Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh Review – Downtown Gem

When I normally think of convention center hotels, my first thought is of a place for business travelers coming in for a conference or large meeting. What I often do not think about is that these hotels can also be spots for visitors coming in for a weekend to explore the city.

My visit to the Westin Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh did coincide with a conference, but the property helped me redefine my image of a convention center hotel. For those who want to be in the heart of it all and even have a great view to boot, regardless of why you're visiting, the Westin Convention Center should definitely be on your radar.

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Sheraton Station Square Review – Go for the River View

Pittsburgh's iconic view from Mount Washington is known far and wide as one of the world's best skyline views. We don't know a Pittsburgher who doesn't love it, and rarely hear of visitors who don't make a special trip to the neighborhood just to check it out.

What this iconic view does not have, however, is a hotel with that same vista. For whatever reason, be it political, monetary, or otherwise, it just hasn't happened.

But there is one hotel that will get you close, and that is the Sheraton at Station Square located at the base of Mount Washington. So when we were invited to this hotel to stay the night, you know checking out the view was high on our list.

So how does this hotel stack up, view and otherwise? We share it all below.

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Embassy Suites Pittsburgh Review – Unique Downtown Hotel

One thing I love about Pittsburgh's hotel scene is that it seems like the best years are still to come thanks to the boom of new hotels opening in the city.  One of the newest on the scene, Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh, recently opened in early 2016.  We decided to pay a visit to this one just a few weeks after it opened to see if it would be worth your time when visiting the city.

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25 of the Best Pittsburgh Hotels to Consider – Local’s Guide

Pittsburgh has thriving tourism scene that brings in millions of visitors per year, be it for our many sporting events, major conventions, or purely from the fact that the city is pretty awesome (okay, we may be a bit biased on that one).

If you are one of those millions of visitors, you're in luck- this one is for you!

Since founding Discover the Burgh, one of the most common questions we receive is “what hotel should I stay at during my visit?”. To help answer this question, and continue our quest to experience everything Pittsburgh has to offer, we decided to make it our mission to personally review every single Pittsburgh hotel.

We do this not via a Google search, not by passing through the lobby or on a 30-minute guided tour, but by personally reserving a room and staying in every single hotel in the Pittsburgh.

To cover the best hotels in Pittsburgh that we have visited so far, this guide was born!

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Transportation Options in Pittsburgh – Navigating the City

Fort Pitt Tunnel

We're not going to lie, navigating Pittsburgh can be quite difficult for someone who is not used to the roads. Downtown Pittsburgh is triangular rather than on a square grid, highways are built on top of highways, and there are many road oddities all throughout the city.

That being said, we can say that there are many options to get around Pittsburgh for those looking to visit or live in the city. The following is a selection of the very best recommendations we can provide.

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