Pick Your Own Sunflowers at Renshaw Farms in Freeport

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on July 14, 2023.

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There are two things we know about sunflowers. The first is that they're Angie's favorite flower, and the second is that they only bloom for roughly 10-14 days each July in southwest Pennsylvania*.

As such, during these brief blooms we rush to get out to as many places as we can to view these gorgeous flowers.

One such farm is Renshaw Farms just outside of Freeport, PA. While the sunflower field here is not terribly large, we'll take any opportunity we can to see thousands of flowers in a field. So in this one, we wanted to share more about what you can expect with a quick visit!

*Note: 2023's sunflower dates are July 21st through 30th with varying times by day.

A Modest Sunflower Field for Photos and Pick Your Own

Sunflowers at Renshaw Farms

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, the sunflower fields at Renshaw Farms aren't terribly big. To give you an idea, you can walk around the perimeter in about 5 to 10 minutes if you don't stop to take photos. But despite taking up a relatively small area you can still view thousands upon thousands of flowers in two distinct fields- one for pick your own flowers and one with several props to get some pretty awesome photos!

Naturally, we had to do both during our visit which extended our stay at the farm to about an hour in total.

Discover the Burgh in a Sunflower Field

One of the neat things about the field set up for photos is that the farm has created many custom locations with props to help improve your photos. Along the perimeter, we found chairs set up nestled right next to the flowers. Within the field, there are many walkways cut out with wood-framed portrait boxes and other items as well. As such, you'll do well to explore any path you see when walking through the sunflowers- there is more here than simply enjoying the flowers while walking around the outside of the field. (Although watch out for bees, they're everywhere!)

If you need an extra prop, simply walk over to the pick your own field, cut off a flower, and use it to improve your photos. It truly is the best $1 you'll spend on top of the entry fee!

Things to Know Before Visiting Renshaw Farms Sunflower Field

Angie enjoying her favorite flower

In the 2021 season, Renshaw Family Farms is open from Sunday to Tuesday on two consecutive weeks (July 18-21 and 25-27) in the evening hours only (4 or 5 pm depending on the day).

Admission to the farm is a $10 cash payment and pick-your-own sunflowers are $1 per flower also payable in cash. Note that no ATMs are available on site and the farm is located about 10 minutes from the highway/nearest businesses, so plan to have cash out in advance for these fees.

Likewise, the sunflower field is located a short walk away from the parking area. We simply walked over in just about five minutes, but a tractor is also available to drive you to the field if you do not want to walk. But as with most all sunflower fields, note that you'll be walking on dirt within the field itself and there could be uneven surfaces or even mud if it had recently rained. 

A lone sunflower rises above the rest at Renshaw Farms

The farm also has an on-site farm store with canned jams and other food items as well as other sunflower-themed products for sale. The farm also has a second sunflower field which blooms later and is expected to be open in late August or early September.

Overall, while the sunflower field at Renshaw Farms isn't the biggest we've been to in the area, it makes up for it in being quite accessible with just a short drive off of 28 outside of Freeport. So if you need to get your fix in of Angie's favorite flower, this farm could be a great option!

Sunflowers at Renshaw Family Farms

Renshaw Farms is located at 314 Ford City Road in Freeport, PA. More information on sunflower viewing is available on their website at the previous link.

Looking for more sunflowers near Pittsburgh? Check out the sunflower field at Schwirian Farms during their annual sunflower festival each July!

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