Kentuck Knob is a Stunning House in the Laurel Highlands

When it comes to Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces in southwest Pennsylvania, odds are good you know of the iconic Fallingwater house. But did you know that Wright was also commissioned for a house just a few miles down the roads for friends of the Kaufmann family?

This house is Kentuck Knob- a large, Usonian house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built for the Hagan family (of local ice cream fame).

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The Forbes Campaign in Western Pennsylvania at Fort Ligonier

When driving through the borough of Ligonier in the Laurel Highlands, you can't miss Fort Ligonier. This imposing, recreated fort is located right in the heart of the town and is a highlight all visitors must check out.

We've got to hand it to this one, it does an exceptional job of bringing the history of southwest Pennsylvania during the 1700s to life!

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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Review – A Grand Chateau

If you are in the mood for an ultra-luxurious hotel in southwestern Pennsylvania, look no further than Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in the Laurel Highlands.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, outdoor activities, high-end cuisine, or more, odds are good this property will have what you seek.

We were guests of Nemacolin Woodlands for a media conference, and share our thoughts from the stay in this review!

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Ohiopyle White Water Rafting Has Options for all Skill Levels

When it comes to getting out in nature, especially nature near Pittsburgh, it is really hard to say no to Ohiopyle State Park.

Between the trails, overlooks, and vastness of the park itself, you can really experience nature in any number of ways. But there is only one way to get out and enjoy the park at its most pristine and wild conditions- getting out on the water.

Thankfully, there are a number of Ohiopyle white water rafting options available to help you do just that.

So whether you are looking to simply have a nice day out on the water and enjoy the park, or have an adrenaline packed adventure on the water (while also enjoying nature in the down periods), rafting in Ohiopyle is a great option to consider.

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Ohiopyle State Park – Hiking Cucumber Falls to Cascade Falls

Ohiopyle is a 19,000 acre state park located in southwestern Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half south of Pittsburgh.

It is often considered to be one of the star attractions of the region as the park offers numerous hiking trails, historical landmarks, and so much more- making it impossible to see it all in any single visit.

During a recent trip we tried the hike from Cucumber Falls to the Cascade Falls and quickly found out why it is one of the best trails to experience in the park (and the perfect hike for a day trip from the city)!

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Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright is Truly a Sight to See

Fallingwater has become a popular tourist destination in southwestern Pennsylvania as it was designed by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, is one of his most acclaimed works, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019.

There are several more good reasons for this popularity, as the house features unique designs both in the layout and how it appears in nature over the changing seasons.

But did you know that Fallingwater is connected to Pittsburgh in that the famous Kaufmann family (of Kaufmann department store fame) were the original owners of the property and hired Frank Lloyd Wright to build them a house near one of their favorite waterfalls in Ohiopyle?

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Ski Resorts Near Pittsburgh – Head to the Laurel Highlands

Pittsburgh is in a unique position as a city because you can pick any direction, drive 30 to 60 minutes, and be out in nature.

Head southeast on your route and you'll end up in the Laurel Highlands, a region that is often referred to as Pittsburgh's backyard. And what a backyard it is! With many activities available throughout the year, this is one part of Pennsylvania that has us returning on easy day trips time and time again.

This past winter we had a goal, and that was to get out and check out some of the region's ski resorts. Our first instinct was to look to the Laurel Highlands and check out their three resorts all operated by Seven Springs (perfect for a weekend multi-park lift ticket!).

What did we find? Well, they're each tailored for various skill levels!

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Snow Tubing in PA – A Must Try at Seven Springs

As one of the largest ski resorts near Pittsburgh, I've been to Seven Springs to go skiing several times now. And, not surprising, my visits have followed a fairly typical pattern for me, namely: drive down early in the morning, ski for four or five hours, get incredibly exhausted, and go home.

Each time I often thought about the other activities you can do at Seven Springs in the winter, but by the time we were ready to leave for the day I would forget about it until our next visit. Thankfully, during my most recent trip I was able to stay for the weekend, and was given the opportunity to try something I've been wanting to do for a very long time- go snow tubing!

After taking in this one, I had to ask myself why I waited so long to do it in the first place.

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