Zombie Den Pop-Up Bar Offers Cocktails and a Side of Brains

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on September 16, 2021.

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Zombie Den was canceled for the 2020 season and we are unsure if this one is returning for 2021.

Are you looking for some libations to go with your Halloween fun in Pittsburgh? Look no further than the Zombie Den pop-up bar in Market Square- a limited time bar during the month of October!

We checked this bar out shortly after opening and are sharing our full thoughts in this review!

Zombie Den Offers a Horrifying Decor

Zombie Den Popup Bar

If the allure of zombies is not enough to get you down to Market Square for a beverage this Halloween, perhaps the knowledge that the concept is put on by the team behind ScareHouse will.

Yes, the folks behind what is arguably one of the best haunted houses in the nation are managing the pop-up bar which means that their decorations are on the world class level!

Zombie Den Decorations in Market Square

Since the bar is zombie themed, you can expect that nearly every nook has a throwback to zombie culture- be it the curated zombies in the corner, zombie safety tips being present, tactic gear and a Walking Dead-inspired baseball bat adorning the walls, and more. The team behind the bar also gets into the spirit with various costumes as well.

Zombie Den Decorations in Market Square

But unlike ScareHouse's true haunt, this bar does not have any shocks or scares in store for visitors. So while the ambiance may be all things zombies, you can be prepared to enjoy your drink without a nasty surprise lurking around the corner.

On the other hand, we can't guarantee what the upcoming weekends have in store!

Cocktails are a Bit Hit or Miss

Zombies do not drink cocktails

As we are speaking about a bar, we naturally have to jump to our thoughts on the cocktails which were sadly a bit hit or miss for their $10 price tag.

During our visit to Zombie Den we tried four cocktails, Noche de Los Muertos, They're Coming to Get You Barbara, Aim for the Brain, and Warm Bodies (oh do we love those names).

Zombie Den Cocktails in Pittsburgh

Aim for the Brain is the bar's take on a Manhattan which featured bourbon, sweet vermouth, as well as chocolate and orange bitters. The drink itself is a fine iteration of the Manhattan with a subtle flavor profile from the bitters, but became watered down fairly quickly as it was served on an ample amount of small ice cubes.

They're Coming to Get You, Barbara is almost like a tiki beverage with a mix of light, dark, and 151 rums as well as various fruit juices. On the fortification scale it was probably the strongest we had throughout the night and was quite flavorful thanks to the added juices.

The Noche de Los Muertos was undoubtedly our favorite. This one contained tequila, mango habanero whiskey, apple spice, and a mezcal mist and offered a nice fruity flavor with a slight kick of heat (not too overbearing, however). It was a fairly well balanced cocktail with a nice punch from the spirits- enough to raise the dead!

Zombies do make for good bartenders though.

Warm Bodies was the bars take on a hot buttered rum with a popcorn infused rum, caramel, cream, and butter. The drink had a really nice balanced flavor between the caramel and the salted popcorn flavors, but overall tasted a bit watered down as compared to a spirit forward concoction we expected.

Overall, we love pop up bars like these because the only thing that makes a holiday better is drinking during it, and at the Zombie Den we get just that. The cocktails are a bit hit or miss for their price, but the ambiance makes up for some of the misgivings we can have (but choose your drinks accordingly!).

If you are in the mood for a haunt as well as a libation, be sure to hit Zombie Den up before the end of October!

Zombie Den is located next door to The Original Oyster House at 20 Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh.

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