Chantal’s Cheese Shop is the Only Cheesemonger You Need

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on October 7, 2022.

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Chantal's Cheese Shop is a specialty store located in Bloomfield run by Anaïs Loughran and her husband, Chris (the shop is named after Anaïs' mother).

While on the smaller end, Chantal's is home to an impressive collection of curated cheeses that has us coming back for more time and time again.

Chantal's Cheese Shop is Our Kind of Place

Chantal's Cheese Shop

The one-room cheese shop is home to roughly 100 different kinds of cheeses, as well as all of the accoutrements you would hope for in order to assemble your own rock-star cheese plate (although if you don't want to do the DIY approach, they've got you covered with trays as well).

When we visit we often order Manchego (always a delicious one on-hand) and periodically select a drunken, alcohol-infused cheese (a latest favorite was an Italian cheese that was gloriously bathed in Prosecco- yes it did taste like it). But in most cases before we even order Anaïs is giving out samples of new arrivals that we almost always purchase a wedge of.

This is one of the reasons we are big fans of Chantal's, as seeing Anaïs is like visiting an old friend- one who is passionate about artisan cheeses and is eager for you to try the latest find as soon as you walk in the door (so, you know, the best kind of friend).

When you visit, you'll understand.

Visit for a Lunch Time Cheese Sandwich

Chantal's Sandwiches

If you are in the mood for something a bit more sustaining, a trip to Chantal's for their cheese sandwiches is a must.

These are a bit of throwback to the kind of baguette and cheese sandwiches we were used to eating when traveling in France, except, you know, with stellar product on it.

The menu often rotates in our experience, so you may never know what you could get until you arrive. That being said, considering the spread of cheeses at Chantal's is fantastic, we have to expect that all sandwiches follow that trend as well- we know ours did!

Don't Miss the Little Bits Bin

Bit Bin at Chantal

When visiting Chantal's do yourself a favor and take a look in the refrigerator to check out the products. While there are many worth your attention, here we want you to especially give your attention to the Little Bits Bin- one of our favorite part about Chantal's.

The way the bit bin works is that when cutting cheeses (Chantal's can go down to 1/4 lb or sometimes less, mind you!), some scrap pieces are cut off in order to hit the desired weight. Rather than wasting these, the small slivers are wrapped, priced, and put into the Little Bits Bin for those who want a smaller sample.

We love this one because in many cases the cheeses are priced at only a couple dollars, and periodically you can find a fairly premium cheese for a reasonable price as well. Perfect for crafting your own sampler tray with a small group.

Hopefully one day we'll be able to buy them all!

Overall, there is something wonderful about Chantal's Cheese Shop. Between the hospitality, expertly curated cheeses, and the quality of the sandwiches we find ourselves returning back to this one again and again.

It is truly one of the best shops in Pittsburgh.

Chantal's Cheese Shop is located at 4402 Penn Avenue in Bloomfield, just across from the Children's Hospital.

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