Laurel Hill State Park – One of Our Favorites in the Highlands

When it comes to hiking in the Laurel Highlands, there are a number of parks to choose from. In fact, this region is home to ten state parks and state forests that cover roughly 120,000 acres- and that is not even counting the smaller parks, runs, and green spaces as well.

As such, when we say that Laurel Hill State Park may be our favorite of them all, we say that with some gravity behind it.

This park is simply stunning!

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Latrobe Area Historical Society Shines a Light on the City’s Past

We really love going to historical societies when we visit nearby cities and boroughs. These small, often one or two-room museums offer fascinating displays and artifacts that highlight a large cross-section of the region's history.

This is no different in Latrobe, where the Latrobe Area Historical Society operates a modest exhibit where you can learn more about the city's past!

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5 Places to Enjoy Frank Lloyd Wright in the Laurel Highlands

For those who have explored the Pittsburgh region, odds are good you know about the iconic building, Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the Laurel Highlands. It is one of the most stunning houses in the area, and one of the architect's finest works.

But there are actually several spots where you can see buildings designed and inspired by Wright in the Laurel Highlands, as well as a few from a student of his as well!

In this one, we wanted to share all of the spots where you can enjoy some Frank Lloyd Wright tourism fun on an outing (or two) in the Laurel Highlands.

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Helen’s Review – A Fine Dining Gem at Seven Springs

Helen's is a fine dining restaurant on the Seven Springs Ski Resort property with an award-winning wine list and classic dishes served up in a cozy and rustic chic atmosphere.

We've stayed at Seven Springs a number of times over the years and have eaten at nearly all of the restaurants, and we have to say, Helen's is by far the best option on the property. While most of the other restaurants feature things like bar food and buffets, Helen's is truly a standout and a restaurant that, if you picked it up and put it in Pittsburgh, we would gladly choose to patron.

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Seven Springs Resort Review – A Mountain Resort for All Seasons

We've been fortunate enough to visit Seven Springs in the Laurel Highlands on many occasions. Sometimes just to ski, others as a hotel base to explore the region at large (in nearly every season, too).

This has allowed us to experience most of the property, and in this one wanted to share more in a rather comprehensive review!

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Aqueous Review – A Seafood Feast in the Laurel Highlands

Please note: As of 2021, the restaurant seems only open to overnight guests at Nemacolin and resort/club members.

From the moment you walk into Nemacolin's Falling Rock, the property's boutique luxury hotel (located about a mile and a half away from the main chateau at their golf course), you may notice some familiar design elements. That is because this property was built using many design elements used by Frank Lloyd Wright.

This theme continues into the property's on-site seafood restaurant, Aqueous, and provides an ambiance that is worth traveling for as much as the food itself!

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Huston’s Haunted Hollow Offers Frights in the Laurel Highlands

In the mood for a haunted house while exploring the Laurel Highlands? Huston's Haunted Hollow is the place to be.

The premise of this one follows a loose storyline that you are a group of travelers looking to take up residency at the Bruner boarding house, and, well, a nightmare unfolds that will leave you fighting for your lives!

I was able to check this one out during a media trip to the region and summarize the attraction's five haunts in this review.

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Autumnfest at Seven Springs is an Event for the Entire Family

In 2021, it does not appear that Autumnfest is returning. Instead, Seven Springs is hosting Fall Craft Days on October 9, 10, 16, and 17

When you think of Seven Springs in the Laurel Highlands, odds are good one of your first thoughts is about it being a popular destination for skiing in Pennsylvania. We are the same way.

In fact, it wasn't until recently that we visited Seven Springs outside of winter and got a chance to explore the resort during their Autumnfest celebrations (as guests of the resort).

So in this one we wanted to share a bit more about what you can expect when visiting Seven Springs for this fall event, and also feature a few of the attractions that can be experienced on the property outside of the deep freeze of Pennsylvania winters!   

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Rafting the Lower Youghiogheny with White Water Adventurers, Inc.

Ohiopyle State Park is Pittsburgh's nature hub. There are so many options to get out and explore, be it for hiking, outdoor adventure activities, and more. But of those, there is none that we love more than white water rafting in the Laurel Highlands.

We're no stranger to rafting the Middle Youghiogheny's Class I and II rapids (an easy trip out on the water), but what we really love is getting out on the Lower Youghiogheny's Class III and IV rapids for some excellent white water!

Recently, I was invited back down to the Laurel Highlands to be a guest of White Water Adventurers, Inc. in order to check out their new Taste of the Yough tour and catch some white water in a day trip from Pittsburgh. In this one, I wanted to share a bit more about what the experience is like. 

Note: Select photos and video clips in this article were provided courtesy of White Water Adventurers, Inc. I was joined on the outing with I've Been Bit travel blog and the Laurel Highland's Visitor Bureau. (Angie sadly missed this one.)

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The Compass Inn Museum Preserves the 1800s in the Laurel Highlands

You may know a lot of what life was like during the early days of Pittsburgh's history thanks to the forts found nearby and famous battles that took place leading up to the Revolutionary War.

But the period after the war quiets down a fair bit (apart from the brief Whiskey Rebellion) until a few decades later due to the War of 1812. This triggered a rapid increase in iron production, which subsequently became the steel industry, and ultimately modern Pittsburgh as we know it.

One spot in the Laurel Highlands, the Compass Inn Museum, captures the history from this rather calm period, around the turn of the 19th century, and showcases what life was like for those living in (and more appropriately, passing through) southwest Pennsylvania around this time!

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