Casa Brasil Review – Brazilian Food in a Casual Atmosphere

Casa Brasil located in Highland Park is a cozy neighborhood restaurant cooking up traditional Brazilian food in a casual atmosphere. With occasional specials, weekend feijoada stews, and a respectable number of vegan options, Casa Brasil does a fantastic job showcasing the variety and deliciousness of Brazilian food.

Naturally, we had to order a feast when we visited.

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Enjoying Christmas at the Pittsburgh Zoo Lights Display

To celebrate the holiday season, there are a number of drive-through light display experiences in the Pittsburgh region.

The zoo is one such place and offered an animal-centric light show during our visit in 2020. While this one is likely best enjoyed by young children who love zoo animals, visitors of all ages are likely to find a favorite animal represented in lights.

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Teppanyaki Kyoto Review – Unique Japanese Fare in Highland Park

When you hear the word teppanyaki, your first thoughts are probably about those horribly themed hibachi restaurants that are available in just about any city in the country.

I'm here to report that the Japanese restaurant Teppanyaki Kyoto in Highland Park is not that.

What this restaurant is, however, is one of the most authentic Japanese establishments you'll find in Pittsburgh. As someone who has eaten his way around Japan, and loves just about everything there is about the country, it is high praise when I say that Teppanyaki Kyoto does it right.

But as much as Teppanyaki Kyoto offers an incredible menu full of Japanese items you may never have tried, the real gem of this restaurant is one particular dish: okonomiyaki– my favorite Japanese food of all.

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Highland Park – Exploring the Gardens and Reservoir Path

Highland Park, located in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of the same name, is a bit different than the rest of the city's urban parks.

Although you probably won't achieve that “lost in nature” feeling like you will in the other city parks, this one has some unique features that are well worth a visit.

The beautifully landscaped entry garden, the walking track around one of the city's water reservoirs, playgrounds, picnic shelters, swimming pool, and volleyball courts are just some of the highlights of this urban park.

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Park Bruges Review – Mussels in Thai Curry in Highland Park

Green Curry Mussels at Park Bruges

When it comes to restaurants with multiple locations, it is fairly easy to write off other branches as duplicates of the same model with the same menu and offering. After all, this has been the model for chains and franchises for decades.

But for Park Bruges in Highland Park, sister restaurant of Point Brugge in Point Breeze, the subtle differences make this restaurant almost a unique entity in and of itself.

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