Brugge on North Review – Mussels and More at this North Side Gem

Brugge on North in Pittsburgh's North Side is the younger sister to Point Brugge and Park Bruges, two long-standing European style neighborhood bistros. Housed in City of Asylum's Alphabet City building, the space is unique and the food is comforting yet classy.

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North Side Sandwich Week – Go for the Sampler Party

Do you love sandwiches? We know the answer is yes, but we feel like we have to ask anyway.

Since you likely fall into this category, we're just going to cut to the chase and tell you that you need to make it over to the North Side to check out their annual sandwich week that takes place each May.

This annual event challenges all North Side restaurants to create a special sandwich for the week, and throw down against each other for a judged event at The Priory Hotel to kick off the festivities.

We were invited to check out the “sandwich sampler” opening night party in 2018 and were able to get a sneak peak at some of the creations. 

This is one party you don't want to miss!

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Badamo’s Pizza Review – Delicious Pies in Pittsburgh’s North Side

The North Side eagerly welcomed Badamo's Pizza to Federal Street in December 2017. This pie shop already has a well-established following and location in the South Hills, and as North Siders ourselves we are extremely excited to have another great pizza option in our neighborhood.

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Federal Galley Review – Pittsburgh’s Second Restaurant Incubator

Federal Galley follows in its sister restaurant's (Smallman Galley's) footsteps in that it is a restaurant incubator that features four chefs in a food hall format.

Each chef receives a small stall in which to prepare their meals and has a contract for a variable length of time that will allow the galley to rotate new chefs in and out over the years. If you are a fan of Smallman Galley in the Strip District (what we consider to be one of Pittsburgh's best restaurants), then this one is for you.

Much like our review for its sister restaurant, we visited Federal Galley no fewer than five times after opening and in this review will be breaking down our meals from each chef individually!

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MCG Jazz – A Hidden Gem for Live Music in the North Side

MCG Jazz is a hidden gem at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild on the North Side, hosting live jazz concerts each year in a season that runs from fall through spring. These concerts bring in some of the best names in jazz today, from vocalists to instrumentalists, and from Broadway stars to Grammy Award winners.

Despite living a few blocks from this one for several years, we never knew it existed until a coworker told us about it. Naturally, we bought tickets right away.

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Threadbare Review – Local Ciders and Artisan Pizza in the North Side

Threadbare Cider House in the North Side is the brainchild of the folks at Wigle Whiskey, arguably Pittsburgh's most famous local distiller.

When wanting to branch out into a new venture, the owners stumbled upon the history of Johnny Appleseed (or John Chapman by his real name)- a rather eccentric fellow who, in the late-1700s/early-1800s, wandered around the region, preached conservation and planted nurseries to be tended to by locals (giving rise to the modern legend), and spreading the gospel far and wide.

Some stories of his travels had him based near Pittsburgh for a while (possibly even during the famous Whiskey Rebellion that Wigle proudly promotes), and when the owners realized this the idea for Threadbare came to life. Fast forward a few years, and they are now ramping up production of fine ciders made with locally sourced apples and are serving them at their North Side production facility along with stellar artisan pizzas.

Shortly before opening, our friends at Wigle gave us a call and invited us down to try out their menu- and sample the menu we did. Between three separate visits we had just about everything they offer!

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Tequila Cowboy Pittsburgh – Where Every Night is Country Night

Tequila Cowboy is a country-themed bar on the North Shore that features a mechanical bull, karaoke room, and live country music.

This spot is perfect for those who like to sing and dance to country music when they go out- be it for a birthday or bachelorette party or even for varied drink specials with a lively ambiance.

It's also the kind of place that most people will either love or hate.

And we can safely say that we sway towards the latter.

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Wigle’s Barrelhouse – Celebrating Weekends and Bottle Releases

When Wigle Whiskey opened their barrelhouse in the North Side in 2014, we weren't entirely sure what to think.

The location on Spring Garden Avenue is a little off-the-beaten-path even for North Siders, and the seasonal operating schedule from May to October gives a limited window to check it out in any given year.

But after visiting this one several times over the years, for themed parties, bottle releases, or to simply enjoy a cheap cocktail with Wigle's stellar spirits, we have to say that this one has become one of our favorites.

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Pittsburgh Children’s Museum 21+ Night – Being a Kid Again

One museum we've always wanted to visit in Pittsburgh, but had few to no opportunities to check out, is the Children's Museum. As adults without kids (or kids we can adopt as defacto parents for an afternoon), we always felt uneasy with the idea of going to this one on our own.

Our problems were solved when one of the museum's quarterly 21+ night events came about, and we put on our detective hats and went to work as the Murder Mystery theme ensured that all of us became a kid again- for one night at least.

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