Eleven Pittsburgh Review – A Refined Menu in the Strip District

Eleven is the fanciest of all the Big Burrito restaurants in Pittsburgh, there is no doubt about it.

Situated on Smallman Street in between the Strip District and Downtown, Eleven is located in a renovated old warehouse with high ceilings and a grand-yet-sleek decor. The menu is equally refined, with a contemporary style reminiscent of sister restaurant Casbah in Shadyside.

Combine all of these features and you have the makings of a restaurant that is perfect for a celebration (which in our case was our birthdays)!

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Embracing the Arts at Downtown Pittsburgh’s Gallery Crawl

If the only things that come to mind when you think of the Pittsburgh art scene are the Carnegie Museum of Art or the Andy Warhol Museum, let me tell you: you're missing out.

Dozens of museums and galleries of all different sizes and themes are scattered around the city, with the Cultural District downtown having one of the highest concentrations of these galleries.

In fact, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust sponsors Gallery Crawls downtown four times a year, typically on Friday nights. During these crawls, all of the galleries are free and open to the public.

There's also generally live music, free performances, venues where you can make your own art projects, and even a night market complete with tons of local food and crafts vendors.

We checked out the recent gallery crawl in March 2016 that coincided with the 200th anniversary of Pittsburgh's incorporation as a city. What we appreciated the most was the opportunity to explore cool little corners of downtown that we had never been to before- all for free!

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The Vandal Review – Attractive Food and Relaxing Vibe

The Vandal fits right in to Lawrenceville amidst the sea of trendy, chef-driven restaurants. But does it fit in too well? Does it stand out? These were some of the questions we had to ask.

The Vandal is an interesting mix of casual and formal. Upon first glance you get a welcoming vibe for a more casual dining experience, but the prices and the presentation of the food skew the experience to something a bit more than casual.

With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch menus, this BYOB establishment utilizes lots of local suppliers and farms to provide the ingredients for its simple but interesting menu. We visited the first time for dinner and returned later on for brunch, and share both experiences in this full review!

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Highland Park – Exploring the Gardens and Reservoir Path

Highland Park, located in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of the same name, is a bit different than the rest of the city's urban parks.

Although you probably won't achieve that “lost in nature” feeling like you will in the other city parks, this one has some unique features that are well worth a visit.

The beautifully landscaped entry garden, the walking track around one of the city's water reservoirs, playgrounds, picnic shelters, swimming pool, and volleyball courts are just some of the highlights of this urban park.

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Max’s Allegheny Tavern Review – Traditional German Fare

Stepping into Max's Allegheny Tavern is a bit like stepping back in time. Or maybe it's more like stepping into your grandmother's house- if your grandmother was German, that is.

Max's is one of those places where the decor seemingly hasn't been updated since the day the restaurant opened, which usually means the food is either homestyle and delicious, or terrible.

Luckily for us Pittsburghers, Max's falls into the former category. This homey restaurant serves up comforting, traditional German food and beer.  When it comes down to that, could you ask for anything more?

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The Roberto Clemente Museum – More Than Baseball

Although you might not expect it, the Roberto Clemente Museum in Lawrenceville is about much more than the Pirates' baseball legend; this museum has something for everyone.

Even if you don't necessarily love baseball or know much about Clemente, you're bound to find something here that appeals to you. Whether it's the beautiful old firehouse in which the museum is housed, the amazing photography on display, or even the classy wine bar, this museum is sure to keep you surprised and interested.

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El Burro Review – Mexican Takeout in the North Side

El Burro is a tiny little Mexican joint on Federal Street in Pittsburgh's North Side neighborhood. While not necessarily a dining destination in its own right, if you find yourself in the neighborhood visiting the Mattress Factory, Randyland, or the Aviary, for example, it's a great place to grab some quick grub.

Although they have a small amount of counter-type seating, this place is really more suited to takeout- making it especially suited for residents of the North Side like us!

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