Walk the Burgh’s Beers in the Burgh Shares Brews and History

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on June 17, 2024.

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We love a good walking tour, especially one that revolves around a great brew.

With Walk the Burgh's Beers in the Burgh tour of Lawrenceville, you get just that as you explore several breweries and beer bars in this popular neighborhood in the heart of Pittsburgh.

We were fortunate enough to jump on this one as guests of Walk the Burgh, and we wanted to share a bit more about what the tour was like here!

A Deep Dive into Lawrenceville and Its Beer

The Beers in the Burgh walking tour in Lawrenceville covered a roughly 1.3-mile, one-way route between three breweries and a beer bar all found on or just off Butler Street- Lolev Beer, Coven Brewing, Bierport, and Eleventh Hour Brewing.

At each stop, our guides gave a robust introduction to the brewery/bar, and at many stops, an employee of the bar would join and share more details about the space, how the founders got into brewing, preferred styles to make, and more. 

Of course, ample beer was enjoyed along the way, with a mix of full pours, half pours, and tasters being enjoyed at the breweries- amounting to roughly three full beers over the course of the 2.5-hour tour. From lagers to sours, we got to sample a nice cross-section of what Pittsburgh's beer scene truly had to offer here!

Walk the Burgh Beer Tour

Although we have frequented these spots many times over the years, it was fascinating to get more behind-the-scenes details at the various businesses, including a tour of the production facility at Lolev. Couple that with being able to try brew styles we historically do not buy (most of the beers were selected in advance for participants), it helped us get an appreciation for the breweries that even we may have not considered when visiting on our own.

Walk the Burgh Beer Tour

Admittedly, this beer tour is perhaps best suited for those who are not familiar with the city's brewery scene, particularly the abundance of spots found in the heart of Lawrenceville.

We were lucky to join in on this one with a public tour of visitors and those who are less familiar with the beer scene, and the tour offers a great opportunity to stop at spots that they may otherwise have overlooked. So for those who may not know about Eleventh Hour Brewing tucked away off of Butler Street, Bierport's downstairs beer bar, or are unfamiliar with Lawrenceville and its businesses, this is a tour for you!

But this beer tour goes beyond simply sharing some delicious brews, as you get a history lesson as well!

A Dive into Lawrenceville History

Lawrenceville Murals

Between the stops at each brewery, you get numerous places to stop and appreciate Lawrenceville through murals, statues, and more. Which, for those who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood, is an understatement- there really are a lot to stop and appreciate.

Lawrenceville Murals

Our guides took a dive into sharing the history of Allegheny Cemetery, several murals (a few of which were new to us!), statues for war veterans, how the neighborhood got its name, and a whole lot more. Despite our many visits to Lawrenceville, this aspect of the tour helped us see the neighborhood in a new light at spots we do not typically stop at when walking around!

But going beyond the murals and the history, many other non-beer-related businesses are also highlighted along the way, with a wealth of restaurant, bakery, and other shop recommendations being highlighted as you go. So while you may be heading into Lawrenceville for a beer tour, be sure to plan for a fair bit of time after the tour to check out the other businesses nearby that are pointed out in passing- this will take your Lawrenceville crawl to the next level (and, perhaps, allow for some time for the beer to pass as well).

Overall, we really enjoyed our Beers in the Burgh walking tour with Walk the Burgh, and even with our intimate knowledge of the neighborhood, we learned a great deal along the way, too. But for those who are new to the scene and want to take a beer-oriented tour of Lawrenceville with an expert, it is hard to beat this one.

Walk the Burgh offers numerous tours throughout Pittsburgh. Their Beers in the Burgh tour typically takes place on Saturdays. We were guests of Walk the Burgh for this review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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