The Roberto Clemente Museum – More Than Baseball

Although you might not expect it, the Roberto Clemente Museum in Lawrenceville is about much more than the Pirates' baseball legend; this museum has something for everyone.

Even if you don't necessarily love baseball or know much about Clemente, you're bound to find something here that appeals to you. Whether it's the beautiful old firehouse in which the museum is housed, the amazing photography on display, or even the classy wine bar, this museum is sure to keep you surprised and interested.

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El Burro Review – Mexican Takeout in the North Side

El Burro is a tiny little Mexican joint on Federal Street in Pittsburgh's North Side neighborhood. While not necessarily a dining destination in its own right, if you find yourself in the neighborhood visiting the Mattress Factory, Randyland, or the Aviary, for example, it's a great place to grab some quick grub.

Although they have a small amount of counter-type seating, this place is really more suited to takeout- making it especially suited for residents of the North Side like us!

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Schenley Park – A Green Oasis in the Center of Pittsburgh

It's almost hard to believe that right in the heart of the city is a beautiful 456-acre wooded area with trails and an abundance of activities and facilities. And yet, Schenley Park sits here, tucked in the midst of the bustling university community of Oakland.

From hiking, to ice skating, to watching movies on Flagstaff Hill, there's something for everyone and for every season.

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Penn Avenue Fish Co. Review – Delicious Seafood in the Strip

Penn Avenue Fish Company is my idea of a perfect brunch spot in the Strip District. We love to skip right past the mile-long lines outside of restaurants like Pamela's and head straight here for a relaxing weekend brunch. (Don't get us wrong, there is a time and a place for Pamela's, but sometimes you're just too hungry to wait in line!)

Not only is Penn Ave Fish Co. a beautiful fish market with very trained and knowledgeable staff, it's got a surprisingly delicious casual seafood menu, too.

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Casbah Pittsburgh Review – Upscale Dining in Shadyside

Casbah is one of the more upscale restaurants of the Big Burrito group, billing itself as a Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar. Our overall impression from several visits is that the food is perfectly fine- if you're into straightforward meat, veggie, and starch dishes you'll fit right in here.

If you're looking for dishes that are a little more outside the box and have nontraditional flavor profiles, you might have a bit more trouble finding something here that tickles your fancy.

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Pizzaiolo Primo Review – Authentic Italian Experience Downtown

I remember when Market Square consisted of not much more than Chipotle, Starbucks, and PPG Place. Luckily things have dramatically changed for the better with the gradual addition of great restaurants.

On a recent visit we decided to visit Pizzaiolo Primo to check out their Neapolitan style pizzas made with an authentic wood-fired oven, as well as their incredible pastas that ended up being the biggest surprise of the night.

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Soba Review – Modern Asian Fusion in Shadyside

Bi Bim Bap at Soba in Pittsburgh

If you feel like modern Asian fusion cuisine is overdone and usually mediocre, you should head to Soba in Shadyside for a change of perspective.

With unpretentious but solid service, sleek and stylish decor, and inventive dishes that combine traditional Asian flavors with unexpected but delicious modern touches, Soba is an excellent choice if you're looking for a place to spend a special night out.

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6 Awesome Pittsburgh Dog Parks to Take Your Furry Friend

Tamale at the North Side Dog Park

On our last international trip, we came home with a new addition to our family: our dog Tamale!

As we don't have a backyard, we are extremely grateful for the many green spaces, parks, hiking trails, and dog parks in and close to the city. As a part of our newest series, Dogsburgh, featuring all of the dog friendly places in Pittsburgh, we turn our attention to a popular spot for dog lovers and their four-legged friends: dog parks.

Our quest to find the best dog parks in the city is currently underway, and a selection of our favorites are featured below. As we explore more of the city and find unique parks to add, you can be certain this list will be updated!

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