Taking a Bike Ride Along the Lake at Moraine State Park

When we think of Moraine State Park, our first thought often goes to the gorgeous Lake Arthur that can be found right in the heart of the park. If we're not getting out on the lake to go kayak, stand up paddleboard, or simply be on a boat, our next thought is often to hit up one of the many hiking trails along the shoreline.

But did you know that the park is also home to a 7-mile one-way bike trail on the north shore of the lake? We naturally took our bikes up to explore this one and wanted to share a bit about what the ride is like in this one!

Note: Moraine State Park also has a 6-mile mountain biking trail that is a loop. We hope to visit this one shortly; however, this article is only for the paved out-and-back bike trail at this time.

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Supper on Penn Review – Approachable Takes on Modern Dishes

Supper on Penn closed in 2020.

Supper on Penn first started as a concept at the incubator restaurant Federal Galley in the North Side. During its tenure, we were fortunate enough to eat our way around the menu and become quite big fans of the concept overall. So when this one spun out for its own restaurant in the Strip District and retained most of the styles perfected while at the galley, we were quite excited.

Despite being somewhat let down on the space of this one, the menu delivers with all of the things we loved about the galley concept (and more) with approachable takes on modern dishes. 

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Larder Review – Barbecue and European Pub Fare at East End Brewery

Larder closed in 2020.

We're always excited to hear about new food options available at local breweries, but we were even more excited when one of the best chefs in the city, Justin Severino, announced his partnership with East End Brewing. His restaurant Larder is a counter-service style barbecue-leaning joint located inside one of Pittsburgh's original craft breweries.

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The Fairlane Review – Seasonal, Southern-Inspired Food in Pittsburgh

The Fairlane closed in 2020.

The Fairlane in Mt. Lebanon is a trendy restaurant with a menu that has Southern and international influences and utilizes local, seasonal ingredients. The cocktail program is top notch, too. It's the kind of restaurant that would fit right in in Lawrenceville, but instead it's in the suburban environs of Mt. Lebanon, which seems a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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SYN Taqueria + Pizzeria Review – Build-Your-Own Style in East Liberty

Syn Taqueria closed in 2020.

SYN Taqueria + Pizzeria in East Liberty is a build-your-own pizza and taco restaurant at the neighborhood border of East Liberty and Friendship. Why no one has thought of this combination before is a mystery- tacos and pizza as a combo are a match made in heaven.  

We were invited to check this one out shortly after opening in July 2019, and share a bit about our meal including a few build-your-own tacos, pre-made pizza selections, and more in this one!

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Replay FX is the Gaming Convention You Didn’t Know You Needed

In late 2020, Replay FX announced that they are liquidating their assets and may no longer produce the convention.

Gamers, rejoice! Pittsburgh is home to an annual convention that has your name on it- Replay FX.

Known for being home to over 1,000 vintage and modern arcade, pinball, and console games, this one is truly a lot of fun for those needing to satisfy their gaming itch.

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Salty Pork Bits Review – Charcuterie of the Month by Justin Severino

Salty Pork Bits is now operating as a brick and mortar store in Lawrenceville at 5306 Butler Street. The following article is about our experience ordering this one in their previous subscription service. The quality of the charcuterie has not changed for the store as many favorites outlined below are now available regularly!

When Justin Severino's acclaimed restaurant, Cure, closed in 2019, we were pretty heartbroken. So heartbroken, in fact, that we would tag the chef in sad updates every time we walked past the now-closed Lawrenceville storefront.

We do this because, in all honesty, Cure was perhaps the best restaurant in Pittsburgh during its run and we were sad to see it go.

Thankfully, Justin Severino had a plan to offer his charcuterie to the world and opened up Salty Pork Bits- a subscription service where you can get a box of charcuterie every month.

Naturally, Angie got it for me as a birthday present, and it was like having Cure's stellar charcuterie board at home as much as I wanted.

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City Oven Review – A Prime Lunch Spot in Downtown Pittsburgh

City Oven closed in 2019.

It took me years to get to City Oven in downtown Pittsburgh. This is not an exaggeration.

The reason for this is because this popular pizza and sandwich shop is only open from 7am to 3pm, Monday to Friday- the exact time I was never able to be downtown despite my best efforts.

With getting frequent pushes by those in the know about Pittsburgh's pizza scene, I finally made it happen. It was worth the wait.

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Pie for Breakfast Review – Higher End Diner Fare in Oakland

In early 2020 the owners of Pie for Breakfast said they are merging their three restaurant concepts into one business. As such, this location may be in a state of flux. Please confirm if this one is open prior to your visit. We will update accordingly as we learn more.

Pie for Breakfast is a trendy diner in Oakland serving up creative diner fare and homemade pies.

The menu here goes beyond just the basic eggs and bacon staples and ventures deftly into steaks, kielbasa, quiches, biscuits and gravy, and a good selection of healthier vegetarian options as well.

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