10 Questions with John and Rachael from YaJagoff!

Over the course of running Discover the Burgh, we've met hundreds of amazing Pittsburghers doing cool things in the city be it running a restaurant, operating a unique store, publishing on a media platform of their own, and so much more.

Our reviews here often focus on the unique aspects of the place/experience over the people behind it. So to dive a bit deeper, we decided to start this Pittsburgh interview series to get to know the people doing cool things in the city, how they got started, advice they may have for others looking to do something similar, and of course, learn about their favorite places in Pittsburgh!

For our very first interview, our friends John and Rachael of the popular local podcast, YaJagoff!, join us to talk a bit more about all things podcasting, their new radio show, and their favorite things about Pittsburgh at large.

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Our Favorite Pittsburgh Photographers You Should Follow

One of the first things we did after starting this website was to follow photographers in Pittsburgh. As photography addicts ourselves (having taken well over 100,000 shots of the metro region over the years), we absolutely love seeing how others view the city through their lens.

In this one, we wanted to profile some of our favorite Pittsburgh photographers that you should check out. We reached out to each of the photographers below and got their insight on how they got into photography, their favorite photography styles, the equipment they use, and more!

At the end of each profile, we feature links to each photographer's online portfolio and social media channels. Please give them a follow to support these awesome local creatives!

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