Homewood Suites Pittsburgh Review – In the Heart of the Strip District

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 22, 2023.

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Homewood Suites Pittsburgh is one of the newest hotel properties in the city (constructed in 2016), and is located right in the heart of the iconic Strip District neighborhood.

During our stay we wanted to find out what made this new property worth visiting, and how it stacks up to the others nearby.

Homewood Suites Pittsburgh Offers Modern Rooms

Rooms at the Homewood Suites Pittsburgh

The rooms at the Homewood Suites Pittsburgh follow the standard mold of this hotel's brand, namely offering a large bedroom area, a spacious bathroom, and a kitchen dinette with a refrigerator, stove top, microwave, and more features (something of a rarity in downtown as we've found).

The king bedroom suite we stayed in was more like a studio apartment than full one-bedroom, with everything in one common open area with only minor partitions, and those who are familiar with larger Homewood Suites rooms may feel this is on the smaller end of the spectrum. (Although photos of other rooms suggest they may be larger.)

Rooms at the Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh

That being said, the newly built property does a great job providing comfort in all of the amenities that are provided in the room (including a very comfortable bed by our standards), in the lobby (including a free pool table for guest use), and outdoor deck which offers grills and spacious seating that would be perfect for those wanting to enjoy a summer evening outside.

For those who value a good view, your best bet is to go for the even numbered rooms when staying at the Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh as they face the Allegheny River and the David McCullough Bridge- a decent view, but not the best in our opinion (although the odd numbered rooms look at a plain hillside, so the river view is much better by default). Beyond these, only the rooms ending in 24 and 25 have Pittsburgh skyline views, and these units are premium suites and come with an added charge.

Rooms at the Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh

It is worth noting that higher numbered rooms, towards 24 and 25, are closer to I-579 and may have some traffic noises at night. This was somewhat faint in the hallway by the window nearest to the highway during our visit. It is also quite likely that more of the skyline view is obstructed in the lower floor rooms from the highway, so try and get a higher floor if possible.

A Great Option for Visitors Without a Car

Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh

One of our favorite features about the Homewood Suites is that it is the closet Pittsburgh hotel to the vibrant Strip District as well as downtown Pittsburgh (both with so many restaurants that make the dinette option unnecessary for most). As such, this means the hotel is the perfect option for those who want to walk to the action.

Upon reflection of this, we came to the conclusion that this hotel is one of the better hotels for visitors who are arriving to the city without a car, and we have several reasons for this important distinction:

Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh

First, the hotel is within walking distance of the two neighborhoods mentioned above. Second, the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle anywhere within a two-mile radius (essentially, the two neighborhoods) up until 10pm with hourly departures and pickups on the half hour. Finally, the hotel is located within walking distance from the Amtrak, Greyhound/Megabus, and local bus stations. For those who arrive to the city via any of these methods, you would be able to easily walk to the hotel in about six city blocks or via a cheap Uber ride. When it comes to visiting Pittsburgh without a car, we think these features give this hotel a leg-up over the rest!

Overall, the Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh is a solid hotel that offers modestly sized suites with full amenities and a Pittsburgh location that is absolutely perfect.

Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh

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Parking Note: Parking at the Homewood Suites Downtown Pittsburgh is by valet only and rates are $22/night at the time of writing. Surface lots are nearby, as well as a few parking garages in downtown, however rates may fluctuate considerably on weekdays, weekends, and during events. If parking fees are a concern, you may want to look at the Hampton Inn across the street which offers free parking for guests and is the only hotel in the city offering this perk. 

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