Mitch’s BBQ Review – Barbecue and Ramen Come Together

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 25, 2021.

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There are a ton of unassuming barbecue joints in the region, and one you've likely passed by several times but never stopped at is Mitch's BBQ on Perry Highway in Warrendale, PA.

A friend of ours gave us the recommendation to go here and we are quite happy that we finally made the stop to check this one out!

An Affordable Spread of BBQ at Mitch's

Mitch's BBQ in Warrendale

As with most of our Pittsburgh barbecue stops, we opted for a tray with a bit of everything- three ribs, a 1/4 lb of brisket, and 1/4 lb of pulled pork to start.

Before even taking a bite, the first thing we noticed was that the prices were quite affordable- the above tray was less than $15 despite being a mound of food and is something we can always appreciate.

Barbecue Platter at Mitch's

The barbecue itself is a fairly decent iteration and is modestly tender, has a small yet notable smoke ring on the ribs and brisket, and a moderate bark on both as well. Here the brisket and the ribs were far more flavorful than the pulled pork, which already seemed to be doused in a sauce that altered the flavor a bit from a traditional offering.

The rub itself is quite mild and the flavors of the meat were able to shine through a bit more than other barbecue spots we've visited in the area.

A full meal at Mitch's Barbecue that cost just about $25

Aside from price, another aspect of Mitch's we loved is that there are several quite flavorful sauces available, all of which are made in house. The platter came out with a spice and tomato heavy sauce that fit quite perfectly with the ribs and brisket, and additional sauces of all varieties are available at the counter.

But if you want to try something completely different, see if you can get a side of the jalapeno crema- it is unlike just about anything we've had with barbecue!

Don't Miss the Sides at Mitch's

Pork Rinds with Kimchi Sauce

During our visit we decided to go for sides of pork rinds which ended up being a massive pile that comes out sizzling (and crackles throughout your entire meal). It is a monster side to be sure, and is large enough to comfortably feed four if not many more.

Just be sure to try it with the spicy kimchi sauce on the side as it is yet another subtle item that helps Mitch's stand out.

Sweet Potato Cornbread

A second side we tried was the sweet potato cornbread, perhaps one of the most unique and delicious cornbreads we've had in the region to date (complete with what appeared to be a honey drizzle on top)- do not miss it if you like your cornbread on the sweeter side!

Barbecue and Ramen? Why Not Go For Both!

Brisket Topped Ramen at Mitch's BBQ

One thing that makes Mitch's BBQ a bit more unique compared to other local spots, aside from their sauce game noted above, is that they offer up an array of Asian inspired dishes including ramen and kimchi to name a few.

We shared a bowl of the ramen during this visit, which included house made broth, a modest amount of noodles, nori, bok choy, and a heaping mound of brisket on top for good measure. It is one of those dishes that will be perfect in the dead of winter, and the added serving of meat on top is best done by a barbecue joint- regular ramen shops in the area simply do not get close there!

Overall, Mitch's BBQ is has a few surprises in store beyond being just a traditional barbecue spot. Whether you want a spread of meat, a loaded bowl of ramen, or even their house made ice cream for dessert (which we sadly only got to try a small sample of after eating too much), this one has a great spread of options to consider next time you find yourself in Warrendale.

Mitch's BBQ is located at 16070 Perry Highway in Warrendale, PA.

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  1. Mitch’s. Got to be one of the best places to eat in the Pittsburgh area. Never a bad meal at his place. Always leave with a very satisfied feeling. Mitch’s will always get a nice recommendation from me and I always get a thanks from the people that went there. Very nice.


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