Forsythe Mini Golf Offers Up a Challenge in Carnegie

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on December 7, 2023.

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A recent adventure in Carnegie found us stopping at Forsythe Miniature Golf for an event with our friends from Quantum Spirits. We had heard about this course for a while but never seemed to be able to make it in for a round.

It didn't take long for us after arriving to really regret that decision, as the course at Forsythe is quite fun!

Forsythe Offers Challenging Mini Golf in Pittsburgh

Forsythe Mini Golf

We've played at several mini-golf courses over the years, and they can run the spectrum from being rather simplistic to impossibly difficult. While we wouldn't say that Forsythe is on the impossible level, we have to admit that their course has some rather interesting challenges for guests all the same.

First, there is simply the terrain. The holes here are not terribly long by any stretch of the imagination, but what they lack in distance they make up for in complexity.

Forsythe Mini Golf

Several holes feel flat, but it isn't until you make it close to the hole that you realize there is a subtle bump or uneven surface that could really impact your putt. Others are designed specifically to respond to how strong you hit your ball- such as a hole at the top of a hill where any putt just a bit past perfect will cause your ball to roll back down to the starting point.

We experienced all of these more than we'd like to admit- especially that last one.

Forsythe Mini Golf

But some of the elements of Forsythe's course that we enjoyed most were not so much difficult, but rather quite novel. There is a loop-the-loop, a mystery box that could launch your ball out into one of three directions (one right at the hole), a well with a bucket that if you sink your ball in it from a ramp you subtract two points from your score, and so many more that we want to leave a mystery for when you visit.

As such, you'll do well to look out for signs posted at the start of some holes as the special challenges may be something you want to attempt (or avoid) during your putt. These certainly take what could've been just another putt-putt course and turned it into something far more interesting. (Special holes are also noted on the scorecard.)

Overall, we were quite pleased with our outing at Forsythe Mini Golf. We appreciated the challenge of this course and some of the novel features you don't see at all too many places. Game on!

Forsythe Mini Golf is located at 920 Forsythe Road in Carnegie and is seasonal.

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