202 Hometown Tacos Review – Short Order Tacos in Bellevue

202 Hometown Tacos opened in Bellevue in mid-2019 and focused on having short order tacos in Tex Mex / modern American style, as well as a robust bar stocked full of Mexican and domestic beer (plus an array of liquor). 

During my visits to this one, I was able to sample my way through several of their tacos plus their aptly named Bellevue Bowl. While I walked away somewhat disappointed by the tacos, the bowl is something I'll be thinking of time and time again.

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Pierogies Plus Review – Fresh and Frozen Pierogies to Go in McKees Rocks

For many years we heard the renown of Pierogies Plus in McKees Rocks, and we were itching to get out there to enjoy some Eastern European cuisine that has become ingrained in the Pittsburgh diet.

While the food here is cheap and in impressive portion sizes as well, I have to say, something about my meal was a bit off.

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The Roxian Theatre is a Stunning Music Venue in McKees Rocks

We always love hearing about theaters that have been restored to their former glory, and the Roxian Theatre in McKees Rocks is just that.

This theater space originally opened in 1929, and over the course of time closed and sat empty. In recent years the theater underwent renovations before opening its doors for performances in early 2019.

As soon as we heard about this, we naturally had to buy tickets and ended up getting in to check out a performance by the Aquabats and Reel Big Fish shortly after the theater opened for business.

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Sewickley Heights Borough Park is a Great Off-Leash Park

Sewickley Heights Borough Park is a large, 1,000-acre park located about 25 minutes west of downtown Pittsburgh that offers numerous trails to explore for those who want to get out in nature.

But what makes this park one of our favorites is not the trails alone, but rather the fact that it is open to off-leash roaming with your furry friend!

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1905 Eatery Review – Classic Italian Food in McKees Rocks

1905 Eatery is a casual, old school Italian restaurant located in McKees Rocks. What the spot lacks in ambiance it makes up for with huge portions of classic, home-cooked Italian food.

McKees Rocks wasn't on our radar as a dining destination, but we recently checked out a show at the Roxian Theater and were looking for a nearby spot to have dinner, and so we ended up at 1905 Eatery.

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Seasonal Pierogies at the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church

We first had pierogies from the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church at the Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival. We had heard the glory of the church's famed dumplings, but never quite made it happen until fate intervened and put us all at the same festival.

It was truly love at first bite.

When we visited the church's table at the festival they were handing out cards for their Christmas pierogi sale, and we knew we would have to return to buy more- and that we did!

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Local Shopping and Dining at Pittsburgh International Airport

The Pittsburgh International Airport has been reinventing itself in a number of ways in recent years. One aspect of these changes we absolutely love is that the airport is embracing the local scene with the addition of many local vendors, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries into the mix.

As we love to visit these before taking flights out, this guide to local dining and shopping at the Pittsburgh airport was born!

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