CJ Big Pour Beer Festival – Our Kind of Fundraiser (With Beer)

Construction Junction is one of our favorite re-use centers in Pittsburgh, and every year the facility puts on a fundraiser in the form of a beer festival known as the CJ Steel City Big Pour.

We've been wanting to attend this one for a while, but the relatively expensive ticket prices had kept us away for a while (it is still a fundraiser, after all). But while it took us a bit longer than we would've liked to finally attend this one, we made it happen and attended the afternoon session of Big Pour #13.

Armed with our glasses, our necklace cupholders, and a thirst, we hit the festival to see what it is all about.

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Touring The Frick Museum and House in Pittsburgh’s East End

Looking back at Pittsburgh's history, you come across many world famous industrial and business magnates who had a large presence in the city: Carnegie, Frick, Heinz, Westinghouse, and Mellon are just a few you may have heard of.

As their fame was spread to the corners of the world, their wealth at home grew, and so did their local estates.

In other cities these estates would likely have been handed over to foundations to ensure they stand the test of time, but in Pittsburgh many have been demolished over the years. Out of all of the famous Pittsbughers listed above, the estate of only one businessman, Henry Clay Frick, still stands- and it is kept in working order exactly as it was left as a part of the Frick Collection.

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Mellon Park – A Hidden Memorial, Live Summer Music, and More

Mellon Park Memorial in Pittsburgh

Mellon Park stands on what was the estate of industrialist and banker Richard Mellon. Although Mellon's mansion is now gone, the park and the beautiful walled garden, previously attached to the home, remain.

Today the park is used as a beautiful public space with live music at the Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch series in the summer months, and is also home to a hidden memorial in the Walled Garden that only comes out at night!

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Construction Junction – A Large Re-Use Center in Pittsburgh

Collection at Construction Junction in Pittsburgh

Construction Junction in PittsburghWhere do home furnishings go when they die? Well, in Pittsburgh if they have any remaining value and have the potential of being salvaged, it is highly likely that they'll end up in Construction Junction in Point Breeze North.

I ended up in Construction Junction the same way I visited Artifacts in the West End a few weeks prior. Angie and I were on the hunt for some home furnishings and were checking out the odd stores in Pittsburgh to see if we could find the perfect pieces we're dreaming of.

But where Artifacts caters to high-end items imported from around the world, Construction Junction's showroom is all reuse items that could use a little love and attention.

If there was a store that could save me from the seemingly inevitable trip to Ikea, it had to be this one.

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Point Brugge Review – Mussels in Point Breeze

Mussels at Point Brugge Cafe in Pittsburgh

A visit to Point Brugge Cafe in Point Breeze is like being transported to Europe. 

Settled in an unsuspecting neighborhood, you'll find yourself surrounded by quaint houses, a small selection of local businesses, and this corner restaurant that resides in the first floor of a house.

After stepping through the doors you'll feel like you're in your favorite corner restaurant in Europe, about to order a meal you traveled thousands of miles to enjoy. 

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