The Traveler’s Rest Hotel Review – Rooms for Groups and More

Note: We stayed at The Traveler's Rest Hotel when it formerly operated as a hostel. Now the hotel has overhauled its offering to offer private rooms for various group sizes with shared facilities and is much more in line with a traditional boutique hotel. As such, we have updated the language of this article accordingly.

As avid travelers, we've done our fair share of overnight stays in hostels and boutique hotels- from $3 hole-in-the-walls in central China to high-end lodge-esque accommodations dedicated to hikers in Patagonia. Whenever we need to travel economically, we look toward shared dorms and private rooms in order to meet our travel goals.

One thing that always bothered me about the Pittsburgh hotel scene is that our budget and boutique hotel offering is much more limited compared to chain offerings.

Traveler's Rest is one boutique hotel that opened up in South Side near Station Square and it certainly fills a need!

I was invited to the hotel for an overnight stay and wanted to share a bit more about this hidden gem in the South Side.

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Drury Plaza Pittsburgh Review – A Refreshing Stay Downtown

When it comes to downtown Pittsburgh hotels, we have quite a few with each having their own unique features.

We didn't know much about the Drury Plaza Hotel, located just a few blocks from the convention center, but when we were invited out for a review we were excited all the same.

As we quickly found out, this one has comfortable rooms and some pretty awesome on-site perks!

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Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Review – A Historic Stay

The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is located in the historic (and architecturally unique) Fulton Building in downtown Pittsburgh.

The building was constructed in 1906, financed by Henry Phipps (namesake of Phipps Conservatory), converted to the Renaissance Hotel in 2001, and named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

From its unique arch on the outside to the beautiful rotunda and luxurious rooms on the inside, it doesn't take long to understand why this particular hotel is one of the most popular in the city.

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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Review – A Grand Chateau

If you are in the mood for an ultra-luxurious hotel in southwestern Pennsylvania, look no further than Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in the Laurel Highlands.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, outdoor activities, high-end cuisine, or more, odds are good this property will have what you seek.

We were guests of Nemacolin Woodlands for a media conference, and share our thoughts from the stay in this review!

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How to Choose Where to Stay When You Visit Pittsburgh

If you are looking to visit Pittsburgh from out of town, one of your first thoughts is likely “where do I stay?”

In a city of 90 neighborhoods, figuring out where to stay in Pittsburgh could make or break your visit almost entirely. So finding a spot that fits your style, budget, and interests is key.

As with most of our guides, we want to take a detailed dive into the best neighborhoods to stay in for your Pittsburgh visit.

But not only are we going to dive into our favorite aspects of each neighborhood (both in general and from a visitor's perspective), we also want to provide the reasons why you may not want to stay in the neighborhood as well!

Because as awesome as these neighborhoods are, none are perfect. Depending on your style, budget, and trip goals there may be some things you need to keep in mind before booking.

With that, let's jump into it!

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Hampton Inn Green Tree Review – A Standard Hotel With a Few Surprises

Normally when we review Pittsburgh hotels we select our properties to stay in to review them for their location or unique amenities.

In the case of the Hampton Inn Greentree, we selected this one for its price as we were getting some work done on our house and needed to be away for two nights with our dog without spending a lot of money.

As many hotels do not allow pets, and those that do charge an insane pet fee on top of their price, we set our sights on the Hampton Inn Greentree to take a look at their offering as one of the most budget friendly hotels in the city- and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

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5 of the Best Hotels in Pittsburgh with Stunning City Views

When it comes to hotels with city views in Pittsburgh, we are fortunate enough to have several of them. In our quest to visit the city's top hotels, we've come to find that while many hotels have city views, not all of them have great views in relative abundance. As such, planning on getting a room with an epic view can be tricky depending on where you stay.

To help with this, we found five hotels that not only have great views, but views in a good number of rooms as well. You may still have to do a bit of work to get one, but if you plan accordingly your chances for that stellar scene go up quite a bit!

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