Alquisiras Paleteria Review – Mexican Cuisine and Paletas

Alquisiras Paleteria is an unassuming restaurant in Beechview that is known for two things- Mexican food and their namesake paletas.

But while we would encourage you to visit this one for traditional Mexican fare like tostadas, tacos, or tortas, we do have to strongly encourage you to always grab a paleta (or three) when visiting here.

Their namesake popsicles are a winner.

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Beto’s Pizza Review – Cold Toppings on a Pizza in Beechview

For most native Pittsburgher's, you say the name Beto's and a wide range of emotions come up. This local Pittsburgh pizza joint is considered by many to be an institution, on par with the likes of Primanti Brothers. And just like Primanti Brothers, this pizza shop has its own way of doing things which, thankfully, does not include putting french fries on top of their pies.

At Beto's the toppings are served cold, ensuring that this will be the most unusual pizza you'll ever try.

Over the decades the community has divided into a “love-it, hate-it” mentality, and for a pizza as unusual as this there is really no middle ground to stand on. After much prodding from the “love-it” half of our readers, we made a visit to try the pizza for ourselves.

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Slice on Broadway Review – New York Style Pizza

Slice New York Style Pizza in Pittsburgh

After a somewhat disappointing visit to Spak Brothers in Garfield, we've been taking pizza recommendations in Pittsburgh with a grain of salt. It wasn't until we met up with a group of acquaintances who shared our opinion of Spak Brothers (and Pittsburgh pizza as a whole) that we started to get excited about another option they were raving about.

That pizza joint was Slice on Broadway in Beechview, and it wasn't but an hour later that we were in our car driving out to give it a shot.

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