Autumnfest at Seven Springs is an Event for the Entire Family

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 26, 2023.

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When you think of Seven Springs in the Laurel Highlands, odds are good one of your first thoughts is about it being a popular destination for skiing in Pennsylvania. We are the same way.

In fact, it wasn't until recently that we visited Seven Springs outside of winter and got a chance to explore the resort during their Autumnfest celebrations (as guests of the resort).

So in this one we wanted to share a bit more about what you can expect when visiting Seven Springs for this fall event, and also feature a few of the attractions that can be experienced on the property outside of the deep freeze of Pennsylvania winters!   

Family Fun at Seven Springs Autumnfest

Seven Springs Autumnfest from Above

Autumnfest features an array of activities suitable for guests of all ages ranging from live music and craft vendors, pumpkin chunkin' and themed weekend events, petting zoos and horseback rides, to a loaded up pumpkin patch and the autumn harvest buffet.

The themed weekends are of special note as each has a different vibe. In 2019, the earlier weekends were themed for Oktoberfest with beer tasting events and Bavarian games (we visited for this one, obviously), and the latter included themes such as Chili Weekend and Kids Halloween featuring a costume parade!

Music at Autumnfest

With all of these features, Autumnfest really comes together for a family-friendly event that offers a full day's worth of experiences (and then some).

We could see some guests wanting to visit for the Autumnfest activities in general (in which case your weekend choice may depend more on the weather and fall foliage than anything else), but we have to admit we were gravitating towards the Oktoberfest festivities ourselves during our visit. So if you're like us, strategically planning your visit around one of the themed weekends could be a great idea!

Couple that with the outdoor activities that are available on resort property, and you have the makings of a great day in the Laurel Highlands.

Autumnfest is One of the Most Popular Events at Seven Springs

Autumnfest pumpkin patch at Seven Springs

Now, we would also be remiss if we did not highlight that Autumnfest is one of the most popular events at Seven Springs outside of ski season, and it doesn't take long after arriving to notice this.

Visitors should plan to expect for crowds at most attractions (and those who arrive early will certainly benefit the most); however, even when accounting for this we were able to walk on most chairlifts without a wait, order a drink at any bar almost immediately, and our wait times for any specific attraction were quite minimal (at its peak the only true wait was for the Alpine slide at about 15-20 minutes on a beautiful fall day).

As such, while we can say that Autumnfest is indeed a busy event, it is a far cry from the crowds you would expect during the dead of winter, and for that, we can appreciate it.

Seven Springs' Outdoor Activities Shine

Seven Springs Alpine Slide

While the festivities for Autumnfest alone are quite enjoyable, those who take part in the outdoor activities at Seven Springs will have a more complete resort experience. To do so, you may want to purchase a one-day Adventure Pass.

This pass includes both indoor and outdoor activities like bowling, disc golf, hydro-bikes, paddleboats, rock wall, chairlift rides, the EuroBungy, miniature golf, paddleboats, and swimming- some of the most popular activities that Seven Springs is known for. 

Angie's first Alpine Slide ride.

The only activity this pass does not include is the Alpine Slide which is, sadly, our favorite activity on the property.

This one is excluded from the pass during Autumnfest weekends due to the event's popularity. Thankfully, the cost of the Adventure Pass during Autumnfest is much cheaper than days outside of the festival, so you can purchase a ticket for the Alpine Slide and still come out ahead by a few dollars from non-event days (just be aware that this one closes during/after rain)!

Overall, Autumnfest is a rather fun, family-friendly event at Seven Springs that does a great job celebrating all things fall. We personally recommend visiting this one in mid-October for peak fall colors; however, weather forecasts and your interest in the themed weekends should also be considered before visiting.

After celebrating fall at this one, we only have one final thought- bring on ski season!

Autumnfest at Seven Springs typically occurs during four weekends each fall, often the last full weekend of September and first three weekends of October. Leaves typically peak early-to-mid October. We were guests of Seven Springs for this review. As always, all opinions are our own.

Looking for more activities to enjoy nearby? Be sure to visit Ohiopyle State Park and Fallingwater– two great spots to explore in the fall!

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  1. hello
    is seven springs still having the great buffet
    is the spa open
    what time does everything start like the crafts and the buffet

    • Hi Kathleen. It appears that Autumnfest is not taking place this year, but they are offering a Fall Crafts event Oct 9, 10, 16, and 17. I am not sure if they are having a buffet or not this year.


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