Tessaro’s Review – Legendary Burgers in Bloomfield

Tessaro's Burger with Everything On It

Tessaro's is old school.

Upon stepping inside, everything from the waitresses calling you sweetie to the 1980s computer behind the bar suggests you've entered some sort of time capsule. After checking out so many up-and-coming restaurants and attractions in the past few weeks, we thought it was time to visit a Pittsburgh institution.

Tessaro's has a pretty extensive menu with deli style sandwiches, salads, ribs, steaks, and chicken. But if you've never been here before, there's really only one thing you need to know: get the burger.

Having been on all sorts of “best-of” burger lists, and being in search of the best burger in Pittsburgh ourselves, there was no question that we had to order burgers.

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Bier’s Pub Review – Burgers and War Streets Beer

Preface: Bier's Pub was formally known as Benjamin's. It was purchased in mid-2017 by our friends at War Streets Brewery. As of late 2017 the food menu has not changed; however, they have updated happy hour specials and War Streets Brewery's beer on draft. We revisited this one after the ownership change and updated our review accordingly based off of both visits.

We've heard rumors that Bier's Pub in the North Side is the place to be in the neighborhood, and our visit during a Sunday Brunch confirmed that rumor the second we walked in the door.

To put it simply, the restaurant was packed– mostly because it is one of the only restaurants open on Sunday in the North Side. Throw in the Sunday special “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” bar and you have a great reason to come in to try one of their popular burgers. Although I never drink Bloody Marys, I decided to take one for the team and join the crowd.  An entire restaurant full of happy looking patrons can't be wrong, right?

I had to find out.

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Point Brugge Review – Mussels in Point Breeze

Mussels at Point Brugge Cafe in Pittsburgh

A visit to Point Brugge Cafe in Point Breeze is like being transported to Europe. 

Settled in an unsuspecting neighborhood, you'll find yourself surrounded by quaint houses, a small selection of local businesses, and this corner restaurant that resides in the first floor of a house.

After stepping through the doors you'll feel like you're in your favorite corner restaurant in Europe, about to order a meal you traveled thousands of miles to enjoy. 

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Pamela’s Diner Review – Pittsburgh’s Most Famous Hotcakes

Pamela's Pancakes in Pittsburgh

Inside Pamela's in Squirrel Hill When it comes to great breakfasts in Pittsburgh, there is one restaurant that everyone talks about: Pamela's Diner. This restaurant chain is a Pittsburgh institution and has been feeding locals and visitors alike for well over thirty years.

Before getting into our review, we have to make a bit of a confession.  We'd be lying if we didn't admit that Pamela's is our go-to breakfast spot anytime we have friends and family visiting.  We'd also be lying if we didn't admit that we order the same thing every single time we go.

We suspect that you will, too.

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