57 Pittsburgh Breweries to Visit in and Around the City

The craft brewing scene is currently taking Pittsburgh by storm. Not a month goes by where you don't hear about a brewery opening up in the region or a staple making news nationally for their products.

It is our lofty goal to visit all of the southwest Pennsylvania breweries popping up, and in this guide we'll be sharing our thoughts on all the breweries we've visited to date.

So if there is a brewery out there producing something unique that you need to check out, you can be certain we will feature it here!

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Park Bruges Review – Mussels in Thai Curry in Highland Park

Green Curry Mussels at Park Bruges

When it comes to restaurants with multiple locations, it is fairly easy to write off other branches as duplicates of the same model with the same menu and offering. After all, this has been the model for chains and franchises for decades.

But for Park Bruges in Highland Park, sister restaurant of Point Brugge in Point Breeze, and Brugge on North in the North Side the subtle differences make this restaurant almost a unique entity in and of itself.

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Kavsar Review – Uzbeki Food on Mount Washington

Borscht and Eggplant Rolls at Kavsar

I'm going to guess that you've never had food from Uzbekistan. I know I hadn't until our visit to Kavsar on Mount Washington, and I consider myself to be quite well traveled.

In fact, if you would have asked me what Uzbeki food was prior to our visit, I probably would've fumbled in an attempt to make something up.  Now that I have tried it for myself, I can try and give describing it a shot.

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Spak Brothers Review – Pizza and Wings in Garfield

Spak Brothers Pizza in Pittsburgh

I am a staunch critic of the pizza scene in Pittsburgh.

It seems like there is a standard recipe that every pizzeria in the city uses when making their pies. The crusts are all the same, the sauce is the same, and the preparation style is virtually all the same.

The pizzas are all good enough when you want a quick meal, but when you go to different shops you really can't say much to distinguish them from each other.

Sure, there are places to get a good pizza at a restaurant that isn't a pizzeria (La Tavola, anyone?), but when it comes to takeaway from a dedicated pizza shop the options for something astounding are few and far between.

It is because of this reason that we don't write about most of the pizzas we order in Pittsburgh on this site as most all of them would have the same exact summary.

For us to talk about pizza it needs to be something special, and we thought Spak Brothers in Garfield would be just that.

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Kaya Pittsburgh Review – The One We Return to Again and Again

Fried Avocado Tacos at Kaya in Pittsburgh

After living in Pittsburgh for five years and eating our way through neighborhood after neighborhood, Kaya is definitively one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

The laid back yet classy Caribbean vibe, awesome bar and happy hour, one of the best burgers we've ever had (just about anywhere), and a creative menu with Latin American and Caribbean influences combine to make this an all-around standout restaurant.

But to truly get the best out of this great restaurant in the Strip District, you'll have to visit at least three times.

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tako Pittsburgh Review – Upscale Tacos and Tequila Downtown

Our visit to täkō almost didn't happen. We didn't think that the restaurant would be completely reserved on a Saturday night prior to the restaurant even opening, but this buzzing downtown restaurant was nearly there anyway.

Luckily they had space, and we were given two options: seating at 5:30pm or 10:15pm with nothing in between.  Not wanting to pass up on our chance to try out the restaurant everyone in Pittsburgh seems to be talking about, we jumped on the early seating and were so glad we did.

Prepare your taste buds Pittsburgh.

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Smoke Taqueria Review – Traditional Tacos with a Twist

Tacos at Smoke Taqueria in Lawrenceville

Smoke Taqueria in LawrencevilleHaving been to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico where tacos are nothing more than fresh, handmade corn tortillas topped with meat, I've since been a bit skeptical of the rise of the gourmet taco in the US.

Sometimes I think gourmet taco places try to do too much with this simple, humble street food. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we recently dined at Smoke in Lawrenceville where we had perfectly executed, inventive tacos. The flavors were not so out there that they didn't seem to belong in a taco, but rather evoked traditional Mexican flavors with a unique twist.

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17 of the Best Pittsburgh Ice Cream Shops to Visit

RazzyFresh in Pittsburgh

I have a serious frozen concoction problem. I think it all started when I first moved to Pittsburgh during a bloody hot summer and the apartment I was renting didn't have air conditioning. And Razzy Fresh, with its mind-blowing frozen yogurt, had just opened its first Pittsburgh store two blocks away from me. Let's just say I was on a frozen yogurt meal replacement program for the majority of the summer.

Unfortunately, that first summer I was in Pittsburgh, it seemed to me that there was a dearth of frozen concoction stores in the city. Sure, everyone knew about Dave and Andy's, but it didn't seem like there were many other local options.

Well, after several more years of living in the city and much more (delicious) research for this blog, I can confidently say that Pittsburgh now has an abundance of frozen treats available. Ranging from custard, frozen yogurt, ice cream, to Italian ice, Pittsburgh's got it all.

So if you are looking for a delicious and frozen snack on a nice hot summer day, you may want to start with one of the following local favorites.

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Grapperia Review – The Most Italian Bar in Pittsburgh

Spritz Homage at Grapperia in Pittsburgh

Grapperia Bar in PittsburghIt only took one word to get me into Piccolo Forno's annexed bar, and that word is grappa.

For those who do not know this spirit, grappa is made by distilling the waste products from the wine-making process (think skins, pulp, seeds, etc).  The result of the distillation process is an extremely concentrated, very flavorful, and incredibly high-proof alcohol that quickly became one of my favorites during our travels around Europe.

For reasons unknown to me, this spirit has not taken off as much in the USA, and grappa has been something I've only enjoyed while abroad- until now.

Congratulations Pittsburgh, you're now officially a European city.

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La Tavola Review – Authentic Italian on Mount Washington

The Scallops at La Tavola Are Phenominal

Having been to Italy, I can definitely say that La Tavola magically transports you there. The restaurant takes you to a place where meals are not to be rushed or eaten while staring at the glow of your phone, but rather in the company of good friends and family with enriching conversations.

This is not the place to come if you are in a hurry.

It is, however, an amazing place to come with a large group, a bottle of wine or two (La Tavola is BYOB), and settle in over an evening to enjoy an amazing meal. The pace of every meal I've ever had there has been perfect – if you're an anxious person you might think it's “slow,” but I urge you to give it a try. It really does feel like you're in Italy.

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