Umi Review – The 11 Course Omakase is a Seafood Feast

Umi is a Japanese restaurant located in Shadyside, and it is part of the Big Burrito restaurant group. Having been around since 2000, Umi has quite a long history of serving up some of the city's best sushi and omakase (set menus determined by the chef each night).

Umi is located on the second story above Soba, and it has a pretty traditional Japanese feel with minimal decor, seating at the sushi bar, and tatami seating as well as regular tables.

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Nak Won Garden Review – Large Korean Menu in Shadyside

As huge fans of Korean food, we have one rule whenever we order this cuisine from a restaurant or food truck- make it a feast. This rule works well as it brings back all the fond memories we had when indulging in all the food we tried when traveling around the country in 2019. 

Our first visit to Nak Won Garden in Shadyside followed this mindset perfectly, and their rather large menu of Korean staples made this one easy to go a bit overboard.

We had no regrets.

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Mercurio’s Review – Italian Wood Fired Pizza and Gelato Done Right

It is hard to beat a good Italian pizza made in a wood fired oven. For the longest time we had heard Mercurio's is the place to be to try out this particular pizza style, but never quite made it out to Shadyside or Fox Chapel to give them a try.

If this intro sounds familiar, you can imagine what comes next. We regret waiting this long.

Mercurio's checked a lot of boxes for us for a good wood fired pizza, namely being well cooked, well priced, and focusing on classic Italian toppings (over some of the more unique counterparts you see at other pizza shops in the city). If these are things you seek out when enjoying a pizza, you really need to check this one out. 

Just be sure to save room when you do visit, as the gelato bar is also a must-try as well!

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Acorn Review – Modern American Cuisine in the Heart of Shadyside

Acorn brings modern American cuisine with an inclination towards fine dining to the Shadyside neighborhood.

The menu focuses on seasonally inspired cuisine with dishes that are on the surface straightforward enough but with international flavors, interesting ingredients, and creative spins sneaking in to each dish to keep things interesting.

We had been eyeing this one for a while, and when the folks at Acorn invited us in to try out their winter menu, we were pretty excited to try some of their hearty dishes on one of the coldest days of the year.

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Casbah Pittsburgh Review – Upscale Dining in Shadyside

Casbah is one of the more upscale restaurants of the Big Burrito group, billing itself as a Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar. Our overall impression from several visits is that the food is perfectly fine- if you're into straightforward meat, veggie, and starch dishes you'll fit right in here.

If you're looking for dishes that are a little more outside the box and have nontraditional flavor profiles, you might have a bit more trouble finding something here that tickles your fancy.

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Mellon Park – A Hidden Memorial, Live Summer Music, and More

Mellon Park Memorial in Pittsburgh

Mellon Park stands on what was the estate of industrialist and banker Richard Mellon. Although Mellon's mansion is now gone, the park and the beautiful walled garden, previously attached to the home, remain.

Today the park is used as a beautiful public space with live music at the Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch series in the summer months, and is also home to a hidden memorial in the Walled Garden that only comes out at night!

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Soba Review – Modern Asian Fusion in Shadyside

Bi Bim Bap at Soba in Pittsburgh

If you feel like modern Asian fusion cuisine is overdone and usually mediocre, you should head to Soba in Shadyside for a change of perspective.

With unpretentious but solid service, sleek and stylish decor, and inventive dishes that combine traditional Asian flavors with unexpected but delicious modern touches, Soba is an excellent choice if you're looking for a place to spend a special night out.

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The Yard Pittsburgh Review – Grilled Cheese Overload

Grilled Cheese at The Yard

The grilled cheese trend has not been one we've been particularly excited about, so when a few friends asked us to meet up at The Yard for late night grilled cheese, our hopes were not high.

Luckily, The Yard came through with many unique offerings, an incredible dessert menu, and for those who aren't into grilled cheese as much, a fantastic bar.

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