Hampton Inn Pittsburgh Review – A Perfect Location Downtown

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 22, 2023.

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For most, the neighborhood interface between downtown Pittsburgh and the Strip District is a bit empty. There are a few restaurants and even the Heinz History Center (one of the top museums in the city), but beyond that there isn't much to attract the foot traffic like in the heart of the two neighborhoods themselves.

On the surface, this may seem like to be a downside. But this particular spot is home to several hotels which claim a key location within walking distance of not one, but two of the city's most popular neighborhoods to explore.

Naturally, we had to head downtown to check them out, and on a late-2016 night we stayed at the Hampton Inn Pittsburgh to see what makes this one worth your attention on your next visit to the city.

The Hampton Inn Pittsburgh Has Spacious Rooms

Hampton Inn Pittsburgh

As far as Hampton Inn properties go, the rooms at the downtown Pittsburgh location are on the larger end of some of the Hampton hotels we've stayed over the years. This property features higher-end beds and offers a well-managed hotel experience from check-in, complimentary breakfast, to check-out.

Considering the hotel appeared to be close to capacity during our stay, the fact that we had no hang-ups is notable as this is not often the case at other hotels. (The Hampton Inn University in Oakland, for example, did not operate with such caliber.)

Hampton Inn Downtown Pittsburgh

The only downside we took away from our room in particular was that the pillows seemed to lack in quality compared to the other furnishings, and we had a hard time getting comfortable when going to sleep. Thankfully, the other amenities made up for this slight negative.

The Location Can't Be Beat (With Free Parking, Too!)

Strip District view from Hampton Inn Downtown Pittsburgh

For visitors coming in to Pittsburgh, we often say that the location of your hotel should be one of the major deciding factors for your pick because, as we all know, navigating around the city is rough at the best of times.

If you are looking to explore downtown and / or the Strip District during your visit, staying at a hotel in one of these neighborhoods is likely on your radar. As such, the Hampton Inn Pittsburgh should be high on your consideration list for two reasons if you fall into this category.

First, it is conveniently located about halfway between the heart of the Strip District and downtown Pittsburgh, meaning it is an easy walk to both without hopping into your car. Second, the hotel offers free parking for guests (and claims to be the only downtown hotel that offers this perk). As other downtown hotels can charge incredibly parking fees, this perk goes a long way for those watching their spending when exploring the city.

Picking the Right Room Can Go a Long Way

Bathroom at Hampton Inn Downtown Pittsburgh

As with most of our hotel reviews, we like to point out the best rooms to pick for your stay- notably those that offer views of the city.

At the Hampton Inn Pittsburgh, you only have one option for a view, and that is booking a suite that ends in 0 or 1, as only one side of the hotel faces downtown proper.

Even-numbered rooms face the Heinz History center and have a partial view of downtown Pittsburgh, and odd-numbered rooms face the river and have a partial view of PNC Park and the Rachel Carson Bridge. So while we technically can say that every room does indeed have a view, none of them are really that great.

If you do want a better downtown view, you'll want to splurge for a suite on the correct side of the hotel (rooms X00 and X01) to make it happen. Keep in mind that there are suites on the opposite side of the property which do not have great views at all (rooms X19 and X20), which could make your decision to upgrade a bit more difficult.

Fitness Center at Hampton Inn Pittsburgh

For those who do not mind having the best view, we do recommend booking a room on a higher floor with a lower room number (ending in 0-10, such as 600, 601, etc), as some of the higher numbered rooms (ending in 15-20) are located closer to the highway and can be a bit loud at night. We stayed in suite 619, on the far side of the hotel away from downtown, and noticed noise throughout the evening. It was not enough to bother us, but it was loud enough to note for light sleepers.

Overall, the Hampton Inn Pittsburgh has numerous reasons for why you would want to consider visiting on your next visit- a well-maintained property, large rooms, and easy accessibility to some of the best neighborhoods in the city are a few. But while most of the properties in the region will boast such a summary, the perk of free parking really takes this one to a next level and makes it a point worth considering during your next trip to Pittsburgh.

Hampton Inn Downtown Pittsburgh

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