10 Awesome Cabins Near Pittsburgh for a Trip in Nature

Camp culture is big around Pittsburgh, and everyone seemingly knows several people with a camp outside of the city used for long weekends, summer vacations, and more.

But if you do not have access to your own camp, you are not completely out of luck. There are many great cabin rentals near Pittsburgh to help you get a trip out into nature. So in this one, we thought we'd share a few great options to consider for Pennsylvania rental cabins just a short drive from Pittsburgh!

Note: All rentals are listed on the VRBO booking platform. Images credited to the respective hosts. While we are frequent customers of these services, we have not personally stayed in the below properties. We reviewed many of the apartment rentals in Pittsburgh for what we normally look for when traveling, and simply think these are quite unique, interesting, and in most cases also have fantastic locations such that we would likely inquire about them if we were travelers. These reasons will be highlighted below. Amenities may have changed since initial publication and should be confirmed prior to booking.

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Spork Review – One of Pittsburgh’s Finest Dining Experiences

Spork is a unique fine dining restaurant that is not just fancy, it's creative and delicious, too.

We recently celebrated our anniversary at Spork, and while the meal was certainly a splurge (our second most expensive in Pittsburgh), we thought the complexity and intrigue of each dish, along with the complimentary small plates interspersed throughout the meal, made this an unforgettable dining experience that we would happily repeat.

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Ladybird’s Luncheonette Review – A Stellar Spot for Lunch in Beaver

Ladybird's Luncheonette in Beaver, PA, is one of those restaurants that is instantly welcoming from the moment you step through the door.

First, it is because the staff is exceptionally friendly. The second is because the decor feels a bit like you're going to a family member's house for lunch and not a restaurant. Finally, the case of gorgeous baked goods screams hello just as fast as the employees do.

Suffice it to say, the last part is the most important because even if you weren't intending to pick up some sweets at Ladybird's Luncheonette, well, you're going to want to after seeing these.

This all came together for a truly memorable meal for what amounted to a very quick stop during a busy day out.

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Bradys Run Park – A Lot to See and Do But Plan in Advance

Brady's Run Park is a roughly 2,000-acre park just outside of Beaver Falls that offers a wealth of things to see and experience ranging from active experiences like walking and hiking to other fun options on the lake and nearby.

But while this one is decently sized, those who visit will likely want to do some advanced planning prior to arriving as spotty cell signal and few interconnecting trails make navigating this park slightly tricky.

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15 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh in July – Summer Activities

July in Pittsburgh is one of our favorite months. There are long, hot sunny days, numerous events, and many opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors of southwest Pennsylvania!

As such, it should be no surprise that this month's guide includes a number of outdoor activities as well as a few indoor favorites to round out the list. No matter what you do, you'll be having a great time if you visit Pittsburgh in July!

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in July? Check out the following options!

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Kayak Pittsburgh Brings Fun to the Allegheny River in Sharpsburg

For many years, Kayak Pittsburgh operated a rental location right on the Allegheny River just below the Roberto Clemente Bridge on the North Side. We always tried to get a rental here, but the days we were free often were met with extreme heat or super high river levels (read: incredibly fast flow) such that we missed our chance before they closed.

So when the company moved upstream to a new location at the James Sharp Landing in Sharpsburg in 2022, we knew we had to go as soon as it opened.

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GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World in Pittsburgh

The Carnegie Science Center on the North Shore is truly a world-class museum in Pittsburgh. This one features an array of science-based exhibits ranging from robotics to water, the human body to sports science, and so much more.

In a recent expansion, the Carnegie Science Center added an extra venue to allow for touring shows to come for limited-time runs in the city and we love visiting these to put our Carnegie Museums membership to good use.

In the summer of 2022, The Science Center welcomes a new exhibit entitled GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World– a touring exhibit with many historical guitars and exhibits showcasing the science of music.

Whether you are a budding guitar player like me, or simply interested in music at large this one is a must-see.

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7 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh in June – Summer is Coming

June is always an interesting month in Pittsburgh. Spring is turning to summer, temperatures are rising (often rapidly), and many, many outdoor events take place throughout the month- including some of our very favorites.

So in this one we wanted to share a few June-focused events for you to check out if you decide to visit Pittsburgh this month!

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Lucky Sign Spirits Brings a Large Portfolio to a Small Space

Lucky Sign Spirits opened in the heart of Millvale in 2020 and quickly grew its portfolio to include an array of conventional and non-conventional spirits alike.

While the distillery's space can only be described as small, and they presently are only open for quick tastings, bottle sales, and cocktails to go, this one packs a punch and has a bright future ahead of it!

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Kennywood Bites and Pints Offers an Array of Food & Drinks

Kennywood's Bites and Pints event is a fun, month-long celebration of all things food and beverage that typically runs from the end of May through June. 

As this one runs from Thursdays to Sundays during regular park hours (starting in the afternoon each day), guests can enjoy a la carte purchases or sample their way around the various stations using an aptly named Bites Card.

We were able to visit this one during a pass holder preview night for its second year (thanks to our good friend Alex Eats Too Much) and wanted to share more about what you can expect when attending this one plus give some tips on how to get the most out of a Bites Card purchase!

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