28 Bakeries in Pittsburgh You Must Try to Satisfy Your Cravings

Although our bakery scene in Pittsburgh is somewhat small, the emergence of several high quality, creative bakeries over the past few years has been encouraging.

Sure, there are the big guys that have been around seemingly forever like Prantl's, Oakmont Bakery, and Breadworks, but what about little neighborhood spots where you can get a buttery croissant or a danish that's a work of art?

Fortunately, these types of artisan corner bakeries have been popping up in recent years. Everything from crusty breads to gluten free goodies to French pastries can now be found right here in the Burgh.

Lucky for you, we have no shame when it comes to bakery hopping (yes, we're making that a thing) and are here to clue you in on where to go to get your fix of baked goods.

As with most of our guides, this list is only a selection of bakeries we've visited to date. As we visit more bakeries in Pittsburgh we will update this article accordingly!

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