Gussy’s Bagels & Pizzeria Review – One Stop Shop in Oakland

Gussy's Bagels has been listed as temporarily closed for several months without updates. We believe this one is unlikely to reopen.

Gussy's Bagels & Pizzeria in Oakland is one of those business stories we loved to see unfold. 

During the pandemic, chefs around the city were pivoting to provide food to hungry Pittsburghers and keep the lights on at their restaurants. Chef Scott Walton of Acorn in Shadyside (now closed) started making bagels, an exciting departure from the restaurant's normally fine-dining-oriented menu, and met near-instant acclaim with a die-hard following.

Cut to 2022, and Chef Scott left Acorn to open Gussy's Bagels & Deli in Oakland and expanded in early 2023 to become Gussy's Bagels & Pizzeria. 

Incredible bagels, stellar (and massive) slices of pizza, and a central location in bustling Oakland? Gussy's truly is starting to put some of our favorite spots on the east coast to shame.

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Alchemy Bar + Kitchen Review – Fine Dining With a Twist

Alchemy seemingly closed in 2024.

Alchemy Bar + Kitchen brings fine dining and craft cocktails to an intimate space in downtown Pittsburgh's Market Square. We're always excited when new businesses open downtown, so we knew we had to make it in shortly after Alchemy opened to check out their offerings.

While this one brands itself as a molecular gastronomy-themed fine dining restaurant, we left a bit unsure of the molecular gastronomy element but big fans of the food at large all the same

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Southern Yanks Smokehouse Review – BBQ in Washington, PA

Southern Yanks closed in April 2023.

Southern Yanks Smokehouse in Washington, PA, is the kind of spot we love to find.

This unassuming restaurant right in the heart of downtown Washington screams homemade barbecue where the main focus is, as it should be, entirely on the food.

While we left this one satisfied and stuffed from all things delicious meat, it was also speaking to the owner that showcased why this one was a gem.

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Ladybird’s Luncheonette Review – A Stellar Spot for Lunch in Beaver

Ladybird's Luncheonette closed in May 2023.

Ladybird's Luncheonette in Beaver, PA, is one of those restaurants that is instantly welcoming from the moment you step through the door.

First, it is because the staff is exceptionally friendly. The second is because the decor feels a bit like you're going to a family member's house for lunch and not a restaurant. Finally, the case of gorgeous baked goods screams hello just as fast as the employees do.

Suffice it to say, the last part is the most important because even if you weren't intending to pick up some sweets at Ladybird's Luncheonette, well, you're going to want to after seeing these.

This all came together for a truly memorable meal for what amounted to a very quick stop during a busy day out.

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Quantum Spirits Review – Delicious Libations and Food in Carnegie

Quantum Spirits closed their tasting room in June 2023 and announced distillery operations have ended in November 2023. Grab a bottle of the remaining product while you can!

With the liquor laws easing in Pennyslvania, many brewers, distillers, and alcohol aficionados have been looking at getting into the business of helping appease a thirsty population.

In Carnegie, Quantum Spirits has been improving the libations game one spirit and cocktail at a time.

While this one is still young by distillery standards, with each passing year they are getting better and better with their spirits, bar program, and now even a full kitchen with a stellar food menu as well!

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The Allegheny Overlook is the Beer Garden Downtown Pittsburgh Needs

The Allegheny Overlook is closed and does not look like it will be returning for 2022 or beyond.

We've often lamented the underutilization the rivers in Pittsburgh, and we always jump on the chance to get on or near the water whenever we can.

One thing we always hoped for was a recurring food truck rally on one of the sister bridges, which unfortunately is still a bit of a dream. But in 2021, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership launched the next best thing by converting a section of Fort Duquesne Blvd (just next to the Roberto Clemente Bridge on the Allegheny River) into an outdoor beer garden and event space aptly named The Allegheny Overlook.

When it comes to eating and drinking near the rivers, we have to admit, this one checks all the right boxes for us all the same.

The best part? This one is sticking around through the end of summer!

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Go For a Wine Flight at 23rd & Vine in South Side

23rd & Vine closed their South Side location in 2022. They are said to be opening a new spot in Warrendale. We will update when we learn more.

We're suckers for a good wine bar, and it didn't take long after 23rd & Vine opened in Pittsburgh's South Side for us to make it in for a couple of flights of wine.

While this one is heavily tilted to a few regional producers in Italy and California, we have to admit we loved the variety in the wine list here and can see returning many, many times in the future.

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Casa Brasil Review – Brazilian Food in a Casual Atmosphere

Casa Brasil closed in 2023.

Casa Brasil located in Highland Park is a cozy neighborhood restaurant cooking up traditional Brazilian food in a casual atmosphere. With occasional specials, weekend feijoada stews, and a respectable number of vegan options, Casa Brasil does a fantastic job showcasing the variety and deliciousness of Brazilian food.

Naturally, we had to order a feast when we visited.

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Istanbul Corner Review – A Turkish Feast in the North Side

Istanbul Corner closed in 2022.

As North Siders, we find ourselves passing through East Ohio Street a lot. In recent years, a lot of changes have been going on in this street with several restaurants opening up as time goes by.

One day in mid-2020 we saw a sign for Istanbul Corner pop up, and shortly thereafter the Turkish restaurant opened its doors for customers. Naturally, being fans of Turkish food, we visited this one shortly after it opened.

We ended up walking out with a feast at a rather attractive price point.

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2 Sisters 2 Sons Review – Caribbean Fare Comes to Sharpsburg

2 Sisters 2 Sons closed their Sharpsburg location in August 2022. We are hopeful they will find a new home soon!

2 Sisters 2 Sons opened in Sharpsburg, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh) in summer 2020 and was a much-welcomed addition to the city's Caribbean dining scene.

We had seen the buzz for this one building up after opening and knew we had to make it in right away. We were not let down.

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