Hyatt Pittsburgh Airport Review – Connected to the Airport

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 22, 2023.

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I'm not one to complain about traveling in normal situations (in fact, I absolutely love traveling), but if I had to pick one of my least favorite aspects of my favorite hobby, it would most certainly be getting up early for a flight.

Lately we've had enough of this and have decided to start booking overnight stays at Pittsburgh airport hotels to help us get just a little bit more sleep to start our trips on the right foot. On a recent visit we decided to pay a visit to the Hyatt Pittsburgh Airport, the only hotel that is actually connected to the airport terminal, to see what it is like.

With only steps between our bed and the gate we had to redefine the term spoiled. Although the room may be lacking some aspects, the location and amenities make up for it by far.

The Perfect Location at the Hyatt Pittsburgh Airport

Hyatt Pittsburgh Airport

During our first visit to the hotel, we were not particularly impressed with the beds and thought they were fairly uncomfortable. But during our second visit, we were pleasantly surprised by our bed as being a more comfortable option.

In fact, out of all of the Pittsburgh hotels we've visited so far, the first stay was by far the most uncomfortable we've experienced and just felt, well, somewhat cheap. But in the second stay they were much more improved and would compete well with most other hotels in the city.

Pittsburgh Airport Hotel

I can't say if all of the beds in the hotel have changed (we'll have to have more stays to say for sure), but we like where things are going. The only difference we had was that our first room was two queen beds, whereas our second room was a king suite. I don't think that would be enough to warrant the change, but we'll take it.

But in the case of this particular hotel, the concern of a good night's rest is only partially on my radar in any case.

Pittsburgh Airport Hotel Room

The reason we visited this particular hotel was not to get a good night's rest, but was rather to get a leg up on a 6:30am flight we had on the following December morning (which makes any good night's rest practically impossible- quality bed or not). Our alarm went off at 4:50am, we rolled out of bed, brushed our teeth, and were at our gate by 5:30am without going outside in the cold once.

I'll call that a win for the extra hour alone.

Ignoring these for a minute, we did leave this airport with one rather big surprise- the amenities outside of the room are pretty good!

The Hotel Amenities Warrant Arriving Early

The Pool at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Airport

Looking outside of the room, the Hyatt Pittsburgh Airport is home to one of the city's best fitness centers and features a modestly sized workout room, a large pool for laps, a jacuzzi, and two saunas (one with dry heat and one with wet).

For those who are traveling before or after a trip and are looking for a little comfort before your flight, you really cannot go wrong with this- so prepare to take an extra bag to store your wet swimsuit for your flight. We honestly goofed up with this one as we arrived to the Pittsburgh airport quite late and only had enough time to sleep, wake-up, and fly, so we missed out on trying these amenities that we otherwise would've abused thoroughly. (Who has two sauna's in Pittsburgh, really?)

Sauna at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Airport

Thankfully, we plan on visiting this hotel again for future flights and will plan to arrive early for the next one to check these out.

Overall, despite the beds not being that great at the Hyatt Regency at the Pittsburgh airport, the connector to the terminal and fitness center amenities make this one well worth considering. If you see a good last minute deal like we did, it is well worth the splurge!

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