TwnSqr Connects Home Sellers with the Best Pittsburgh Realtors

We all know that the Pittsburgh housing market has been hot in recent years, and those who are looking to sell have the biggest advantages at the moment.

One of the troublesome spots about selling a house is also one of the very first steps- finding a great Pittsburgh real estate agent to represent you. For some, real estate agents are found through friends and family who have recently sold. For others, it may be simply seeing an agent active in your neighborhood and going from there. Or you may use 3rd party websites that take huge commissions behind the scenes as they refer you to local agents.

This can be, to put it simply, a frustrating and time-consuming process.

But a new tech start-up in Pittsburgh, TwnSqr, is looking to change the process of connecting home sellers to agents by giving the seller all of the power- for free and with no commitment required!

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Short Term Rentals in Pittsburgh – A Perfect Option for Relocating

This post was sponsored by Harrison Everette.

Are you moving to Pittsburgh but do not have an apartment or house settled yet? Don’t worry! Pittsburgh’s short term rental scene is thriving with numerous options for those looking for housing for a little as a few days to as long as a few months.

Our friends at Harrison Everette offer over 50 units throughout Pittsburgh that are perfect for those who want the comforts of home while searching for permanent housing when arriving to the city.

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The Complete Guide to Moving to Pittsburgh

Are you considering making a move to Pittsburgh? Trust us and just do it! 

If you didn't already know it, you'll soon find out that Pittsburgh is one of the greatest cities in the country.  We would know- we've lived here for many years, moved away to travel, and returned to live in the city we can't get enough of!

But before you can really dive into all the great details of this wonderful city, you first have to move here.  There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind for those who are moving in from out of town, so this moving guide is quite comprehensive.  To make navigating easier, please use the following navigation links to jump down to sections you may be interested in reading.

NeighborhoodsShort Term RentalsUtilitiesCar Information / LicensingParking Permits and Street CleaningPet Information

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