Fern Hollow Nature Center – A Brief Walk in Nature in Sewickley

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 9, 2020.

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Fern Hollow Nature Center is a small park of just 33 acres located in Sewickley, PA. While it can be explored in a quick visit, this one has some unique perks for those who are in the area and want to get out in nature!

What You Can See at Fern Hollow Nature Center

Taxidermy at Fern Hollow Nature Center

The highlight of the Fern Hollow Nature Center is, not surprisingly, the nature center itself.

This nature center is just a couple of rooms but features exhibits on native flora and fauna including a small collection of taxidermied wildlife as well as an active bee colony with interesting facts about each. The site is also home to the Sewickley Heights History Center which has limited hours from Tuesday to Saturday. Sadly, I visited outside of these hours and will have to return for a more robust experience. 

Fall goldenrod bloom at Fern Hollow Sewickley

From there, the highlight of the park itself is the meadow which covers the nearby hillside over just a few acres. This is best explored in the fall when the goldenrod is in full bloom (late September) and offers a striking yellow color as far as the eye can see.

Beyond this, Fern Hollow is home to a short trail to a pond nearby. As such, a visit to this one may be quite quick and is best timed to coincide with the goldenrod bloom in the fall. 

Hiking at Fern Hollow

Walking path at Fern Hollow

The Fern Hollow Nature Center has just a few hiking trails to explore. The main feature is the meadow that wraps around the side of a hill that offers wide and grassy trails that should be easy for just about everyone. While these trails are quite easy, it is worth noting that there is a slight slope to the trail on almost every path.

In late fall the goldenrod blooms along this trail, making it a hotspot for bees and other allergens. As such, this trail is not necessarily anything to worry about from hiking logistics, but those sensitive to those allergens should likely not hike at this particular reserve.

Fern Hollow Nature Center in Sewickley

Overall, a trip to Fern Hollow Nature Center can be quite quick as the 33-acre park is quite small. That being said, if you are in the area and in need of a quick trip out in nature on relatively easy trails, this one is worth a stop.

Fern Hollow Nature Center is located at 1901 Glen Mitchell Road in Sewickley, just about 25 minutes west of Pittsburgh. The nature center maintains regular hours while the Sewickley Heights History Center on-site is typically open for a couple of hours around lunchtime on Tuesday to Saturday. Visitors looking for a full experience would do well to time their visit accordingly!

After your visit, continue hiking at Devil's Hollow Conservation Area nearby or head into Sewickley for a bite to eat at Mediterra Cafe!

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