Subba Asian Review – Traditional Nepali in the North Side

Nepali Food from Subba Asian in the North Side

Nepal isn't known as a culinary capital of the world, but during our travels we fell in love with the country's unique cuisine– specifically the momos (a local dumpling) and daal bhat (a common feature in traditional lunch sets).

We weren't expecting to find this cuisine in Pittsburgh, but to our surprise a local Nepali family opened Subba Asian in the North Side which features dishes from India, China, and their home country of Nepal.

Naturally, we had to try the Nepali food we fell in love with during our visit.

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Burgatory Review – Burgers and Alcoholic Milkshakes

Burgers at Burgatory in Pittsburgh

Our quest to find Pittsburgh's best burger brought us to the popular local chain Burgatory, which prides itself on having organic and all natural ingredients, massive portions, and a devious selection of meats ranging from Wagyu beef to grass fed elk.

With multiple locations around Pittsburgh, including in PPG Paints Arena and Heinz Field, we hoped that the burger chain would shine where its major competitor BRGR fell flat.  Luckily, after sampling our way around the Burgatory menu, we can most certainly say that it does.

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Quik-It Chicken Review – Fried Chicken in the North Side

Quik-It Chicken in Pittsburgh's North Side

When a friend of ours told us to go try out Quik-It Chicken, a chicken restaurant located in the same building as a gas station in the North Side, we thought he was kidding.  Gas station food is generally something we wouldn't consider good dining in any capacity.  But knowing this friend, and his off-the-wall recommendations actually being amazing most of the time, we went for it and do not regret the decision in the slightest.

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Lola Bistro Review – International Cuisine in the North Side

Cioppino at Lola Bistro in the North Side

Lola Bistro on the North Side is a cute, cozy spot in a residential neighborhood that describes itself as serving international comfort cuisine.

Offering dishes from many different countries around the world and executing them all equally well is an ambitious goal, but in theory we are big fans of the concept. It's the kind of restaurant that we really want to like- but we think it needs a few tweaks before it will be there 100%.

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The Mattress Factory is a Stellar Contemporary Art Museum

Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh

When it comes to contemporary art, you never know what you are going to get. This is part of the fun in visiting these museums because there never seems to be one particular style that is on display. Sometimes it is disappointing, other times thought provoking, but overall you never really know what will be around the next bend.

At Pittsburgh's contemporary art museum, Mattress Factory, we found each exhibit to be more interesting than the last and left wondering why it took us so long to visit this museum in the first place.

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Bicycle Heaven Offers Bicycle Overload in Pittsburgh

Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's massive specialty stores have a way of embracing their size and end up turning into museums for all to enjoy. There is Artifacts, the import store for the rich and famous; Construction Junction, the re-use store for the rest of us; and in our latest exploration we visited Bicycle Heaven, the store for bike lovers.

Much like the other unusual stores we've visit in the city, when we say that Bicycle Heaven is large, we mean it. The store claims to be the largest bike shop in the USA, sells tens of thousands of items on eBay, and covers two floors with about a dozen rooms in its North Side warehouse.

Naturally, this sounds exactly like the kind of place we want to explore when enjoying our city.

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Slice on Broadway Review – New York Style Pizza

Slice New York Style Pizza in Pittsburgh

After a somewhat disappointing visit to Spak Brothers in Garfield, we've been taking pizza recommendations in Pittsburgh with a grain of salt. It wasn't until we met up with a group of acquaintances who shared our opinion of Spak Brothers (and Pittsburgh pizza as a whole) that we started to get excited about another option they were raving about.

That pizza joint was Slice on Broadway in Beechview, and it wasn't but an hour later that we were in our car driving out to give it a shot.

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Learning an Array of Sciences at the Carnegie Science Center

Making Tornados at Pittsburgh's Science Center

One of Pittsburgh's most popular museums is the Carnegie Science Center on the North Side. This massive complex is home to several wings featuring displays of unique sciences including robotics, aerospace, water, sports science, physics, medicine, and more.

As engineers and self-described science nerds, this was one museum we have been very eager to check out.

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Bier’s Pub Review – Burgers and War Streets Beer

Preface: Bier's Pub was formally known as Benjamin's. It was purchased in mid-2017 by our friends at War Streets Brewery. As of late 2017 the food menu has not changed; however, they have updated happy hour specials and War Streets Brewery's beer on draft. We revisited this one after the ownership change and updated our review accordingly based off of both visits.

We've heard rumors that Bier's Pub in the North Side is the place to be in the neighborhood, and our visit during a Sunday Brunch confirmed that rumor the second we walked in the door.

To put it simply, the restaurant was packed– mostly because it is one of the only restaurants open on Sunday in the North Side. Throw in the Sunday special “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” bar and you have a great reason to come in to try one of their popular burgers. Although I never drink Bloody Marys, I decided to take one for the team and join the crowd.  An entire restaurant full of happy looking patrons can't be wrong, right?

I had to find out.

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Randyland is a Colorful Must See Attraction in Pittsburgh

Randyland - The Most Colorful Place in Pittsburgh

Unlike other attractions in the city, you'll have no problem spotting Randyland from a distance.

This outdoor art studio, if you can call it that, is quite possibly the most colorful spot in all of Pittsburgh– and that is only the first impression from looking at it on the outside.

Once you enter, a world of incredible art and whimsy is yours to explore.

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