Burgh Bits and Bites Saxonburg Tour Review – History & Food

Burgh Bits and Bites is a popular food walking tour company in Pittsburgh with numerous tours throughout the city's neighborhoods.

But this company is also expanding to include tours outside the city limits, and one of their first of this style tour is in the historic borough of Saxonburg- located about 45 minutes northeast of the city.

We were guest of the Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau on this tour, and share our thoughts of the day out in this one!

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Grist House Review – A Wide Array of Beer Styles in Millvale

Grist House is a popular brewery in the Pittsburgh suburb of Millvale (located just across the Allegheny River from Lawrenceville) that serves up an array of beer styles ranging from the hoppy IPA to fruited sours and everything in between.

Even better? This stunning spot features a gorgeous outdoor beer garden and is dog friendly!

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Touring the Abandoned Yellow Dog Village Near Kittanning

Yellow Dog Village was sold in early 2022 and appears to be starting periodic open houses for visitors again.

One type of attraction we haven't covered much of on this site has been abandoned locations.

This is mostly by design as we are not comfortable recommending readers to trespass, break-in, or perform illegal activities in order to check a spot out. (Likewise, we do not do these ourselves either).

But at Yellow Dog Village in Worthington, PA (near Kittanning), with advanced permission and payment, you can visit an abandoned site that is quite the interesting spot to see!

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Mineo’s Pizza Review – Adequate Pies in Squirrel Hill

Anyone who has spent some time in Pittsburgh knows of the raging debate between Mineo's and Aiello's pizza in Squirrel Hill. Both have die hard followings behind them, and are the kind of places you hear coming up in favorite pizza shop lists time and time again.

We ordered Mineo's with great excitement (after a very long gap since our last visit when we lived in Squirrel Hill), and we've got to say, we were really let down.

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Aiello’s Pizza Review – A Staple in Squirrel Hill

Aiello's is a popular pizza shop in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood that has a rather die-hard following behind it. Throw in a customer rivalry with neighboring pizza shop, Mineo's, and you have the makings of a great spot to visit.

We used to frequent Aiello's often when we lived in Squirrel Hill, and despite a fairly large gap in our visit history, I finally made it back in for a few slices!

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Seasonal Pierogies at the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church

We first had pierogies from the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church at the Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival. We had heard the glory of the church's famed dumplings, but never quite made it happen until fate intervened and put us all at the same festival.

It was truly love at first bite.

When we visited the church's table at the festival they were handing out cards for their Christmas pierogi sale, and we knew we would have to return to buy more- and that we did!

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