Soju Review – Delicious Korean Fare and Craft Cocktails in Garfield

Soju is a semi-casual Korean spot in Garfield where you'll find Korean barbecue dishes, classic bi bim bap, and a few other tasty surprises like poke bowls and chicken katsu. Throw in some great happy hour deals as well as creative and surprisingly delicious cocktails, and it's easy to see why this place nearly always has a line out the door.

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Pizza Fiesta Review – No Frills Pizza, Delicious Fiesta Rolls

When we write about pizza in Pittsburgh, we often write about the corner pizza shop phenomenon where most every neighborhood pizza joint tastes almost identical to each other.

If you want a quick, cheap, and often greasy pie but aren't in the mood to go out of your way for a favorite spot, they are the kind of place you would go to out of convenience more than anything else.

As much as I don't want to say it, Pizza Fiesta is one of those places.

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Unblurred – First Friday Gallery Crawl in Garfield

If you're like us, odds are good you pass through Garfield quite often but very rarely stop to explore. There was likely a good reason for this, as it wasn't until recently that this neighborhood began a massive revitalization. Thankfully we are here to say that businesses are starting to come back and push the neighborhood into the spotlight.

Out of all of the businesses types that have opened up in Garfield in recent months, none are more abundant than independent galleries run by local artists. Be it public galleries, DIY workshop spaces, and everything in between, Garfield is quickly becoming home to some of Pittsburgh's most talented artisans.

But there is one problem- you probably don't know any of these exist. Factor in odd working hours, subtle storefront signage, and the low foot traffic in the neighborhood and you may not notice the true revival that is underway when you drive through.

Enter Unblurred, the neighborhood's first Friday event that is changing the perception of this neighborhood one month at a time.

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Spak Brothers Review – Pizza and Wings in Garfield

Spak Brothers Pizza in Pittsburgh

I am a staunch critic of the pizza scene in Pittsburgh.

It seems like there is a standard recipe that every pizzeria in the city uses when making their pies. The crusts are all the same, the sauce is the same, and the preparation style is virtually all the same.

The pizzas are all good enough when you want a quick meal, but when you go to different shops you really can't say much to distinguish them from each other.

Sure, there are places to get a good pizza at a restaurant that isn't a pizzeria (La Tavola, anyone?), but when it comes to takeaway from a dedicated pizza shop the options for something astounding are few and far between.

It is because of this reason that we don't write about most of the pizzas we order in Pittsburgh on this site as most all of them would have the same exact summary.

For us to talk about pizza it needs to be something special, and we thought Spak Brothers in Garfield would be just that.

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The Center for PostNatural History – A Most Unusual Museum

Transgenic Goat at the PostNatural Museum in Pittsburgh

The Specimen Vault at the PostNatural Museum Pittsburgh is a hub of unusual museums, and The Center for PostNatural History in Garfield is no exception.

For those who are not familiar with the term, PostNatural describes living organisms that have been modified by man through everything from selective breeding all the way to genetic engineering by accredited scientists, mad scientists, and everything in between.

As an engineer this museum sounded perfect to me, and I was incredibly excited about visiting during their limited Friday and Sunday opening hours to check out the exhibits.

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