Spork Review – One of Pittsburgh’s Finest Dining Experiences

Spork is a unique fine dining restaurant that is not just fancy, it's creative and delicious, too.

We recently celebrated our anniversary at Spork, and while the meal was certainly a splurge (our second most expensive in Pittsburgh), we thought the complexity and intrigue of each dish, along with the complimentary small plates interspersed throughout the meal, made this an unforgettable dining experience that we would happily repeat.

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Ladybird’s Luncheonette Review – A Stellar Spot for Lunch in Beaver

Ladybird's Luncheonette in Beaver, PA, is one of those restaurants that is instantly welcoming from the moment you step through the door.

First, it is because the staff is exceptionally friendly. The second is because the decor feels a bit like you're going to a family member's house for lunch and not a restaurant. Finally, the case of gorgeous baked goods screams hello just as fast as the employees do.

Suffice it to say, the last part is the most important because even if you weren't intending to pick up some sweets at Ladybird's Luncheonette, well, you're going to want to after seeing these.

This all came together for a truly memorable meal for what amounted to a very quick stop during a busy day out.

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Taqueria el Pastorcito Review – Food Truck Turned Restaurant

Taqueria el Pastorcito came onto the Pittsburgh food truck scene serving up delicious tacos with their star item being their tacos al pastor. This style of pork is cooked on the traditional Mexican trompo, a vertical rotisserie like what is used to make gyros and shawarma, and is something you don't see all too often in the city.

We first visited this truck on one of its inaugural outings and fell in love with their food as they immediately transported us back to the many wonderful tacos in Mexico we were fortunate enough to sample when visiting.

Naturally, it should be no surprise that this food truck became an instant hit. In fact, in just about a year they went from only being a food truck to also opening a dedicated taqueria in New Kensington about 30 minutes east of downtown Pittsburgh.

We of course had to visit shortly after it opened to get more of their delicious taco creations. 

It was worth the drive.

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St. Clair Social Review – A Neighborhood Bar in East Liberty

When it comes to bars in East Liberty, finding an approachable, low-key spot can be somewhat tricky. This trendy neighborhood has a lot of bars with unique themes and higher-end offerings, but when you want something a bit more straightforward, that may be a bit harder to come by.

Enter St. Clair Social- the kind of bar that East Liberty truly needs.

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ShadoBeni Review – Vegan Trinidadian Fare in the North Side

Whenever we think about restaurants we wish Pittsburgh had more of, our thoughts often go to international food in styles that are horribly underrepresented. Trinidadian food is one such country. Vegan food is one such style.

Enter ShadoBeni- a vegan Trinidadian restaurant that has now found its permanent home in the North Side in the Mexican War Streets.

Throw in the fact that this one is delicious, cheap, and rather approachable (for both takeout and limited dine-in seating), and, well, you can see why this one checks the boxes for us!

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Everest Kitchen Review – Nepali Momos and More

One of our favorite travel memories was hiking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Along the way, we were able to sample many rather delicious Nepali dishes to help keep us going on the brutal hike.

So when we found out that Pittsburgh has a Nepali community in the South Hills with several restaurants and stores, we had to go get our fix of the momos and other staples we enjoyed in our travels.

At the aptly named Everest Kitchen in Brentwood, we found all of these plus a modest offering of Bhutanese dishes as well. But for our first visit, we had to try out the Nepali side of the menu!

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Alta Via Pizzeria Review – Monster Pizzas Come to Bakery Square

If you were wondering when Big Burrito would open another restaurant in Pittsburgh, the answer is spring 2022. A few years after they opened the popular (and quite delicious) Alta Via in Fox Chapel, the restaurant group expanded with a pizza shop, aptly named Alta Via Pizzeria, in Bakery Square.

While this one leans in heavily on their pizza menu, the appetizers and supporting dishes are very much reminiscent of the namesake Italian joint nearby.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a soft open as guests of Alta Via Pizzeria, and share a bit more about what the meal was like in this review!

Note: Part of our meal was provided complimentary as part of the opening but we purchased additional food on our own. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Tocayo Review – A Wonderful Taco Spread in Shadyside

When I first walked into Tocayo, it felt familiar- almost like I had been there before. This, in a way, makes a bit of sense as it is the second restaurant from the owners of Totopo in Mt Lebanon. So when I made that connection (a fact that I, honestly, completely overlooked until after visiting), things started to make more sense.

Tocayo feels like a worthy successor to the Mt Lebanon staple, and if you have ever enjoyed a meal there you would do well to run, not walk, to this one as the same great qualities and flavors can be found here!

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