Hiking Nine Mile Run from Frick Park to Duck Hollow

When thinking of hiking in the East End, odds are good your thoughts will quickly turn to Frick Park– the largest publicly accessible park in Pittsburgh. But there are a few other green spaces off of these main trails that you may not know about, and one of which is Nine Mile Run!

Although Nine Mile Run was technically annexed by Frick Park just a few years ago, this one is often viewed as its own space thanks to its unique position jutting out from the park south towards the Monongahela River (where it later connects up to the slightly longer Duck Hollow Trail that follows the river). Couple an even more recent effort to clean the waters at the run and you have a natural area that is a bit under-the-radar despite being a part of a more-well known city park.

So rather than include this one in our Frick Park article, we thought it'd be best to feature this one on its own!

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D’s Six Pack and Dogz Review – Hot Dogs in Regent Square

Thanks to Pennsylvania's unusual liquor laws, many businesses have popped up around the state offering different outlets for thirsty citizens.

One such outlet has been the beer mix-and-match shops where you can go in, find a selection of hundreds of beers, and come out with your own customized six-pack. These businesses often come with attached short-order restaurants and bars, and a good number in Pittsburgh specialize in hot dogs as their menu item of choice.

One popular shop in Pittsburgh of this style is D's Six Pack and Dogz in Regent Square. With a gourmet hot dog menu and over 1,000 beers in their beer cave, this one certainly has a worthy reputation worth seeking out.

After hearing so much about this one over the years, it was time for us to finally check it out to find out why it is so popular.

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