Explore Downtown Pittsburgh’s Arts Scene with Artsburgh

This post was sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

You know we love Pittsburgh's thriving arts scene, and try and check out a new museum, gallery, or show several times a month.

As such, we are really excited to partner with the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council for the release of their Pittsburgh Neighborhood Arts Map series, showcasing many staple art venues, art installations, and other hidden gems in and around the city via their website, aptly named Artsburgh

So in this one, we thought we'd share a bit more about the Downtown Pittsburgh Arts Map, created in partnership with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, and highlight some of our favorite spots you really should check out! 

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Steel City Garage Brings Epic Pittsburgh Gear to Cranberry

You know we are suckers for a good Pittsburgh t-shirt, one of our favorite stores in the area is the downtown-based Steel City as many of their shirts capture what it means to truly be a proud Pittsburgher. The “I'm Just Here for the Pierogies” shirt is a great one to wear at PNC Park and the “Pittsburgh – So Many Rings it Should Be a Planet” shirt we could wear just about everywhere to name a few.

As this one has been selling its gear online and downtown for over 15 years, we were delighted to find out that they are now expanding to its second location, the aptly named Steel City Garage, to the Streets of Cranberry in Cranberry Township.

We were able to check out this store for a sneak preview and wanted to share more about what you can find here!

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5 Great Activities to Enjoy Christmas in Westmoreland County

This article was sponsored by Westmoreland Heritage.

Southwest Pennsylvania truly comes alive during the holiday season, and no matter where you look there are a number of great Christmas and seasonal activities to enjoy.

This is especially true in Westmoreland County, one of three counties in the Laurel Highlands, as they are home to some wonderful events ranging from the popular Christmas village Overly's Country Christmas, concerts at the Westmoreland Symphony, and more.

So in this one, we thought it'd be fun to share all the great ways to enjoy Christmas in Westmoreland County!

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TwnSqr Connects Home Sellers with the Best Pittsburgh Realtors

We all know that the Pittsburgh housing market has been hot in recent years, and those who are looking to sell have the biggest advantages at the moment.

One of the troublesome spots about selling a house is also one of the very first steps- finding a great Pittsburgh real estate agent to represent you. For some, real estate agents are found through friends and family who have recently sold. For others, it may be simply seeing an agent active in your neighborhood and going from there. Or you may use 3rd party websites that take huge commissions behind the scenes as they refer you to local agents.

This can be, to put it simply, a frustrating and time-consuming process.

But a new tech start-up in Pittsburgh, TwnSqr, is looking to change the process of connecting home sellers to agents by giving the seller all of the power- for free and with no commitment required!

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Public Lands in Cranberry Helps You Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you explore outdoors as we do, odds are good you've shopped in outdoor specialty stores from time to time to pick up gear and supplies. One such chain you have likely visited is DICK's Sporting Goods as their stores are, well, seemingly everywhere.

But what you may not know is that DICK's Sporting Goods is now a Pittsburgh company as their headquarters can be found in Coraopolis (the company relocated their headquarters to the area in 1994).

As such, when DICK's decided to launch a new outdoor-oriented specialty store known as Public Lands, it should be no surprise that the very first location was announced to be right here in southwest Pennsylvania. We were fortunate enough to visit the store during its soft open in September 2021 and have a chance to share about what to expect when visiting the Cranberry Township location!

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Save Money on a PA Road Trip with an E-ZPass

This post was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

When we go on day trips from Pittsburgh, we're always conscious about two things- how much money we're spending and how long a particular trip will take.

This is especially true when we make our frequent visits to the Laurel Highlands. One of the quickest ways to the southern counties in this region is via the Pennsylvania Turnpike. And, road pros like us know the best way to keep cash in our pockets when using the Turnpike is to use our E-ZPass.

E-ZPass is a handy little device that’s easily preregistered, mounts on the inside of your car's windshield, and helps most drivers save anywhere from 43%-59%!

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Sheetz Launches Project Hop Dog Beer with Neshaminy Creek

The wheels of change seem to move slowly in Pennsylvania, at least where alcohol is concerned. But recent changes to our state's liquor laws have led to some rather amazing developments like the availability of wine in grocery stores and beer in select gas stations.

Local convenience store chain Sheetz was part of the initiative to change these laws, and to celebrate they are partnering with Pennsylvania-based breweries for a special collaboration beer series to sell exclusively at their stores! 

The latest beer release for spring 2020 is entitled Project Hop Dog which is a collaboration with Croydon, PA-based Neshaminy Creek Brewing. Sheetz reached out to us to see if we wanted to try the beer in advance of its release on May 21st, and naturally we were interested in sharing more!

This article was sponsored by our friends at Sheetz. All opinions are our own.

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Explore Westmoreland County with the Heritage Passport

Passports are becoming the next big thing in destination marketing, and in southwest Pennsylvania it seems like they're just about everywhere. From breweries to coffee shops, attractions and more, if there is an abundance of something with a common theme in a geographical area, there is likely a passport for it.

Westmoreland County (Allegheny County's neighbor to the east) is getting into the passport fun with a free booklet that contains 34 stops in the region. Some attractions in the guide are paid, while others are free, but those who complete the passport by the end of 2019 will not only have a great experience in the county but will also be entered to win a wonderful prize!

So, are you ready to get out and explore Westmoreland County? The Westmoreland Heritage Passport is calling for you.

This post is sponsored by Westmoreland Heritage.

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10 of the Best Pittsburgh Instagram Spots

Pittsburgh is a stunning city, there is no doubt about that.

In being such a beautiful city, odds are good you'll want to get out and grab some photos for your personal use or social media sites like Instagram.

To help you find some of the city's most stunning spots, we teamed up with Ron Lewis Alfa Romeo in Cranberry (the only Alfa Romeo dealer in the area) to take out one of their Stelvio SUVs for a spin to visit some of our favorite Pittsburgh Instagram friendly destinations. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio starts around $41,000 and will be available soon in the Quadrifoglio version which is a race car quality line with over 500 horsepower and can hit 0-60mph in under four seconds.

In this one we share the destinations we visited on our tour around the city plus a few more that you absolutely must check out when shooting for the ‘gram!

This post is sponsored in part by Ron Lewis Alfa Romeo.

All opinions and recommendations below are our own.

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Phipps Winter Flower Show Returns with Holiday Magic: Let it Glow!

One of our favorite Pittsburgh Christmas traditions is the Phipps Conservatory Winter Flower Show and Light Garden. This annual event, which runs from November 23 through January 6, is one of our go-to's for holiday cheer every year and is returning for the 2018 season with a show that promises to be better than ever!

(Please note, photos in this post are from the 2017 Winter Flower Show.)

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