed some changes in front of Reyna's grocery store. Their short-order taco stand was replaced by a Colombina arepa stand. As we are just as crazy about arepas as we are tacos, it didn't take long for us to place an order.

But, as it turns out, Colombino is not just an arepa stand, but rather a coffee and cacao bar that also serves arepas. 

This one is truly the best of all worlds, and in the span of 36 hours, we visited this one twice. It is that good.

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Coop de Ville Review – Fried Chicken Sandwiches in the Strip

Coop de Ville is one of the newest concepts from the Richard DeShantz restaurant group and it's serving up fried chicken and other Southern classics. What's unique about this spot in the Strip District is that it's also an entertainment venue offering duckpin bowling, arcade games, a champagne vending machine, and more.

We recently ordered takeout and have to admit we were not overly enthused about the food, although we should note that we were one of the first orders of the day during opening week.

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Luke Wholey’s Alaskan Grille Review – Higher-End Seafood in the Strip

If there is any staple restaurant for higher-end seafood in the Strip District, it is most certainly Luke Wholey's Alaskan Grille. While this one is known for its entree-style seafood dishes, the menu is also complete with sushi, sandwiches, and more which gives a number of options for any guest.

Naturally, we tried a bit of them all when visiting. 

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Maiku Sushi Review – A Hidden Vietnamese Gem in the Strip

Generally when walking through the Strip District, if we pass by one of our favorite restaurants, odds are good we go inside and order something. Over the years, this has meant we missed a few hidden gems located right next door as our craving for something we knew overtook our desire to find something new.

Maiku Sushi is one of those places, as its location next to some of our favorite restaurants made it hard for us to go in. As it turns out, this was a mistake. After trying the Vietnamese food here we have to say it is pretty delicious and worth your visit!

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Salem’s Halal Market and Grill Review – A Middle Eastern Feast

Salem's Halal Market and Grill in the Strip District is one of those restaurants that was always on my list to try but was one I never quite made it to. After finally making it in after many years of saying “I should go”, I have to say, I regret waiting so long.

From the huge menu, the delicious Middle Eastern food, to the reasonable prices, this one really has everything we look for in a restaurant.

But in reality, simply visiting once barely does this one justice. So before my first meal was over I was already thinking about my return trip!

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