15 Airbnb Rentals Near the Ski Slopes in the Laurel Highlands

When you think of hitting the ski slopes in the Laurel Highlands, you may consider visiting in a day trip or perhaps even staying at the lodge on-site (especially at Seven Springs).

But what if you were wanting something a bit more intimate? Well, we are quite fortunate to have a number of great Airbnb rentals located on resort property and within a short drive nearby. So whether you're looking for a ski-on, ski-off townhome rental or a budget-friendly cabin a short drive away, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite options on the popular rental site!

This guide is broken up into sections based on ski resort (Seven Springs, Hidden Valley, and Laurel Mountain) as well as those that are located on-property (ski-in, ski-out style) and those that are located off-property and require a short drive to reach the resorts. 

Notes: All images of rentals are credited to Airbnb and/or the respective hosts. We have not personally stayed in any of the Airbnbs featured in this guide; however, we are frequent Airbnb travelers and selected these properties for having the things we look for when inquiring about stays- namely great reviews, their location, amenities, and more. These will be highlighted in this guide and please remember that amenities can and do change. Finally, if you book a ski-in, ski-out option be sure to visit the lodge when you arrive to pick up your lift ticket prior to hitting the slopes!

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Kayaking to Sycamore Island from 10.7 Marina in Verona

We love getting out on the water whenever we can, and one of our preferred methods for doing so is in a kayak. 

There is no shortage of kayak options in the Pittsburgh area, and on a recent outing we took out rentals from 10.7 Marina in Verona to explore the Allegheny River a bit upstream from the city. This made for a great starting point as Verona is a short distance away from Sycamore Island- a green space we've been wanting to check out from years that is only accessible via boat.

So we boarded our kayaks and were off!

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15 Cool Airbnbs in Pittsburgh You Should Check Out

While we would say that Pittsburgh's Airbnb scene is small but growing, we have to admit that there are some pretty amazing properties in the region you may want to check out.

After looking through many of the properties listed on the service, we found a few pretty amazing options located in (or quite close) to the city that we absolutely had to share today. So if you're looking for a getaway with Airbnbs in Pittsburgh, you may want to put these options on your radar.

If you're looking for more information on the best neighborhoods to stay in and questions to ask your host, be sure to scroll to the end of this guide for detailed information as well (or click here to jump to it)!

Disclaimers: All images are credited to Airbnb and the respective hosts. While we are frequent Airbnb travelers, we have not personally stayed in the below properties. We reviewed many of the listings in Pittsburgh for what we normally look for when traveling, and simply think these are quite unique, interesting, and in most cases also have fantastic locations such that we would likely inquire about them if we were travelers. These reasons will be highlighted below. Amenities may have changed since initial publication and should be confirmed prior to booking.

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The Ghost Town Trail is a Favorite for Biking in Southwest PA

We've been on almost all of the bike trails in Pittsburgh, and have to admit, the Ghost Town Trail starting in Black Lick, PA (about an hour east of Pittsburgh) may be our favorite we've been to so far.

This trail covers 46 miles (~10 miles of which are on an extension trail) from Black Lick to Ebensburg. During our first visit, we hit up the first 25 miles of this route (turning around on the main trail in Nanty Glo) and saw so many beautiful sights.

As an added bonus, this trail was quite an easy ride!

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Farmer x Baker Review – Fresh Dining on the Allegheny River

Farmer x Baker is a unique restaurant housed in a shipping container along the riverfront in Aspinwall that offers fresh, local, and seasonal brunch fare (with the occasional dinner menu). We have long wished for better waterfront usage in Pittsburgh, and Farmer x Baker is a beautiful and delicious concept that we hope is the start of more great waterfront dining options for our city.

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Taking a Bike Ride Along the Lake at Moraine State Park

When we think of Moraine State Park, our first thought often goes to the gorgeous Lake Arthur that can be found right in the heart of the park. If we're not getting out on the lake to go kayak, stand up paddleboard, or simply be on a boat, our next thought is often to hit up one of the many hiking trails along the shoreline.

But did you know that the park is also home to a 7-mile one-way bike trail on the north shore of the lake? We naturally took our bikes up to explore this one and wanted to share a bit about what the ride is like in this one!

Note: Moraine State Park also has a 6-mile mountain biking trail that is a loop. We hope to visit this one shortly; however, this article is only for the paved out-and-back bike trail at this time.

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8 Breweries You Can Visit from a Bike Trail in Pittsburgh

Over the years, we've had a growing interest in biking, and have developed a love of finding more and more bike trails in Pittsburgh. As much as getting out on the trails for ten, twenty, or forty-plus mile rides is something we quite enjoy, we have to admit it is even better when we can finish the ride at a Pittsburgh brewery for a draft (or two).

Thankfully, our beer scene is quite well developed and there are a number of breweries where you can access them straight from a trail (or within a block or two max on city roads). In this one, we wanted to share all of the ones we've hit to date!

Note: Beyond breweries that are located right off of the bike trails, this article will also give shoutouts to other breweries that are close to the trails but may require a short drive or a longer ride on city roads to reach. The accessibility for bikes varies with these. Some have private parking lots and windows where you can keep an eye on your bikes mounted on your car. Others do not. Some are larger and may allow you to bring your bikes inside. Others may not. As such, you may want to look into the supplemental breweries mentioned a bit more to see if you'd feel comfortable taking your bike as all of their setups are different.

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9 Things We Wished Pittsburgh Had from Food Boats to Transit

Over the past several years exploring Pittsburgh, we have started to get a good understanding of some of the best things the city and metro area has to offer. But on the flip side, we have also seen many of the area's issues, and are more than happy to admit there are several aspects in which the city is lacking (cough, metro system, cough cough).

As such, we thought it'd be fun to put together a list of some of the ideas we wish the city would have. 

But for this list, we wanted to keep things a bit light-hearted and fun as opposed to tackling some of the very real and serious problems our city faces. So many of the ideas below are pie-in-the-sky, likely never going to happen ideas, and none of them include a zipline from Mount Washington to the North Shore!

To put it bluntly, we did not let things like practicality, cost, or feasibility stop us in many of the below, and this list should mostly be considered what we would do if we had (a few) billion dollars, no concern for ROI, and free reign to make it all happen.

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Exploring the Westmoreland Heritage Trail on Foot or Bike

The Westmoreland Heritage Trail is a popular hiking and biking trail that spans roughly 18 miles between Trafford and Saltsburg, PA. 

We had heard great things about this trail and made the ~45-minute drive out of the city to check it out and were not disappointed. While the trail is broken up into two segments, we made a day of it and hit both during our visit.

Note: As of our visit in 2020 the Westmoreland Heritage Trail is split into two sections, each roughly 9-miles in length. One runs between Delmont and Saltsburg and the second runs between Export and Trafford. Eventually, these trails are supposed to be connected via a 3-4 mile addition. This article will discuss the two sections independently.

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