Local Shopping and Dining Options at the Pittsburgh International Airport

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The Pittsburgh International Airport has been reinventing itself in a number of ways in recent years. One aspect of these changes we absolutely love is that the airport is embracing the local scene with the addition of many local vendors, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries into the mix.

As we love to visit these before taking flights out, this guide to local dining and shopping at the Pittsburgh airport was born!

Quantum Spirits

Quantum Spirits at the Pittsburgh Airport

We're going to start this list off right with Quantum Spirits, a Carnegie-based distillery that opened a pop-up kiosk in the Pittsburgh airport in late 2018 and is one of just a few distilleries to be found in any airport in the country.

The distillery is still rather young, and presently features vodka, citrus vodka, gin, and barrel rested gin (limited production)- all available with free samples and bottle purchase at the kiosk. The spirits are rye-heavy which give them a distinctive taste that is unlike other varieties we've had (in fact we have bottles of each in our personal collection), and are most certainly worth a try before or after a flight.

Quantum Spirits can be found at the entry to Concourse B just before the first gates.

Pittsburgh Express

Pittsburgh Express in the Airport

Pittsburgh Express is a dedicated Pittsburgh gift shop for those who are looking for some last minute shopping from the Burgh. Whether you're looking for edible gifts, artwork, or more, this one will have something Pittsburgh related for you!

Pittsburgh Express is located in the central hub of the Pittsburgh airport, right after you come off the escalator.

Sarris Candies

Sarris Candies at the Pittsburgh Airport

Sarris Candies is one of the most popular chocolate shops in the Pittsburgh region and has been a local institution for over 50 years. The company produces a wide range of items from all varieties of chocolates, peanut butter meltaways, chocolate covered pretzels, and so much more.

In case you miss this one in stores throughout the city, their rather large airport location will give you one last chance to stock up before you go!

Sarris Candies can be found in the central hub of the Pittsburgh airport, right after you come off the escalator.

Gaby et Jules

Gaby et Jules Macarons

Is chocolate not your thing? Perhaps you'll be interested in macarons instead.

Gaby et Jules is a popular macaron shop with locations in Squirrel Hill and Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh, and now has an airport kiosk for departing passengers to grab a pack of their delicious treats to go!

Gaby et Jules can be found in Concourse A.

Local Book Kiosk

Long Live Local book kiosk

The Long Live Local book kiosk is an interesting one as it is a vending machine stocked solely with Pittsburgh books!

If you find yourself without reading material before your next flight (as we do, often), you now wont have to rely on the best sellers at the conventional airport book shops and can instead dive down deep into a Pittsburgh related topic that you may find interesting.

We fully support this idea!

The Long Live Local book kiosk was last spotted right at the start of Concourse C; however, it is possible the location may be different in the future.

Sportzburgh Shopping

Pittsburgh gear at the airport

It should be no surprise that a sports city like Pittsburgh will have a store dedicated to all things Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. If you are in the mood to pick up some branded clothes or paraphernalia before your next flight, odds are good Sportzburgh will have what you seek for a last minute purchase.

Sportzburgh Shopping is found in the central hub of the Pittsburgh airport, to the right after you exit the escalator.

The Strip Market

The Strip Market at the Pittsburgh International Airport

The Strip District is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and is home to a wide array of local vendors, international markets, and boutique shops.

For those who are looking to take a bit of the Strip with them to go, The Strip Market in the airport is a great option to pick up some of the neighborhoods most popular treats for a snack before your flight or for a gift for a loved one at your destination.

The Strip Market can be found in the central hub of the Pittsburgh airport, to the left after you exit the escalator.

Penn Brewery

Penn Brewery at the Airport

Penn Brewery is the oldest craft brewery in Pittsburgh, and opened a taproom and restaurant in Pittsburgh's airport in 2018.

This location features eight beers on tap plus one or two ciders from local favorite Arsenal Cider House. You can round out your visit with a German meal from the rather robust menu as well!

Penn Brewery is located in Concourse A about halfway down the gates.

Beer at Local Craft

Local Craft

Local Craft is a fairly conventional gastropub style restaurant in the Pittsburgh Airport that makes this guide for one specific reason- their draft beer list is almost entirely local!

Aside from Penn Brewery (above), it is somewhat hard to find a good Pittsburgh beer in the airport. While the options at Local Craft are somewhat limited compared to most conventional draft lists, we'll take the local aspect any chance we can get.

Local Craft is located in Concourse A about halfway down the gates, across from Penn Brewery.

Local Exhibits at the Pittsburgh International Airport

Warhol Exhibist at the Pittsburgh Airport

The Pittsburgh airport is also home to many unique exhibits that show off Pittsburgh's rich history, arts scene, and so much more.

For those flying out, the local art begins in the ticketing hall with the Arch statue- a massive Transformers-esque robot comprised of the city's many bridges and signature colors.

The exhibits continue on the people mover as you enter and leave the airport, with many local politicians, celebrities, and personalities giving off Pittsburgh history over the audio.

Immaculate Reception Statue

As you depart the people mover and take the escalators up, you'll find historical and sports statues depicting George Washington (who participated in many battles in the region that shaped the course of the country) and Franco Harris (in the pose from the Immaculate Reception in 1972)- part of the Heinz History Center collection.

Tuskegee Airmen Memorial

Concourse A has a beautiful memorial to the local Tuskegee Airmen who participated during the fight in WWII, with the largest contingent coming from western Pennsylvania. Concourse D is home to a selection of artwork by the world famous artist (and Pittsburgh native), Andy Warhol. Concourse C is also home to a Kidsport play area with a Mr. Rogers exhibit out front as well!

When you arrive into the city, be sure to check out the exhibits to Fallingwater (Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece in Ohiopyle) and Meadowcroft (home to what is believed to be the oldest continually inhabited site in North America)- both located in baggage claim.

Looking for more local options at Pittsburgh International Airport? You're in luck, many new options have been announced (such as a Primanti Brothers expansion) as well as others in the works. Check back soon for more additions into this guide!

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