Hemlock House Review – A Modern Take on Pub Fare

Hemlock House opened in a prime location on S. Braddock Street in Swissvale (near Regent Square) in 2023 and serves up an array of modern pub fare with some flavor twists that you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

We visited this one with eager anticipation shortly after they opened and discovered this one is quite the gem.

Although we did not get to try the full bar menu just yet as the liquor license was still a work in progress, this pub is worth a visit for the food alone!

Note: At the time of our visit, Hemlock House had popups from local producers Kingfly Spirits and Arboretum Trail Brewing. So, while perhaps not their own bar program outright, you could still get a great drink with a meal all the same!

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Quantum Theatre’s Hamlet at the Iconic Carrie Furnace

In 2019, we, unfortunately, missed Quantum Theatre's performance of King Lear at the gorgeous Carrie Furnace in Rankin. 

So when the group announced that they would be bringing Shakespeare's iconic play, Hamlet, back to the historic site in 2023, we knew we had to take in a show and bought tickets right away.

Not only is the performance one not to be missed, but the gorgeous backdrop also provided a stellar ambiance you are unlike to get anywhere else.

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10 Indoor Activities in Pittsburgh to Enjoy on a Rainy Day

If you're reading this, the odds are good that the weather outside is not so great. We get it. The weather in Pittsburgh is, well, often not the best.

But you're in luck! There are several great indoor activities in Pittsburgh that are perfect to enjoy on a rainy day.

So whether you're in the mood to hit a new museum, take in a movie, play pinball, or more, we've got some ideas for you!

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The Asian Lantern Festival Celebrates Animals, Culture, and More

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is known for putting on many events throughout the year, and in 2023 they are bringing back one of their most popular events- the Asian Lantern Festival running on Thursday to Sunday nights through October 29th!

We were fortunate enough to visit the Seoul Lantern Festival when visiting South Korea in 2019 and absolutely loved the large, ornate, and colorful paper sculptures that lined Cheonggyecheon Stream in the heart of the city (see some of our favorites over at our travel blog at the previous link).

Naturally, when we heard that the Pittsburgh Zoo was going to host their own lantern festival, we knew we had to attend. We love this one so much that we return back to check out every year's show right after opening in early August.

In this one, we thought we'd share a bit more about what the Asian Lantern Festival at the zoo is like in 2023, share a few of our favorite pieces, and give some tips to help you plan your visit for this limited-time show.

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Renovating a Kitchen in Pittsburgh – Who We Used

When we started renovating our kitchen, we knew we wanted to support as many Pittsburgh businesses as we could over more conventional big box retailors.

Although many of the products we installed in our kitchen were, of course, not locally made, this one purchasing decision at least allowed us to help keep some of what ended up being a rather expensive remodel local.

So in this one, we thought we'd share who we used, what we thought, and more to help others who are looking to renovate a kitchen in Pittsburgh like we did!

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5 of the Best Spirits Made in Pittsburgh and Southwest PA

There is a lot to love about Pittsburgh distilleries and locally-made spirits. From the numerous options to the great local grains and products sourced, those who love a good cocktail are truly spoiled when it comes to all things local drinking.

In the past, we've liked to highlight the distilleries themselves that we have visited over the years. But in this one, we wanted to shift and look at the spirits as there are five bottles made in Pittsburgh and southwest Pennsylvania that we always seem to have on hand in our home bar.

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Wine & Cheese Tasting with The Indian Somm and Nosh & Curd

We love good wine and cheese pairings and must admit that for how much we are into wine, we have not taken many formal classes that showcase this epic pairing outright.

It wasn't until our friend Kanika, The Indian Somm (whom I've been studying WSET Diploma with), started wine and cheese classes with Nosh & Curd in Mars that we made this a reality. 

Wine and cheese pairing from experts in the respective fields? We're all about that!

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Fat Cat Review – A Modern Pub With Throwback Vibes

Fat Cat Lounge in the North Side is a new concept from the owners of fine dining spot Fig & Ash next door. With a retro vibe, casual food and drinks, and a second floor music venue, Fat Cat adds to the growing list of destination eating and drinking spots on East Ohio Street.

Fig & Ash is one of our favorite restaurants in the city, so when we heard the owners were opening up the Fat Cat concept we were thrilled. On our recent visit shortly after their opening, we were instantly amazed at the transformation of the space.

The front door opens into the bar space with a retro vibe including 70s-style couches and old cartoons playing on the TVs. To the left of the bar is a separate dining area that continues the retro theme, and upstairs is an open space that serves as a music venue, complete with another bar.

Yes, this space will do just nicely, and thankfully the experience got even better from there!

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An Attraction and Dining Guide to Oakland in Pittsburgh

Oakland is one of the most bustling neighborhoods in Pittsburgh thanks to being home to several universities, even more hospitals, and a strong residential community- primarily students.

As such, Oakland offers a unique dynamic as far as Pittsburgh neighborhoods are concerned in that it is busy at all hours of the day and has a wealth of attractions and restaurants worth checking out.

So let's share some of our favorite spots in this neighborhood guide!

Note: Oakland is a neighborhood whose businesses are often in flux. As such, businesses may change faster than we can keep up with. If you spot a place that has closed, please contact us.

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Breeze Airways Review – Budget Flights Return to Pittsburgh

As frequent travelers, we're always on the lookout for a great deal and an easy route flying out of Pittsburgh International Airport.

Whenever a new budget carrier comes to the airport, we find ourselves getting quite excited at the prospects as reaching new destinations for a far cheaper price-point.

So when Breeze Airways announced routes and subsequent expansions into the Pittsburgh market to cities that haven't been serviced in quite some time, we knew we had to fly on them as soon as possible. As it turns out, one such route was one we wanted to travel on and we booked our flight right away.

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