Southern Tier Pittsburgh Offers an Array of Options on the North Shore

Southern Tier Pittsburgh is one of a handful of breweries that did not originate in the city but expanded here due to the producer's popularity in the region.

Originally from New York, this brewery expanded into Pittsburgh in early 2017 and has been a popular spot in the North Side ever since. While we are often frequent visitors to this brewery for the beer, we were recently invited out as guests of the brewery to try more and to sample a bit of the food menu as well.

As a result, this guide to the brewery was born!

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Leo. A Public House Review – Craft Cocktails in the North Side

Leo. a public house opened its doors in Pittsburgh's North Side (Manchester neighborhood) in early 2019. In doing so the bar joins its sister restaurant, Lola Bistro, in calling a lesser-visited part of the city home- something we always appreciate.

Not being ones to say no to a cocktail bar in Pittsburgh, you should know we rushed down to check this one out shortly after opening.

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Behind the Scenes Tour at PNC Park is a Must for Baseball Fans

PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and is also considered to be one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country.

While a great place to be during a game, the park is also home to a behind the scenes tour that goes to a number of interesting spots inside the stadium that you normally won't see in a regular game, including:

  • Legacy Theater
  • The Clubhouse (away days only*)
  • Batting Cages, Tunnel, and Dugout
  • The Press Box
  • Club Level and Suites

Taking this tour was high on my Pittsburgh bucket list, but I always had trouble scheduling a visit to coincide with a date I could get inside the Clubhouse. Now that I finally made that happen, it is time to share a few highlights from the tour!

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Things to Know Before Attending a Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Game

Pittsburgh is a sports town, and for the past several decades it seems like the Pirates have not gotten the memo.

Despite the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates have been, well, awful, PNC Park is often ranked among the best ballparks in the country- and we agree. It really is hard to beat taking in a game at this stunning ballpark.

So whether you are an armchair Pirates fan, a baseball fan at large, or are a die-hard Buccos loyalist, there are many things to keep in mind when visiting PNC Park for a game. 

In this guide, we want to share everything you should keep in mind before visiting!

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Siempre Algo Review – Chef-Driven Dining Comes to the North Side

Siempre Algo in Deutschtown is a modern American restaurant with a seasonal menu and a solid bar program.

As North Side residents, we are extremely grateful for the new life that Siempre Algo and other new stores and restaurants are breathing in to East Ohio Street. And we are even more ecstatic that Siempre Algo is actually doing a great job so far!

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Texture Contemporary Ballet at the New Hazlett Theater

Texture Contemporary Ballet fills an invaluable niche in the city of Pittsburgh's arts scene with its classically-trained ballet dancers performing original contemporary works.

Texture Contemporary Ballet is for everyone: those who love classic ballet, performing arts enthusiasts, and even those who think they might not like a dance performance. We've been to several shows over the years, and we have to say that their works always keep us incredibly captivated and leave us inspired.

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Things to Know Before Attending a Pittsburgh Steelers Game

Of all the things to do in Pittsburgh, there is no experience more sought after than a Pittsburgh Steelers football game. This city bleeds black and gold, and when it is Pittsburgh football season, you'll know.

But not everyone can make it to the game as much as they'd like, and in fact it was only recently that we hit our first game at all!

To help those who are like us and are looking to get the most out of a game, this guide was born.

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Rivers of Steel’s PGH 101 Tour – A Historical River Cruise

The Rivers of Steel maintains a number of historical sites in southwestern Pennsylvania, with one of the most notable being the Carrie Furnaces in Rankin/Swissvale (just southeast of the city).

In 2018 the nonprofit launched a new riverboat tour that takes place on Pittsburgh's three rivers. This one takes patrons on a journey through Pittsburgh's history, laying out where we've come from as a city and how the citizens of the past have paved the way to our prosperous future.

As this tour is one of the most in-depth lessons you'll get on all things Pittsburgh, it is aptly named like a university course- PGH 101: An Intro to Innovation. But instead of being set in a classroom, this one using the views of the city from the rivers to really bring the region's history to life.

We were fortunate enough to attend a media event for the launching of this tour in summer 2018, and share the experience in this one!

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Stage AE Concerts – What is the Venue Like for an Outdoor Show?

If you were to poll the music crowd in Pittsburgh about their least favorite venue in the city, odds are good you're going to hear a pretty uniform response that it is Star Lake based on their notorious parking issues alone.

But if you ask us, we're probably going to say Stage AE is ours.

They don't have the same parking issues, but we found no shortage of things to dislike about this venue after a recent show.

As with our other concert reviews, this one is not about the Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys concert (they were awesome), but is instead all about what Stage AE concerts are like.

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